Add a Dash of Comfort to Your Patio With this Gorgeous Rustic Outdoor Sofa

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DIY Outdoor Sofa

What’s the best section of the house to hang out when those beautiful summers or springs hit? Undoubtedly, the answer is the deck or the patio where you can spend hours of happiness soaking in the sun or cherishing that fresh breeze of air. And this calls for a comfortable outdoor seating, that’s often a costly affair – unless you craft a breathtaking Rustic Outdoor Sofa all by yourself!

The first thing that tops of list of prerequisites for an outdoor sofa is sturdiness and durability, and the minimalist yet strong structure of this sofa has been built entirely out of solid wood – and, that draws a huge check on the strength!

The couch is put together using 2 solid wood 4x8s that go for the side panels, 2x8s for the bottom and back pieces, some L-brackets for connecting the panels, lag screws, a few outdoor sofa cushions from IKEA and a stunning grey Minwax wood stain that gets the construction it’s beautiful finish and texture. What’s the best thing about the simple frame of the couch is that you really don’t need to be a connoisseur at woodworking to pull it off with sheer perfection. Speaking of the tools, you are going to need an 18 volt circular saw, 18 volt cordless drill, 10 inch sliding compound miter saw with laser, and an orbital sander.


You begin by cutting the long piece of wood into smaller 32 inch pieces, further dividing the 2x8s into pieces for the bottom and the back. Keep in mind that you cut the latter into boards that match the size of the sofa cushions when placed side by side. To smooth out the wood and soften the edges, you need to sand the pieces, further rounding off the corners using sanding pads.

diy rustic sofa

Once the panels are smooth to touch and all set to assemble, you connect them together using lag screws in a clever fashion that the screws don’t show in the finished structure, followed by laying out the two side panels and screwing the L-brackets to allow the panels to hold the bottom pieces in place. The last thing you need to end up with your wooden sofa is to screw on the back pieces using L-brackets.

Touches of splendour flaunted by the couch are all credits to that Minwax grey stain applied to the frame. Prefer grey for the job as putting the sofa outdoors will eventually turn it into an unpleasant shade of the same color. Now, comes the part where you have to integrate some comfort into the structure to get it all set for the family to chill out and relax through the evening. Throw in a few seat cushions and back cushions – those comfies in black go magically well with the color scheme and the dark stain of the couch.

The below guide by Homemade Modern takes you through the step-by-step instructions with visuals to put together your very own versions of the gorgeous outdoor sofa, that too in utmost detail. Why wait to get constructing and make the guests spellbound with the DIY piece of furniture?

How to make a Rustic Outdoor Sofa

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