Save Money By Creating Your Own Outdoor Christmas Decorations

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Over the years it seems there has been a dramatic shift from simply enjoying Christmas and spending time with the family, to competing with others on spending more and more money on decorations and gifts. Fortunately, you don’t have to forego the Christmas decorations this year just to save a few bucks. Instead, you can create a range of outdoor Christmas DIY decorations that are not only unique, but will look stunningly festive! From upcycling old bottles, to using Christmas lights in ways you’ve never thought of before, we have seven amazing DIY Christmas decoration ideas below to help you prepare for the holidays on a budget and in style!

21. How to Make Ice Lanterns

How to Make Ice Lanterns

Light up your Christmas Eve with DIY Ice Lanterns that flaunt a translucent texture and fascinating swirls because of the bright food colourings added to them. When lit up in your front yard or the door, these lanterns work as an incredibly inexpensive and unbeatably gorgeous piece of decoration, worthy enough of adding a mystical yet fancy touch to the outside of your house. This one is a surprisingly easy-to-make project that requires no more than five supplies, including large plastic containers of different shapes, some plastic cups, something to weigh the cups down, some water and your choice of food coloring. There are just a few simple directions required to pull off the gorgeous, bright DIY Ice Lanterns at home with utmost ease, and Craftiments shows you How To Make Ice Lanterns with quite detailed steps.

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22. How to Make a Snowman in Florida

How to Make a Snowman in Florida

The month of December being a warm temperature month, the Christmas season in Florida doesn’t bring along the magic of winter season. But, Christmas decor seems a bit incomplete without snowmans, snow and those chilly winter feelings. Worry no more ! Here is one of the coolest DIY Christmas Decorations which can let you introduce some winter cheer to your space with just a little bit of creativity, using stuff you would throw otherwise – A Snowman Made Out of Tires. You just need to craft a snowman with a few tires painted and stacked together, along with painted it’s cute features and a bottom of snow made with cotton sheet to complete the look. So, building a Snowman in Florida won’t seem impossible anymore with the help of the below tutorial by Orlando Montessori. If you have warm surroundings, let’s bring in some DIY Winter this year’s Christmas.

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23. A Pallet Christmas Tree

A Pallet Christmas Tree

How about turning recycled wood pallets into a rustic and gorgeous Christmas Tree? Having all the elements of a perfect craft, a little rustic and a little new, this one, decorated with colorful ornaments and adorned with a star made out of sticks, looks simply adorable when placed in the garden making it immerse in the festive season. This project is quite an inexpensive and innovative way to dress up your outdoor space for Christmas, while being equally simple to construct. Here is a creative guide with pictures to let you know how you can make your Pallet Christmas Tree and enhance the beauty of your front yard. This easy tree made from an old pallet has to be one of your all time favourites when it comes to outdoor Christmas decorations.

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24. Ice Skate Wreath and Sled

Ice Skate Wreath and Sled

When recalling those memories of Christmas from your childhood, you must be reminded of that pair of ice skates you used to cherish the winter season during your festive holidays, which brings a huge smile on our faces. How about reviving those lovely memories, once again with one of the loveliest outdoor Christmas decorations inspired by those ice skates ? Make a stunning sled arrangement with the ice skates attached to a gorgeous wreath of greenery, having everything decorated with ribbons and lots of pine branches, ideal to take the beauty of your garden to all new levels with your creative, homemade Ice Skate Wreath and Sled installation. Get going to collect your old ice skates and head towards the below inspiration that will let you have a better insight into how gorgeous this piece of decor looks.

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25. How to Turn Wire Baskets into a Fairy Light Globe

How to Turn Wire Baskets into a Fairy Light Globe

Planning to throw an outdoor party for X’mas? You surely need some stunning pieces of outdoor Christmas decorations to add that unforgettable sparkle to your celebrations. Here is an amazing project that lets you craft a Fairy Light Globe with nothing but some simple wire baskets. You would be surprised to witness how amazing the Fairy Light Globe looks, that too using a minimal set of supplies, including some small zip ties, a can of silver spray paint, a strand of fairy/Christmas lights, some pliers, and of course a wire hanging basket. Curbly explains the process of transforming a regular wire basket into a bright, shiny, sparkling Fairy Light Globe, perfect to hand from the trees in your front yard and make the house stand out during the holiday nights.

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26. Birdseed Christmas Ornaments

Birdseed Christmas Ornaments

Christmas is for all, and just like us, even the birds flying in the sky deserve a bit of holiday magic. Why not make the little creatures happy this season with these outdoor Christmas decorations that have been crafted all out of birdseeds. All you need is some flour, water, unflavoured gelatin, corn syrup, birdseed, some moulds, nonstick spray, drinking straw, waxed paper and some ribbons or twines. Sprinkle all the trees in your garden with these gorgeous ornaments shaped like stars, bells little houses, and get into the Christmas spirit at its best. Knuckle Salad takes you through the detailed recipe that yields some truly marvelous Birdseed Ornaments with just a little bit of effort and time. Plus, what’s great about this one is that even the kids can try their hands out for making this fun-filled decorations.

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27. DIY Snowballs

DIY Snowballs

Are you in love with the glittery snow that surrounds the Christmas season, but can’t cherish them in your natural surroundings? Why not create your own snow fun that can also work as a great outdoor decor. Gather some styrofoam balls in any size, white cotton fabric, small white or silver push pins, decoupage or mod-podge, foam brush, white glitter, metal bucket and a burlap garland ribbon to get crafting your own versions of these DIY Snowballs. This project is really easy, and would even be fun for the kids to help with. Place burlaps full of huge DIY Snowballs in your garden and let everyone catch a glimpse of sparkling winter in the most effortless and budget-friendly ways ever. Take a look at the below tutorial by The Crafted Sparrow and learn how you can build your snowballs in just a matter of few minutes.

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28. DIY Ornament Wreath

DIY Ornament Wreath

An absolute gorgeous of DIY Christmas decorations, this super-bright, Santa-themed, shiny Ornament Wreath flaunting lots and lots of different-sized ornaments in stunning red color, wearing a lovely Santa belt is something that can adorn your front door with unbeatable Christmas magic. This one is quite an easy and quick project, taking no more than an hour to bring your Santa Ornament Wreath to life, while being quite inexpensive at the same time. Having styrofoam wreath as its base which is further decorated with big and small ornament balls, this one makes sure that your decor looks extremely interesting, making an impressive mark on everyone who stops by your home for the Christmas celebrations. MallyKally Creations takes you through the materials required and the steps to make your very own DIY Ornament Wreath.

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29. Starry Lights for Starry Nights

Starry Lights for Starry Nights

Lights are surely an essential element of our outdoor Christmas decorations. But, why not make those lights reflect the concept of Christmas and Starry Nights even more with a creative idea that transforms the regular lights into a string of shiny, glowing stars? Here is a quick and easy way to take a strand of lights and dress them up gorgeously for your outdoor celebrations. Made out of silver and golden paper foils using a star punch, these stars embedded in the lights are just so stunning that they can steal all the eyes in no more than a fraction of a second. This one is definitely a truly elegant way to incorporate string lights to your Christmas outdoor decorations. The below pictorial tutorial by Lia Griffith explains the process of making the exquisite Starry Lights, great to spark up your outdoors with utmost simplicity and easy-to-follow steps.

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30. Tactical Ammo DIY Christmas Ornament

Tactical Ammo DIY Christmas Ornament

If you are into hunting and get immersed in the memories of your first hunting, or you simply are fond of guns, here is the perfect Christmas ornament for you. This season, let some tactical ammo ornaments find their way onto your trees, taking your outdoor Christmas decorations to a lovely twist. What you need to collect for working out your DIY Christmas Ornament is a clear plastic disk ornament, a jute twine, fake pine branch, empty bullet bass, a hot glue gun, and a small piece of tan card-stock to couple up your ornament with a cute tag. In just a matter of few simple and quick steps, A Thrifty Mom takes you through building this stunning piece of DIY Christmas decorations in the most effortless technique, taking no more than half an hour to get decor-ready.

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