25 Science Experiments for Kids The Budding Scientists Would Fall in Love With

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Combining learning with fun is the coolest idea to help kids gain an insight into things happening around them and the science behind the same. Right from letting some milk glow with rainbow colors to forming playful slime, from growing little plants to naturally coloring flowers, you have got a super interesting science experiment for it all. To prove it better, here are 25 Science Experiments for Kids The Budding Scientists Would Fall in Love With!

8. Glowing Volcano Eruptions

Glowing Volcano Eruptions

Vinegar poured on a mix of different colors of glow paint, baking soda and dish soap are the key to making volcanoes that erupt in breathtaking hues of fake lava, even the whole rainbow!

DIY Details : growingajeweledrose

9. Rainbow Jar

Rainbow Jar

Capture the spectrum of colors in a jar, that too using the most basic of items. Each of the colors here is actually a different liquids, grabbing a place according to its weight.

DIY Details : playdoughtoplato

10. Walking Water Experiment

Walking Water Experiment

Thin strips of paper towel inserted in a few test tubes with colored water showcase how water travels and makes the different colors mix with each other.

DIY Details : littlebinsforlittlehands

11. Heat Sensitive Color Changing Slime

Heat Sensitive Color Changing Slime

The sun, a cold liquid, or your warm hands – any changes in temperature brought by various things make this heat sensitive slime change its colors. Thanks to thermochromic pigment!

DIY Details : leftbraincraftbrain

12. Tensile Bubbles

Tensile Bubbles

Who would think that bubbles could exist as cubes too? It’s all about making 3 dimensional bubble wands out of straws and pipe cleaners that brings multi-faceted bubbles to life.

DIY Details : babbledabbledo

13. Erupting Rainbows

Erupting Rainbows

How can simply dropping some food coloring in a cup and filling it with baking soda end up in mesmerising eruptions of bubbly colors when you add some vinegar on top?

DIY Details : frozenintime81

14. Easy Fallen Leaf Science Experiment

Easy Fallen Leaf Science Experiment

It perhaps, can’t get any more fun than this when it comes to explaining the science of chlorophyll and leaf color. You extract colors from leaves using boiling water and rubbing alcohol.

DIY Details : alittlepinchofperfect

15. Magnetic Slime

Magnetic Slime

Isn’t it unbelievable to watch a liquid move, squish, stretch and form strands – turning into all sorts of gooey shapes. And yes, exposing it to a magnet does bigger wonders!

DIY Details : frugalfun4boys

16. Slime Suncatchers

Slime Suncatchers

Able to stick to glass like window clings, these colorful slime suncatchers are actually blobs of slime that turns beautifully translucent when it’s left to dry.

DIY Details : babbledabbledo

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