25 Science Experiments for Kids The Budding Scientists Would Fall in Love With

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Combining learning with fun is the coolest idea to help kids gain an insight into things happening around them and the science behind the same. Right from letting some milk glow with rainbow colors to forming playful slime, from growing little plants to naturally coloring flowers, you have got a super interesting science experiment for it all. To prove it better, here are 25 Science Experiments for Kids The Budding Scientists Would Fall in Love With!

17. Static Electricity Butterfly Experiment

Static Electricity Butterfly Experiment

What a wonderful explanation to static electricity! Charge a balloon by rubbing it on your hair, further watching it magically make the wings of a paper butterfly flutter up and down.

DIY Details : iheartcraftythings

18. Ocean Currents Science Experiment

Ocean Currents Science Experiment

Replicate ocean water currents in a little dish filled with cold water in bright blue. All you do is pour boiling water in red into the dish and let the true-to-life currents appear.

DIY Details : lifeovercs

19. Sprout House

Sprout House


Germination explained at its best! All with a stunningly colorful house made of sponges that’s covered with seeds. Pour some water on the house and watch the seeds sprout tiny roots within 2 days.

DIY Details : playdoughtoplato

20. Bicolor Flowers

Bicolor Flowers

Add a dash of extra color to a regular flower. A flower with its stem cut in the middle and put in two glasses of different colored water explains how plants absorb water.

DIY Details : playdoughtoplato

21. Fizzy Ice Science Experiment for Kids

Fizzy Ice Science Experiment for Kids

Ice showcases fascinating effects when it’s treated with vinegar or baking soda. Squeeze colored vinegar on crushed ice, dropping baking soda and more ice, repeating and alternating steps as you like.

DIY Details : toddlerapproved

22. Glowing Magic Milk Experiment

Glowing Magic Milk Experiment

The moment you dab a Q-tip in dish soap and touch the center of a milk-filled pan havings fluorescent watercolors dropped around its perimeters, magical effects pop up.

DIY Details : learnplayimagine

23. How to Make Sherbet

How to Make Sherbet

Made with citric acid and soft icing sugar, this sherbet causes fizzy explosions in the mouth that’s quite a cherishing and fun-filled experience. Add flavours with jelly crystals.

DIY Details : laughingkidslearn

24. Homemade Aqua Sand Recipe

Homemade Aqua Sand Recipe

Although it initially looks and feels like ordinary sand – how waterproof sand behaves when it’s thrown in water, forming underwater blobs, sculptures and even castles is breathtaking.

DIY Details : growingajeweledrose

25. Crystal Names

Crystal Names

Pipe cleaners shapes as names or letters are used to grow gorgeous sparkling crystals on them when they are suspended in a jar filled with borax, hot water and food coloring.

DIY Details : playdoughtoplato

Super cool science experiments for kids just like the aforesaid innovations are not only creative, but also a fun way to teach the littles ones some of the most important concepts of science, that too in a way that will never skip out of their young minds!

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