22 Stylish DIY Scarves To Stay Cozier and Make a Statement At the Same Time!

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A scarf not just serves the purpose of keeping you a little more warm, it also adds a dash of style to your overall look. Even more amazing if the accessory is all worked up by yourself! Here are 22 Stylish DIY Scarves ranging from solids to print, from fringes to reversibles and much more!

12. DIY 5 Steps Edgy Glam Scarf

DIY 5 Steps Edgy Glam Scarf

Lots of round, bright gold studs spruce up a simple scarf with a whole lot of edginess. Plus, it’s worked up using an old t-shirt, proving to be as inexpensive as its wonderful to donn. Make sure you fold down the sharp points of the studs using scissors before actually wearing it.

DIY Details : mariajustdoit.blogspot

13. Braided Layered Scarf with Lace Neck

Braided Layered Scarf with Lace Neck

The beautiful hair-braiding technique seems to have stepped onto fabric accessories as well! This braided layered scarf is a perfect example of the same. Make as many braid ropes on the scarf as you like using the individual strips made into the fabric, finishing up the look with a lace strip on the neck.

DIY Details : nettevivante.blogspot

14. Lace Tipped Scarf

Lace Tipped Scarf

A fabric, some lace and thread are the three readily available supplies that go into the making on a wonderful lace tipped scarf that has been inspired by a $1100 scarf in stores. The lace is sewed with a part of its design on the jersey, and further cut in a way to reveal the design.

DIY Details : sealoquesea.wordpress

15. How to Sew Reversible Cowl Scarf

How to Sew Reversible Cowl Scarf

Put together with two different colors or prints of fleece, this stunning scarf is made to reverse and complement your attire. Calling for the most basic of sewing, the scarf is easy-to-make and makes a true statement when worn. Check out the steps as shared by Rosyscription.

DIY Details : rosyscription

16. DIY No Sew Polka Dot Infinity Scarf

DIY No Sew Polka Dot Infinity Scarf

Simple yet stylish is the phrase for polka dot! Even better when it comes printed on a beautiful infinity scarf. You need an old t-shirt, a foam pouncer, metallic gold paint, some tape and a pair of scissors to make it all by yourself, that too almost effortlessly.

DIY Details : sugarandcloth

17. From T-shirt to Scarf

From T-shirt to Scarf

The knotted fringes lining this scarf are a completely to-die-for deal! And yes, it’s actually that old tee lying in your closet that gets the effect going. You don’t even need to pick the needle or sewing machine to whip it up – simply cut, fold and make loads of knots, and voila!

DIY Details : planb.annaevers

18. Crochet and Braid T-shirt Scarf

Crochet and Braid T-shirt Scarf

As glorious as a necklace, this one can jazz up a regular outfit to work with so much more splendour when wrapped around the neck. Actually, it’s a cuff made from crochet, and lots of knit jersey fabric that you creatively braid and tied into the cuff that you just made. You also need, yarn thread, scissors, crochet hook, needle, and hair bands.

DIY Details : 1dogwoof

19. A Tale of Two Scarves

A Tale of Two Scarves

As the title suggests, this guide takes you through two different versions of a scarf that’s actually made using the leftover bottom half of an old t-shirt. While one of them is kept a bit subtle, the other gets a dash of charm with lots of pom poms in coordinating color tied to the scarf using strings. The long fringes on both the versions are the icing on the cake.

DIY Details : wobisobi.blogspot

20. Make a Ringlet T-shirt Scarf for Fall

Make a Ringlet T-shirt Scarf for Fall

No matter how complicated this one looks, it’s actually super easy to pull off, that too without even calling for any sewing or stitching. Connecting loads of ringlets together to accomplish a complete scarf, this fall-perfect accessory is yet again, made with a few old t-shirts that come in colors that compliment each other, along with a pair of scissors.

DIY Details : kevinandamanda

21. DIY Scarf Restyle

DIY Scarf Restyle

If you haven’t got much time to make a new scarf from the very scratch, here’s what you can do to add new life into a pre-existing one, making it work like an infinity scarf. The supplies you need are a few colorful buttons, a pair of scissors, a needle and some thread. The buttons sewed on one end of the scarf make work amazingly well for the restyling.

DIY Details : mariatorti.blogspot

22. DIY Upcycled T-Shirt Scarf

Ordinary elements like a strip of leather and some broken pieces of jewelry work wonders to make a simple scarf an extraordinary something! It’s about upcycling a t-shirt into a bunch of cotton strands and tying them together with a leather strip, while turning a few selective strands into braids would make the scarf even more whimsical.

DIY Details : mrkate

While some of the scarves are hand-sewn, the others call for little or no sewing at all. No matter what’s the technique, each of the DIY scarves is super quick to make for yourself and match all your outfits, or as a gift for someone special. This one can be just as easily sewn by hand and it takes very little time to make it.

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