25 Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids To Blend Festivities with a Dash of Creativity!

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The gentle spirit of Thanksgiving calls for building some amazing crafts and pieces of home decor that allows the kids to express their gratitude for all the special things they are blessed with in life. Plus, they must put the free holiday time they got to a purposeful use, boosting up their creative skills at the same time. And that’s where these easy Thanksgiving crafts for kids, ranging from turkey-like table toppers to adorable hats come into play.

Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids

1. Paper Plate Thanksgiving Turkey Wreath

Paper Plate Thanksgiving Turkey Wreath

Who said those gorgeous turkeys are only meant to be a part of your Thanksgiving dinner tables? Let’s pick them up from the table and put the huge birdies right on the front door or the mantel, all with a craft perfect for the kiddos. Looking exactly like a turkey, these paper wreaths go for colorful strips for the wings, and a paper plate with its center removed for the body. The handful supplies you need include a paper plate, brown paint, paint brush, construction paper, googly eyes, scissors, glue, and a stapler. The no-mess craft uses stapler for most of the construction, limiting the use of the glue to the bird’s features alone. What you are going to love to the core is that funky gobble worked out of a red water balloon. Learn the detailed steps to put together the turkey wreath in the below guide.

DIY Details : iheartcraftythings

2. Doily Turkey Craft for Kids

Doily Turkey Craft for Kids

The little crafters are no more than 5 steps away from creating their very own festive-perfect decorative turkeys out of delicate doilies. Blending super cool crafts with a dash of artistic skills, these doily turkeys have got a bunch of colorful Do A Dot markers as the hero. All you need to do is put vibrant dots on the circular white doily using the markers, building the body of the bird with a cut out of brown cardstock paper and attaching it to the doily with a strong glue. Now comes the fun part where you work up the cute googly eyes of the bird, having a triangular orange cardstock as its beak and a water balloon as the gobble. Those accordion style folded strips of orange cardstock look absolutely wonderful as the bird’s leg when attached to the bottom of the creation.

DIY Details : iheartcraftythings

3. Craft Stick Scarecrow

Craft Stick Scarecrow

Apart from holding delicious ice creams in place, those little wooden sticks are an evergreen ingredient in kid’s craft inspirations. And here’s yet another example of craft sticks making Thanksgiving decorations absolutely effortless, ending up in winsome scarecrows that signify the fall season just right. What all you are going to need to forge the idea is some assorted wide wood craft sticks, assorted craft foam, a pair of googly eyes, some craft felt, yellow or orange rick rack, Fiskars scissors, some craft glue, and a nice black marker. Right from a huge cap to those frizzy kind of hair and a pointy beak, these scarecrows have got it all. Take a look at the below tutorial by Optimistic Mommy and build your own versions of the decor. Can that lovely stitched mouth face ever fail to scare the bugs away?

DIY Details : optimisticmommy

4. Thanksgiving Kids’ Craft Pilgrim Hat

Getting into a certain festive character is what excites the kiddos the most, just like this pilgrim hat that lets them celebrate the occasion with a touch of disguise. Even better when they have actually built the wearable accessory all by themselves. To make the pilgrim hat, you are going to need the templates shared in this incredible YouTube video tutorial, some glue, a tape, a pair of scissors, a pencil and sheets of paper in black, brown, and gold. Once you cut out the templates and trace them on paper, a large strip of black sheet wrapped on the kiddo’s head forms the base structure for the hat, while the headband is glued to the back of the hat. A fine brim and crisp buckle add the details to the hat, keeping it in perfect place on the head with a little application of clear tape.

DIY Details : youtube

5. Handprint Turkey Hat for a Thanksgiving Craft

Handprint Turkey Hat for a Thanksgiving Craft

For the kind of cuteness factor this hat flaunts, one simply can’t believe on the fact that it takes just a few random handprints and their cut outs to get it all going. The colorful feathers of the birds made with handprints are all glued to a headband to end up in an easily wearable accessory for the Thanksgiving get together. Speaking of the materials, you are going to need some brown, white, orange, yellow, and red paper, a black marker, and a glue or stapler to build the craft from the very scratch. Those lovely feet of bright orange paper hanging down from the hat make the bird oh so gobbly. This creative guide by Crafty Morning takes you through the detailed steps you need to follow for the project, along with detailed pictorial instructions.

DIY Details : craftymorning

6. Origami Pumpkin Garland

Origami Pumpkin Garland

The art of origami gets an all new twist that not only transforms a simple sheet of paper into a super cute pumpkin, but also clubs many of the finished paper folding gourds together to form a breathtakingly heartwarming garland that goes really well with the spirit of Thanksgiving. Collecting a few different tones of orange origami paper is the key to crafting the cuties, working up the pretty stems with green paper and taping the paper veggies to a long piece of twine. The other items you need include a pair of scissors and some sticky tape to achieve the finished garland. For a special pop of color, you can add a contrasting hue for the pumpkins here and there, just like this one goes for a grey gourd in the middle.

DIY Details : mypoppet

7. Pilgrim Treat Boxes

Pilgrim Treat Boxes

Why settle for an ordinary container to house all the festive treats for the kiddos when you can get even the treat box immersed in the essence of Thanksgiving? All with these Pilgrim treat boxes that come in two easy to pull off editions, flaunting enough space to house the yummies or simply all the nitty gritty craft supplies and crayons. The idea is to use cute Silhouettes to cut dimensional shapes, fold the cut outs at their seam lines, finally glueing the assembled box together. This guide shows a winsome Indian treat box that resembles the iconic pilgrim hat on Thanksgiving, while the second pattern is much on the adorable side. A Pumpkin and a Princess takes you through a quick guide to working up the treat boxes at home and bringing a smile on your kiddo’s face.

DIY Details : apumpkinandaprincess

8. Pine Cone Turkey Centerpieces

Pine Cone Turkey Centerpieces

A little twist on the perspective, and a simple pine cone from the yard would turn into an ultra-adorable turkey! And that’s why you can grab loads of those pine pretties and transform them into lovely Thanksgiving table centerpieces with a few little tweaks. To work out the glorious design for the colorful wings of the pine cone turkey, you go for a creative use of a Martha Stewart circle edge punch, punching circular borders for the wings in 7 different sizes. The other necessary supplies include card stock paper in at least 3 different colors, some white paper for the eyes, a black marker, a glue gun, and a piece of red ribbon. Couple one cone with each of the placemats or simply assemble a bunch of them for decorating the center of the serving area.

DIY Details : marlameridith

9. Turkey Glove Puppet Free Pattern

Turkey Glove Puppet Free Pattern

Here’s a surprisingly easy craft that begins right from a simple layout with four turkey feathers in different colors, an orange turkey beak, a red turkey wattle as its chief elements! The author claims that this one is surely going to keep your little ones busy in playing little puppet games around the house. The rustic yarn glove goes just so well with the vibrant pieces of felt that bring out the different features of the pretty bird. Grab the free pattern shared by Dream a Little Bigger for yourself and bring it to life in your own style. No matter whether you knit the glove at home, or go for a store-bought one as the base, adding the felt embellishments at the right spots creates the same magnificence every single time.

DIY Details : dreamalittlebigger

10. Turkey Napkin Rings from Fingerprints

Turkey Napkin Rings from Fingerprints

Glam up even the most regular of table napkin bundles with a few simple touches of decoration, just like this set of napkin rings that’s totally well suited for a memorable dinner with friends, or simply for working out pretty tissue rings for the whole family. All it takes is to wrap the napkin rolls with some colored paper, having the strip shaped like the ears of a mouse on the top. Next, let your fingertips do the talking, by applying larger thumbprints for the body of the mouse, while the smaller ones go for it’s cute face and perfectly round ears. Each of the napkin rings flaunt the name of the member the plate belongs to, and that gets the table much more organized and of course, charming. Crafts by Amanda is here to showcase all you need to do to recreate the project.

DIY Details : craftsbyamanda

11. Toilet Paper Roll Turkey

Toilet Paper Roll Turkey

Recycling just can’t go out of trend when it comes to crafting for the holidays. So, let’s add an all new purpose to those used toilet paper rolls by disguising them as lovable little turkeys worthy enough of brightening up the house for the festival. To make the toilet roll turkeys all by yourself, you will need a pair of scissors, some construction paper in different colors of fall, a pencil, 2 googly eyes or a nice black marker, some glue, and of course, old toilet paper rolls as well. 2 slits in the roll make a triangle that goes for the bird’s bill when fold up. And, the little handprints of your kiddos are traced onto the construction paper and cut out. Lastly, simply adhere the hand-shaped feathers to the base of the roll, drawing little facial features with a marker.

DIY Details : busybeekidscrafts

12. Handmade Bread Basket Liner for Thanksgiving

Handmade Bread Basket Liner for Thanksgiving

Although, the picturesque print donned by these bread basket liners is all about the occasion of Thanksgiving, it’s so versatile that you can put it to use throughout the year. Apart from the plain colored fabric and perfectly imperfect rugged looks, you have got a wonderful opportunity to work some of the most beautiful designs with this idea, just like this one goes for paint-coated handprints of little kids on the sheets. Speaking of the supplies, you are going to need some DecoArt fabric paint medium, a few paint brushes in different sizes, a few paper cups and plates, and some newspaper to get started with whipping up the bread basket liner. How the print has exactly been worked out in detail is showcased in the below step by step tutorial shared ny Make and Takes.

DIY Details : makeandtakes

13. Fun-Filled Festive Learning Resource

Fun-Filled Festive Learning Resource

Apart from playing and celebrating the festive season, the holidays are also about making the most of the leisure time the kiddos get. Creative crafts, the art of coloring, building little festive decor elements for the house or working up interesting puzzles and riddles not only makes the kids more quick-witted and smart, but also lets you figure out what are their hidden talents. And what can be better than letting them indulge in arts and crafts centered around the theme of the occasion? This vivid link by Them Of Fatt Girls shares a fun-filled learning resource for the kids that includes everything ranging from turkey coloring pages to festive mazes, handwriting practices, shape study, drawing activities, acorn and leaf inspired count and match, and so much more.

DIY Details : themoffattgirls

14. DIY Turkey Ring for Kids

DIY Turkey Ring for Kids

Is there anyone who wouldn’t adore a stunning finger ring gifted to them for the Thanksgiving? Even more fascinating when it comes in an endearing Turkey avatar especially designed for those little fingers of your kiddos. Colorful chenille stems or fuzzy sticks twisted as loops work just like magic for the feathers of these birdies, and that large brown pom pom makes for the furry face of the creature. Add little googly eyes on the and a tiny piece of orange foam sheet for the beak, lastly putting a red foam sheet to use for wattle. For the assembly, you will need some glue gun and a tacky glue and the simple-to-do project is all set to try your hands on. Head to the below tutorial by I Heart Crafty Things to design the piece of sheer sweetness.

DIY Details : iheartcraftythings

15. DIY Turkey Tag

DIY Turkey Tag

It’s splendid how the integration of a few tiny features can add an all new life to totally lifeless, simple household objects like that bunch of ordinary clothespin. A bit of creativity applied here turns the pins into tiny turkey reminiscents, perfect for some Thanksgiving craft indulgence for the kids. And making your DIY clothespin turkey is so easy that the author calls it a zero-fear deal. You are going to need some plastic or wooden clothespins, different colors of paint, a few googly eyes, pieces of orange and red foam sheets that are self-adhesive in nature, a hot glue gun and some glue sticks. Paint the pins on one side, applying the orange beak and red gobbles, lastly, sticking those creepy googly eyes on. To check out how the finished piece is worked out from the very scratch, head to the below tutorial by Let’s Get Together.

DIY Details : lets-get-together

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