25 Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids To Blend Festivities with a Dash of Creativity!

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The gentle spirit of Thanksgiving calls for building some amazing crafts and pieces of home decor that allows the kids to express their gratitude for all the special things they are blessed with in life. Plus, they must put the free holiday time they got to a purposeful use, boosting up their creative skills at the same time. And that’s where these easy Thanksgiving crafts for kids, ranging from turkey-like table toppers to adorable hats come into play.

16. Turkey Cone Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Turkey Cone Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Adorn your dining table for a great Thanksgiving get together with one heck of a winsome table topper set inspired by the occasion-perfect treats, turkeys! Although, everything about the pretties, including their soft and colorful feathers, the paper cone bodies and those tiny bright orange beaks are next to adorable, but those huge bulging bug eyes are the true star of the craft. The goofy eyes are actually worked up by cutting out white circles of paper and adding pupils with a black sharpie. To get started with the project, you are going to need different shades of soft feathers, a pair of scissors, a black marker, an elastic strong, some glue, tape, and colored paper in white, red, orange, and brown. Definite to be a hit with the kids who can don the cones as hats too!

DIY Details : craftymorning

17. Popsicle Stick Turkey Craft

Popsicle Stick Turkey Craft

Popsicle sticks make yet another entry in festive creative crafts, and this time it comes as a adorable turkey shared by Pinparent from The Pinterested Parent. The user transforms colored popsicle sticks to the charming feathers of the bird by gluing six sticks together to form a fanned out pattern, while 2 more sticks glued side by side make the body of the creature. Let the imagination of the kids go wild when it comes to painting the sticks, making little turkey costumes or boots, or simply whatever extra features they like their turkeys to flaunt. The easiest idea is to cut out and glue the beaks on, attaching feet and wattles made out from a sheet of foam. Finally, glue a cute pair of googly eyes and voila! Your goof-worthy Thanksgiving birds are all set to rest on the mantel.

DIY Details : thepinterestedparent

18. Paper Bag Turkey Puppets Thanksgiving Crafts

Paper Bag Turkey Puppets Thanksgiving Crafts

Planning for distributing cute little gifts or yummy treats as party favors after a grand Thanksgiving get together with friends and family? How about give them away in uber-cool paper bags that are actually vibrant turkeys, also integrating a writing activity into the bags, allowing you or the kiddos to express their gratitude for each of the guests. Beginning from rustic paper bags, you are also going to need some colorful feathers, a pair of scissors, some glue, a few markers, and paper in red, orange, black and white colors. All the kids need to do is glue on the different features including the eyes, beak, feathers and gobble to the bag. For further details about the steps and pictorial representation of the project, check out the below guide by Crafty Morning.

DIY Details : craftymorning

19. Button Pumpkin: Bright and Easy Autumn Craft

Button Pumpkin: Bright and Easy Autumn Craft

Hits the autumn season, and no matter how many pumpkins are already decorating your house, there always room for more big and small gourds – whether its on the center table, the mantel, the porch or the yard outside. And this pumpkin button collage celebrates it even better with a dose of glitter, sparkles and pure cuteness brought by a whole bunch of colorful buttons. To put together the button craft, you are going to need some black cardstock paper, some packing tape, lots of many orange buttons and beads that go for the body of the gourds, some few green buttons and beads to bring out the tiny stem on top, and loads of orange glitter to make it shine through the space. To gain an insight into the steps of construction, take a look at this quick tutorial by Adventure in a Box coupled with a template.

DIY Details : adventure-in-a-box

20. Thanksgiving Crafts : Thankful Turkey Book

Thanksgiving Crafts : Thankful Turkey Book

Can there be a craft any better for Thanksgiving than a book that combines creativity with an opportunity for the kids to find out what they are thankful for. What the project calls for includes 3 brown paper lunch bags, hole punch, a rubber band, some craft sticks, brown cardstock, googly eyes, some glue, a pair of scissors, recycled paper or magazine pages, and some construction paper in shades of brown, red, and yellow. At the same time, the whole family can turn the thankful turkey book into a special keepsake to look back on how you celebrated Thanksgiving together each year. Simply place pretty photographs of the get together, dinners and Thanksgiving traditions in the book and use it to maintain a record of all the festivities. The tutorial by Inspired Mama explains how to build the book with just a few easy to pull off steps.

DIY Details : b-inspiredmama

21. Kid Craft Turkey

Kid Craft Turkey

Another addition to the endless list of turkey-inspired crafts for Thanksgiving, this one is as quick and simple to put together as it’s pleasing to look at. The children can easily make these pretties, grabbing lots of paper in pastel fall hues. The key is to fold the strips of colored paper like a fan, taping their bottoms together to make a fan shape that works wonders for the feathers of the turkey. That cute tiny body of the bird is clubbed with a 4 inch strip tail that gets the feathers glued to it in an order that begins from the smallest advancing towards the largest fan. Add so much more functionality to the craft by using them as placecards for the dining table – simply add little name tags to the bird and voila! In just a matter of 15 minutes, you can have the finished craft on hand and get them all table-ready to make your celebrations a lot more special for one and all.

DIY Details : agirlandagluegun

22. Pumpkin Pie Kids Craft

Pumpkin Pie Kids Craft

Pay a wonderful tribute to the classic treat of the fall season, pumpkin pies – all with this insanely cute kid’s craft that’s just whipped up with some colorful paper, a paper plate, some cardstock, a pair of scissors, a stapler, cotton balls and tons of glue. You begin with cutting the orange tissue paper into squares, further cutting the paper plate in a way that makes it resemble a pie slice. Once you apply glue over the paper plate, cover it up with tissue paper, followed by cutting squares from brown cardstock to work up the crunchy-looking crust of the craft pie. The squares need to be stapled along the edge where the crust should come. The final touches here are brought by gluing two cotton balls in the center of the pie slice, and the pumpkin pie deliciousness is all set to brighten up the house with a dash of crafty sugar. For further details about the project, check out the below guide by A Night Owl Blog.

DIY Details : anightowlblog

23. Pine Cone Turkey Craft

Pine Cone Turkey Craft

If your children just can’t get over innovative turkey crafts for Thanksgiving, this pine cone madness is going to simply grab the eyeballs of the kiddos, making them rush to grab some colorful feathers already. When adorned with those tiny, super googly eyes, a regular pine cone takes the first step towards looking exactly like a turkey, taking things further with that orange beak done with colored construction paper and a bright red wattle. Speaking of the feathers, this miniature turkey has got a whole spectrum of colors and textures put together with those extra soft and long feathers attached to the back of the pine cone. Pink, black, yellow, green, peach, orange and a special dotted one totally steals the show when it’s all assembled together. For a detailed step-by-step tutorial to forge the craft and build it with a personalized touch at home, head to the below link by Learn Create Love.

DIY Details : learncreatelove

24. Thankful Turkey Corkboard

Thankful Turkey Corkboard

It’s oh so incredible how little kids are grateful for the simple pleasures of life, including a delicious fruit for meal, a nice chocolate as dessert, even a bright pair of new clothes, or their family and friends – and that’s why they have got so much to thank the almighty and everyone around when it’s Thanksgiving. Give them a whole platform to acknowledge everything they are thankful for, with a creative corkboard that flaunts the appearance of a turkey. The handful of readily available supplies you need to collect include a round cork board, an old art work, pretty googly eyes, a pair of scissors, a stapler, some round object that allows for convenient tracing, a pencil, some sticky notes, some markers, and construction paper in shades of brown, red and yellow. The sheet of old artwork actually provides for a breathtakingly beautiful bunch of feathers for the bird when cut out in lovely ovals. Take assistance from the easy steps explained in the below tutorial by Handmade Kids Art.

DIY Details : handmadekidsart

25. Candy Corn Turkey Craft for Thanksgiving

Candy Corn Turkey Craft for Thanksgiving

What’s one of the greatest things the kids love about the fall season – it’s those tiny little candy corns delighting their taste buds to the core. How about celebrating the treats with a super easy kid’s craft for Thanksgiving? And the best part here is that the craft puts real candy corns to awesome use that works up the feathers of the bird with the mini yummies. Apart from the candy corns, all you are going to need for the project is a pair of googly eyes, a pair of scissors, some glue and some brown, yellow, red and orange paper. Once you are ready with paper cut outs of the different parts of the turkey, including the body, the tiny beak, the feet, and that huge feather circle, simply glue the elements on top of each other to achieve the basic shape, and advance towards the most fun part of the craft. It calls for grabbing the candy corn and gluing them all around the outside of the feather circle to charm up the feathers of the cute birdy. Head to the below tutorial by Crafty Morning to craft your own versions of the candy corn innovation.

DIY Details : craftymorning

We bet your little ones would find it hard to wait to grab all their sheets of colored paper and that box of craft supplies the moment they get their hands on such wonderful inspirations for easy to pull off Thanksgiving crafts for kids. After all, doesn’t the occasion call for expressing gratitude in style?

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