Your Guests Will Be Dazzled By These 30 DIY Bachelorette Party Ideas!

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A bachelorette party is a great way to celebrate a bride’s future marriage. Before the ring goes on, you have the opportunity to have some fun with your girlfriends and go crazy! Are you sending off a close friend for marriage? Do you want to make the party a blast? Read these 30 DIY bachelorette party ideas to turn the night before a wedding into a sexy event!

Your Guests Will Be Dazzled By These 30 DIY Bachelorette Party Ideas!

1. Chippendale Cookies

Chippendale Cookies

This time, leave the genital gummy candy behind. Most people think it’s distasteful and weird. However, you don’t have to completely abandon the sexy aspect of the party. Instead of buying gag treats from the adult store, make your own Chippendale cookies from scratch!

These clever treats are both tasteful and tasty. To get started, all you need is sugar cookie dough. To make the cutout, the author just used a gift box cookie cutter. Then, squeeze some flesh tone and black icing to give it some dimension and color. The cookies are super easy; and they are sure to make people giggle!

Project Details: sweetsugarbelle

2. Barbie-themed Party

Barbie-themed Party

Are you stuck on a theme for the party? It would be a shame to not have a theme! To get an idea, this author decided to take it all the way back to the bride’s favorite childhood toy – Barbie! When the bride left work, she was greeted by a convertible and taken to a secret place. The destination: a Barbie’s Ultimate Beach House! With pink decorations and pictures of Barbie’s male counterpart, Ken, the bridesmaids had turned a condo into a favorite Barbie home.

A fun idea is to transform the bathroom into a dressing room, with makeup, wigs, dresses, and jewelry! This encourages a fun night of dress-up and role play. In addition, the bridesmaids took some scissors and wrapping paper to a large box. The result: a life-sized Barbie box for fun pictures! Get some 6-pack coolers and fill it with fun items for sweet gift baskets. Also, don’t forget your Barbie-themed cake! Go all out; and make this a night to remember!

Project Details: bridalguide

3. Strawberry Margarita Jell-O Shots

Strawberry Margarita Jell-O Shots

It wouldn’t be a bachelorette party without booze! Even better than booze, booze Jell-O. What if we cut out the middleman shot glasses and substituted fruit? This, my friends, is true perfection. With some strawberry Jell-O, tequila, Cointreau sugar, lime, and strawberries, you can make delicious strawberry margarita Jell-O shots IN strawberries! Yum!

Make sure to plan ahead, though; because these take about four hours to settle. First, just cut the top and bottom so it stands upright and flat. Scoop out the insides, and pour in a mixture of Jell-O and alcohol. Then, wait for the liquid to solidify in the refrigerator. After that, use lime and sugar (don’t use salt!) to garnish the top. The end result should be adorable and delicious!

Prjoject Details: buzzfeed

4. 80’s Themed Party

80’s Themed Party

The theme is a very important part of a successful party. Many of the brides today grew up in the 80’s and 90’s; and they hold this time very close to their heart. So, why not reignite the nostalgia with a fun throwback party? This bride especially loves the 80’s; so, the author made cute 80’s themed invitations and decorated the house! Feel free to use any specific movies or decorations that the bride may like!

Project Details: linenlaceandlove

5. 4 More Themes

4 More Themes

This blog gives a couple more great ideas for bridal showers. They look very professional and fun; and they require minimal work! So, let’s see them.

Gelato Theme – This is a great idea for the bride that has a sweet tooth! The pastel colors look so good; and the decorations are relatively cheap. Plus you get to serve delicious gelato! Just use a template for invitations and the “logo” to get started; and then set up a gelato bar. Easy.

Lingerie Shower – If you’re hosting a shower with a couple of close friends, this is the perfect opportunity to make it a lingerie party! Send out some invitations on a piece of underwear fabric; and set up movies and popcorn. Don’t worry – if you’re shy, you can just do a pajama party instead.

France Shower – The thought of a night in Paris gets most minds churning. The romanticism and sparkle of the theme really fits a bridal shower! Put up sparkling decorations everywhere; and consider a Eiffel Tower cake! The clips are very cool, too!

Gift bags, treat ideas and more at the project details website.
Project Details: linenlaceandlove

6. Destination! Decorate! Games!

Destination! Decorate! Games!

If you want to make your bridal party a hit, you need to focus on three things. First, the destination. Plan out where you’re going ahead of time. This could be a friend’s house, a condo, or even a hotel room! Next, you need to decorate. Decorate every wall, corner, and empty space you can. Make sure there’s a lot of pink and silver! Make a little bar for snacks and drinks to satisfy your guests.

Of course, you should stick to your theme. Also, tell your guests ahead of time what the theme is and what to wear. This way, your photos will look better and nobody will get confused. Finally, try out some games! Visit the project details for some good ideas. My favorite is “Who gets the groom”!

Project Details: theblueeyeddove

7. Plan a Playlist

Plan a Playlist

It’s not a party without some fun music! Before you start the shower, make sure to plan out a playlist. Get an iPod and hook it up to some speakers to let it roll. Don’t worry – you don’t need a DJ. Just make a playlist that’s long enough that it goes through a few hours. This will be about 50 songs. You could also put some music on shuffle; but this allows any music on the device to be played. We suggest using music from each genre; and make sure not to play too much of one artist! Check out the link below for an awesome Spotify playlist to try!

Project Details: popsugar

8. Do a Sweet and Sexy Party

Do a Sweet and Sexy Party

Here are some cut ideas for a sweet and sexy bachelorette shower. Balloons should be everywhere, if you take this route. Also, make sure to pack up some nice gift favors for your guests! The “public” scavenger hunt is not just for Youth Groups – you can organize one, too! Just make sure you don’t physically assault anyone; you wouldn’t want to go to jail for spanking a man without consent. Another tip: be creative with your drinks! Vodka lemonade is AMAZING.

Project Details: weddingchicks

9. Balloon Wishes

Balloon Wishes

Balloons are fun decorations for any party; why not let your guests help with them? Set up a table with a basket of balloons, a marker, and a little note. Encourage your guests to write something nice and fun on the balloon. Make sure they make it dark, so the ink doesn’t separate when the balloon is inflated. Then, on the day of the wedding, inflate the balloons and put them up in the dressing room! She will see them and get encouraged as she prepares for the big day!

Project Details: studiodiy

10. Porn or Polish?

Porn or Polish

A fun game to try during your bridal shower is called “Porn or Polish?” The way it works: there’s a jar of papers. You pass the jar around; and one person reads a paper out loud. Then, that person must determine weather the words she just said is a pornographic film, or a nail polish color. Your guests will be surprised by the ridiculous names! If the reader gets it right, she receives a bottle of nail polish as a prize. Use the names in the project details; and add more as needed!

Project Details: sandyssignatures

11. Ideas For the Introvert

Ideas For the Introvert Some brides don’t like bachelorette parties. I know – crazy, right? Some people just don’t find the appeal of drinking and dancing! But how do you celebrate a future marriage with a introverted bride? Skip the male strippers and try out one of these ten fun ideas! Some of the most notable ideas are: a weekend of camping, a movie night, a spa day, and a dance class (without the pole). The party should be about the bride; so make it something that she loves doing. Even if it’s a day at the pool; the party will be a blast if the bride is enjoying it. Project Details: intimateweddings

12. Bachelorette Party Survival Kit

Bachelorette Party Survival Kit

Your guests might need some items throughout the night, especially if you are going to a club or bar. So, for the party favor, consider packing a cute bag with some practical goodies to help them through the night. Some choice favorites are hand sanitizer, make-up wipes, nail polish, chocolate, hair bands, lip balm, and Advil. Throw it in a nice bag and hand it out before the party; your guests will be grateful!

Project Details: thebudgetsavvybride

13. Temporary Party Tattoos

Temporary Party Tattoos

Why leave the decorations at the room? With an hour of easy work and a printer, you can decorate your bodies – temporarily, of course. Instead of getting drunk 2AM tattoos in some crack-pedaling basement, buy some temporary tattoo paper at Amazon or a craft store. Then, get some designs at the link provided. Print out the designs on the tattoo paper, and apply the film to the finished paper. Then, cut the tattoos out!

You can apply them like any other temporary tattoos; and they will stick for a couple hours. We recommend testing the designs on normal paper first, as to not waste your tattoo paper.

Project Details: somethingturquoise

14. Don’t Make Common Mistakes

Don't Make Common Mistakes There are a lot of things that could go wrong at your bridal shower. Before you plan anything, make sure to create a checklist to avoid any bridal blunders. There are a few that matter more than the others. First, go over the guest list with the bride. There may be girls missing – or imposing – on the list. Second, plan EVERYTHING in the party.

The timing doesn’t have to be perfect; but to avoid “what now?” moments, write everything down. Third, stick to the budget. Finally, respect the bride’s wishes. This is non-negotiable. Find out the other tips in the project details!

Project Details: popsugar

15. Plan Fun Cocktails

Plan Fun Cocktails

Alcohol is a must for a fun bachelorette bash; but straight up vodka is the opposite of classy. Supplying a mini bar may not be in the budget; and who knows how to make cocktails, anyway? We recommend following some alcoholic drink recipes for fun drinking!

Get the punchbowl out and serve some Sangria; or serve spiked lemonade in a jar. Make options for a variety of guest-approved drinks! Find recipes and more in the project details. Project Details: weddingchicks

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