25 Halloween Drinks For Kids Blending Flavor With Much Needed Spookiness

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Those who feel a special love for treats, sweets or delicious drinks perhaps, get the perfect excuse to indulge in some toothsome delights during the Halloween season. And, speaking of Halloween drinks, a whole lot of creative ideas with edible worms popping out of a tasty punch bowl, bubbly potions, foamy chocolate drinks, punches with an illusion of fake blood, or simply something that flaunts a lovely candy corn ombre in a glass comes to our minds.

Doesn’t the mere mention of these words seems to make those little kiddos oh so curious and excited – making them travel to a world of fantasy, that too combined with a delicious dose of flavor in the form of a gorgeous Halloween-themed drink. What’s great about whipping up super cool drinks for the trick-or-treating is that they blend a one-of-a-kind scary fun with their simple yet wonderful ingredients, being just so appropriate to be a part of your dining table for the special day.

No matter how hard it may look to pull off a great ghoulish or spooky drink with that weird appearance, it’s actually surprisingly easy and quick to get it all done. Here are 25 Halloween Drinks for Kids making the trick-or-treats much more delightful.

25 Halloween Drinks For Kids Blending Flavor With Much Needed Spookiness

1. Witches Brew Is The Perfect Halloween Drink

Witches Brew Is The Perfect Halloween Drink

What’s that bubbly concoction that these mason jars with a straw inserted in the lids hide? It’s perhaps, a delicious dose of some Witches Brew meant to enchant the kiddos this Halloween. Not only is it absolutely berrylicious with a great combo of sweet and tang, it’s also gluten free and comes with the goodness of phytonutrients. What goes into the making of the drink is some ginger ale, tart cherry juice, and some fresh cherries. Once you have added lots of ginger ale to a glass, charm it with the cherry juice, throwing in a handful of cherries into the drink. You can also whip up an all new version to the drink, serving it in a large punch bowl to please the whole crowd at the kiddo’s party. Check out what are the right proportions of the different ingredients you need to combine together to whip up this wonderful sip in both of its versions.

Source : naturalbeachliving

2. Gummy Worm Punch

  Gummy Worm Punch

A glass loaded with a delicious blend of some Hawaiian punch and lime soda transforms into adorably creepy yumminess when it gets a frozen gummy worm disk dropped into itself. The disk is actually some gooey gummy worms and a little Hawaiian punch poured into muffin tins and set to refrigerate. Once you drop the disks into the glass charmed with lots of ice, the worms slowly rise up and the little pieces of the ice float on the top, bringing out a slimy appearance to the drink. Take a look at the steps of preparation as shared by Bitz n Giggles and forge the recipe in just a matter of few minutes. Creating th super refreshing lemony punch having those worms jump out of the glass is a surprisingly simple deal, and that’s what makes it ideal for those who are looking out for preparing a kid-friendly Halloween drink with minimal hassle.

Source : bitzngiggles

3. Vampire Punch Halloween Drink

  Vampire Punch Halloween Drink

This looking-like-a-glassful of blood kinda drink gets its incredible tastes from lots of V8 Splash in acai berry flavor, along with a subtle fizz coming from the addition of club soda. But the whole credit for the spooky looks of the drink go to that rich red hue, rightly making it named as Vampire Punch Halloween drink. Apart from the mentioned ingredients, you are also going to need some grenadine to whip up the concoction. The key is to combine all the ingredients in a glass and serve it chilled. For a punch bowl preparation, all you need to do is increase the quantity of each of the ingredients to several bottles, further mixing it all together in a punch bowl. While the author keeps the drink simple, you can always go for a little dry ice to achieve a smokey, mysterious effect, making the kids a lot more fantasized.

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4. Oreo Milkshake

  Oreo Milkshake

Isn’t the super creamy and crunchy goodness of those sandwich cookies, Oreos taking the whole world of desserts and drinks by a storm? Add a Halloween essence to the cookies, that too all in the form of a luscious milkshake – and that’s all you need to do to bring huge smiles on the lips of the kiddos this festive get together. Oh yes, the the drink has got the ever-successful Halloween candy, candy corns going into the making. The velvety element of the shake is brought by lots of  vanilla ice cream and some whipped cream. The remaining ingredients include lots of candy corn Oreos, some milk, and some festive Halloween sprinkles that go for the final decoration of the drink. The presentation of the milkshakes makes it even more apt for the occasion, as you have got cute glass mugs sporting jack-o-lantern faces done in black using some Jack-O-Lantern clings by Martha Stewart.

Source : mybakingaddiction

5. Fizzy Pumpkin Halloween Drink Party Tips

  Fizzy Pumpkin Halloween Drink Party Tips

Who would imagine that an ultra-delicious, creamy union of lots of bubbly orange-flavoured juice with a huge scoop of silky smooth orange sherbet would turn into those Halloween-spirited Jack OíLanterns. Except for the fact that this time, the lanterns are not carved out pumpkins, but adorable small canning jars adorned with vinyl pumpkin face decals or black paper cutouts. Speaking of the drink, that super foamy texture and the mouth-watering flavours are the star element of the preparation that you can pull off in no time. The sugary, tangy and creamy concoction also calls for some lemon-lime soda and some pineapple juice to get that gorgeous fizz going. First of all, you mix 2 parts of orange and one part of pineapple juice together in a pitcher, further filling the jars with lots of orange sherbet. Then you add the juicy mixture and top the glass with lemon-lime soda.

Source : thehouseofsmiths

6. Halloween Hot Chocolate

Halloween Hot Chocolate

Nothing can beat the awesomeness of a great Halloween treat that comes with a cozy dose of warmth and comfort too! After all, October is quite a cold month. And what if i tell you that all of it is packed in a glassful of delectable white hot chocolate tweaked with a few Halloween-worthy elements? This easy to forge recipe by This Grandma is Fun allows you to whip up the drink in just about any color you want to as the base here is all white chocolate. So many tiny ghosts floating atop the Halloween hot chocolate is nothing but gooey mini marshmallows made into adorable, little ghost faces using an edible marker. For a personalized touch, you can also go for some toppings, sprinkles or googly eyes, according to the mood you want to create on the drinks table. All you need is some high quality white chocolate, some milk, vanilla, lots of food coloring and some whipped cream for extra foam.

Source : thisgrandmaisfun

7. Mad Scientist Potion

  Mad Scientist Potion

An amazing Halloween version of any brightly colored drink that your kiddos adore, this super versatile drink is an adorably spooky yet yummy concoction with that bubbling potion effect taking your breath away. Whether it’s a refreshing flavoured soda, some fruit juice or a nice amalgamation of one or more kid-friendly drinks, you can transform it into a magical potion that was accidentally left on your table by a mad scientist – all by throwing in little bits of dry ice into the jars. You don’t need to follow any complicated steps of mocktail preparation, and that makes this recipe by a must-make for last-minute party affairs. Dry ice must be added one piece per gallon at a time to the drink containers, serving it immediately, in a way that ladles the juice into cups and leaves the dry ice in the containers. You must integrate the potion into your trick-or-treat menu and make the kids love this thing of creativity blended with utmost tasteful pleasure.

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8. Fanta Jack-o-Lantern Floats

  Fanta Jack-o-Lantern Floats

That wonderful tang of the classic orange-flavoured soda, Fanta has made sure to delight kids since ages. Let’s give the bubbly drink a little twist to make it go perfectly with the spirit of Halloween, ending up in an exceptionally delicious sip-ready jack-o-lantern float. All thanks to lots of vanilla ice cream blended with Fanta, the concoction sports a lovely amount of foam that makes the beautifully decorated glasses look even more amazing. To bring out the jack-o-lantern sports on the exterior of the plastic cups, all you need to do is draw the character’s features using a permanent marker. Everything about the drink makes one crave for more – whether its that incredible texture brought by the fluffy combination of ice cream and soda, or the equally relishing tastes.

Source : belleofthekitchen

9. Halloween Vampire Ice Cream Floats

Halloween Vampire Ice Cream Floats

The very first glimpse of this drink itself is drool-worthy as you have got lots of ice cream floating on a velvety drink adorned with lots of blood red juiciness. For whipping up Vampire Ice Cream Floats for a great Halloween kid drink, you are going to need some red soda, lots of vanilla ice cream, some strawberry syrup, some plastic vampire fangs, lots of whipped cream, some red gel, and some straws. The bottom layer is rich vanilla ice cream topped by refreshing red soda, which is further topped with a swirl of whipped cream. Adorn the cream with some strawberry syrup, placing plastic fangs on top to get that vampire denture rest on the drink. A few extra dots of red gel create the blood-like look on the fangs. Living Locurto shares an amazing video to showcase the simple steps required for preparing the floats like a piece of cake.

Source : livinglocurto

10. Poison Apple Halloween Drink For Kids With Homemade Apple Cider

  Poison Apple Halloween Drink For Kids With Homemade Apple Cider

Since those childhood days of fairytales, we have all heard of the poison apple from Snow White, but who knew that the deadly fruit could disguise as a Halloween drink as well? It’s one heck of a Halloween drink for kids that combines two different recipes into one single thing of perfection. The first recipe is a classic cider, while the second one has got cranberry juice as its foundation – together forming an unearthly drink adorned with fresh, juicy apple slices. While the cider calls for some assorted small-medium apples, orange, some brown sugar, a little ground cinnamon, some nutmeg, ground cloves, and some water, assembling the final drink is all about combining the fresh-made cider with cranberry juice and adding them into a glass full of ice.

Source : ourfamilyworld

11. Goosebumps Punch

Goosebumps Punch

If you are looking to make the kiddos have some goosebumps but with a dash of smile-worthy something to refresh their spirits, this Goosebumps Punch the is the ideal solution to your search! And yes, it’s the most perfect addition to a Halloween kid’s party as you really don’t need to gather much to get it all serve-ready – all it takes is 4 simple ingredients, including some lemon lime soda, a few drops of green food coloring, a package of rainbow sherbet, and loads of ooey gooey gummy worms that are actually responsible for getting that creepy touch to the punch. That thick layer of frothy foam atop the drink witnesses colorful edible worms emerging out of the fluffiness. What a great concoction that unites the idea of a party drink with Halloween sweets.

Source : sugarandsoul

12. Black Light Lemonade

Black Light Lemonade

Make a glorious drink this October that adds so much charm to a dark Halloween night that not only do these mocktail glasses but the whole gathering glows in awe! The glowing night sky looks of the lemonade are actually a work of some tonic water and black light coming together. All one needs to do is to refrigerate the tonic water to make sure it’s chilled before you combine it with the lemonade drink mix in a punch bowl. Now it’s time to switch off the lights and let your eyes be dazzled with the drink’s glow. Girl Loves Glam takes you through the detailed steps to make the stunning drink all by yourself in the simplest ways ever. Make sure you try your hands at this mysteriously pretty black light lemonade this Halloween and make the kids go all oohh and aahhh with its appearance and the relishing tang!

Source : girllovesglam

13. Witch’s Potion Drink

  Witch's Potion Drink

Making those regular fruit juices into a glassful of amazement is a matter of a few seconds and some yummy gummy worms. The chewiness of the gummy worms compliments the tang of lime and sugary sweetness of pineapple like nothing else can. And when you spoon some quart lime sherbet in right before serving the drink, the glass is enchanted by a gorgeous foam that develops atop the drink on mixing the sherbet slowly. The foggy foam makes a spooky essence ooze out of the glasses, creating an illusion of a witch’s potion. And the gummy worms are of course, all thanks to taking things to all new levels of creepiness – not to forget, they also add so much more taste into the concoction when used in conjugation with some fresh lime slices to decorate the rim of the glass.

Source : lilluna

14. Black Widow Venom Halloween Punch

  Black Widow Venom Halloween Punch

Synonymous to sheer eeriness, spiders can’t simply be left unattended when you are looking out to make a great Halloween-themed party – but who would imagine that this time these creepy crawly creatures would come as a part of a kid’s punch. And, the author claims that this punch is not going to disappoint the kids when it comes to the flavours it has got to offer. To recreate Black Widow Venom Halloween Punch at home, you are going to need lots of ice, along with a few creepy spiders and some red punch. You can also amplify the red hue of the punch by throwing in a few drops of food coloring depending on the level of gruesome you want the drink to have. Actually, the whole punch bowl is loaded with small pieces of ice and spiders seem to crawl on the inner walls of the bowl, when you pour the mix of frozen pineapple orange blend concentrate, berry punch concentrate and ginger ale into the same.

Source : ladybehindthecurtain

15. 5 Halloween Drinks For Kids

  5 Halloween Drinks For Kids

Why settle for one single inspiration to put together a trick-or-treat drink when you can bring a whole spectrum of yummy sips into play? This guide by The Tomkat Studio takes you through the making of 5 different Halloween drinks for kids, each of which is a complete work of creativity and awesome flavours on its own. Right from oh so creamy Ghost Milkshakes having googly eyes peek through the decor to a Creepy Cooler having grape juice charmed with a lovely fizz, from a lemony-limey Cherry Chiller with lots of maraschino cherries to a green spinach-banana-loaded Spider Smoothie to a bright orange pumpkin flavored slushy, you are covered. Now, everyone at the party has got their choices transferred to a delicious mocktail.

Source : thetomkatstudio

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