25+ Valentine’s Day Treats to Make with Your Kids

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Making Valentine’s Day treats should not be complicated or boring. Engage your children to make it fun and at the same time give them a chance to utilize their creativity. This is also the perfect opportunity to bond with your kids. Here are some of the treats you can enjoy making on Valentine’s Day for kids, their friends or the entire family.

14. Valentines pancakes for dessert

Valentines pancakes for dessert

Pink heart shaped pancakes are a good treat for both the kids and your spouse. The kids can help to mix the pancake mixture with water and the egg. Add a bit of food color to the mixture. Pour the mixture to the heart shaped cookie cutter placed on the pan and cook it as usual. One can add some icing to it before serving.

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15. Valentines pancakes

Valentines pancakes

Valentines pancakes from littlegrayfoxare are just as sweet, lovely and fun to make. Use food color to make different party colored heart shaped valentines pancakes.

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16. Heart shaped eggs

How to make a heart shaped egg

Fold the cut juice or milk carton by half. Peal the warm hard-boiled egg and place it on the carton and stick a chop stick at the center fastening the two ends with rubber bands. After about fifteen minutes, remove the chopstick and cut the egg in half. Add some ketchup or salt to your heart shaped egg to make it tastier.

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17. Valentine lunches.

Valentine lunches

Dip the heart shaped melons in strawberry yogurt and add some sprinkles on them. You can pack this with toast with a heart shape pressed in the middle or heart shaped pancake. One can also add some strawberries cut into half or some carrots to the lunch box. Creating the perfect lunch for your kids will be mostly about getting creative with the knife and cookie cutter to make what they usually take school for lunch extra special.

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18.Easy DIY  Valentine project

Easy DIY  Valentine project

Cut out a gap in the bread and fill it with lovely multi colored chocolate sprinkles. The toast with sprinkles makes a tasty and colorful breakfast and snack too. It is also great for a Valentine’s Day picnic. One does not have to make heart shapes, try making animal shapes as well and even better, have the kids make them.

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19. Valentine’s Day strawberry snacks

Valentine’s Day strawberry snacks

These include strawberry apple sauce, strawberry skewers and cheese sandwiches with strawberry cream. The kids can help with fixing the heart shaped strawberries in the skewers. One can also get creative and interchange the strawberries with small fruits such as berries and grapes. Combine apple sauce with sliced strawberries microwave them for half a minute, mix until the color is just right and your strawberry apple sauce will be ready for serving.

For the sandwich, cut out a heart shape in the bread and on it, pour some chopped strawberries mixed with cream cheese.

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20. Valentines Bark

Valentines Bark

This is easy to make and takes very little time. Stir melted candy coating continuously, add some food color and place it on a baking sheet. Put the mixture in the fridge for thirty minutes. Make another mixture to create a second layer add some sprinkles and keep it in the fridge for an hour. Use vanilla coating for the candy and cherry chocolate M and Ms with the sprinkles.

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21. Heart shaped cheese cakes

Heart shaped cheese cakes

Cheese cakes can be colored using liquid food color. They are called conversation cakes because they have special messages on them. The kids can help come up with the messages to write on the cheese cakes. Mix the colors up to get more uniquely colored cakes. Have the cheesecakes cooled for about an hour under room temperature after which they need to be frozen for a minimum of two hours. When serving, you might need to heat them a little bit. Use a different color to write on the cheese cakes.

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22. Dipped and decorated pretzels

Dipped and decorated pretzels

Melt candy mixed with a table spoon or two of vegetable shortening to make a creamy mixture. Dip your pretzels in the chocolate, let the excess drip off and add your candy sprinkles. Let the snacks chill in the fridge and give them time to become harder. The kids will love adding the sprinkles in creative patterns and the snack does not need a lot of ingredients which makes it simple.

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23. Wafer chocolate cookies

Wafer chocolate cookies

Dip the wafer cookies in the melted chocolate and add some sprinkles on the wet chocolate. These are sweet and really simple for you and the kids to make.

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24. Brown butter heart cookies

Brown butter heart cookies

Made using the usual cookie ingredients, these cookies will on the other hand be made using brown and granulated sugar. Get creative and fun when decorating the cookies by using different colors and patterns.

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25. Valentine fortune cookies

Valentine fortune cookies

These cookies do not need to be baked and with the lovely message fixed inside the gives them a personal touch. Rolling them up will definitely be a joy for the kids. They can write the messages too.

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26. Hot chocolate bars

Hot chocolate bars

Press marshmallows using a heart shaped item to get a heart shaped gap where you can add your melted chocolate. You can also get creative and make marshmallows on sticks or straws covered with chocolate. Adding some sprinkles on it before it dries will make them look good.

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