30+ Affordable Easter Cakes Every Super-Mom Should Try This Holiday!

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If you have a sweet tooth, then you certainly do not want to skip the dessert this Easter! One of the most common misconceptions surrounding Easter cakes is that they will take their toll on your silhouette, when the truth is that you can easily indulge yourself in a delicious cake, a brownie or a pie without having to worry about your waistline – everything comes down to eating moderately, in the end! With that in mind, here you will find an outstanding compilation of some of the easiest and most delicious finger-licking cakes to try this Easter:

30+ Affordable Easter Cakes Every Super-Mom Should Try This Holiday!

1. Easter Bird Nest Cake

Easter Bird Nest Cake

We all know the classic egg-shaped cakes or the traditional bunny cakes – they are the most commonly baked ones for Easter! However, what if you found a recipe that will teach you how to make a truly unconventional cake this Easter? Would you dare to try it? If you are feeling adventurous and you want to put your baking skills to good use, then you should definitely not miss this super interesting Easter bird nest cake, as it not only looks amazing but it tastes delicious as well. It is so good that you won’t even feel like sharing it with others!

Recipe Source and Instructions – vanillabeanbaker

2. DIY Easter Basket Cake

DIY Easter Basket Cake

The Easter basket cake is super easy, and you do not need to make any compromise in terms of taste! However, this recipe does require you to have a great attention to detail, therefore unless you are willing to give it your best shot and to invest several hours into decorating it, perhaps you should focus on a less demanding recipe. If you want to push your limits, then the DIY Easter basket cake is definitely the right one for you!

Recipe Source and Instructions – thecakeblog

3. DIY Rainbow Sprinkle Cake

DIY Rainbow Sprinkle Cake

Colors, sprinkles and flavors everywhere – in other words, the rainbow sprinkle cake! This is one of the most colorful, cheerful and positive cakes you can bake for your family this Easter, and your children will definitely be thankful for it. In the end, children are always drawn to such bright colors, so imagine how much the DIY rainbow sprinkle cake will appeal to them. Let the colors of the rainbow shine through your kitchen with this lovely cake – and you will definitely feel like baking it again whenever the next special event asks for an original cake recipe.

Recipe Source and Instructions – thecakeblog

4. Easter Bunny Cake!

Easter Bunny Cake

Do you remember when your grandmother used to make the cutest and most delicious cakes for Easter? We all do, and we have all wondered what their secret is! Why is it that granny’s cake always tastes a lot better than ours, or our mom’s? Here you have the secret – check out this amazing DIY tutorial on how to continue granny’s Easter bunny cake. This is an outstanding dessert recipe that is both tasty and joyful, and you certainly do not have anything to lose if you try it!

Recipe Source and Instructions – jennysteffens

5. Easter Extravaganza!

Easter Extravaganza

There are two types of women: those who only prepare the basic foods and decorations for Easter and quietly wait for it to pass away, and those who take the holiday seriously and push it to the next level! If you are part of the latter, then you will undoubtedly love the Easter Extravaganza cake, which is the glamorous and fashionable version of the traditional cake as we all know it. Add a bit of style and class to your regular desserts with this lovely recipe, and your spouse and kids will certainly come back for more!

Recipe Source and Instructions – thepartiologist

6. The Bunny Butt Cake!

The Bunny Butt Cake

If your kids are picky eaters and they are highly pretentious when it comes to food (and sweets in particular), then you should definitely try the Bunny Butt Cake! Every mom has tried various tricks and stunts to convince her kid to eat her veggies, so why not do the same with the sweets? If you have been looking for a cake that is both delicious and aesthetically appealing at the same time, then you are in the right place – look no further than the Bunny Butt Cake!

Recipe Source and Instructions – bettycrocker

7. 15 Minute Sunflower Peep Cake Recipe


This is precisely what the name suggests – a very fast sunflower peep cake that is readily available within only 15 minutes! No matter if you have a very tight schedule and you will be too busy focusing on the main dinner course (or on the Easter decorations, for that matter), or you simply do not like spending too much time in the kitchen, the 15 minute Sunflower Peep Cake is certainly a great choice! Check it out and you will become addicted to it before you even know it.

Recipe Source and Instructions – spendwithpennies

8. The Speckled Egg Cake

The Speckled Egg Cake

Another great recipe to try this Easter is the Speckled Egg Cake. Simple, effortless and perfect both for amateur bakers and for “professional mommy bakers” who love to treat their loved ones to a good cake every now and then, the Speckled Egg Cake is super tasty and it does not require any baking skills in particular. This is definitely the perfect choice for the Easter dinner!

Recipe Source and Instructions – thecakeblog

9. Easter Egg Cake Recipe!

Easter Egg Cake Recipe

Easter egg cakes are definitely the next best thing when it comes to Easter desserts, and nobody can deny that fact! If you take Easter seriously and you are committed to planning the best dinner party for your family, friends and family, then the Easter egg cake should not miss from the table. The recipe is written in a detailed, comprehensive and mommy-oriented manner, so you will know exactly what are the ingredients that you need to use, and in what amounts. Check it out!

Recipe Source and Instructions – marabous

10. Polka Dot Carrot Cookies!

Polka Dot Carrot Cookies

Although this is not a cake in the real sense of the world, the polka dot carrot cookies will definitely add a lot of color and joy to your Easter dinner. They are so bright and they melt in your mouth – they simply scream “eat me” when you look at them! The polka dot carrot cookies are definitely a great choice if you are trying to take your family and friends by surprise, as you simply cannot go wrong with them!

Recipe Source and Instructions – sweetsugarbelle

11. Planted Carrot Chocolate Cake Recipe For Easter!

Planted Carrot Chocolate Cake For Easter

Everybody loves chocolate! Besides, did you know that if consumed in moderate amounts, dark chocolate can actually be highly beneficial for your cognitive function? It can delay memory loss, and it can also improve your thinking abilities. Do you know what that means? We have one more reason to binge on chocolate! The planted carrot chocolate cake for Easter is one of the best choices you can opt for, so you might want to give it a try anytime soon!

Recipe Source and Instructions – laurenslatest

12. Sparkling Surprise Carrot Cupcakes

Sparkling Surprise Carrot Cupcakes

These sparkling carrot cupcakes are absolutely adorable from all points of view! Apart from the fact that they look cute and your children will definitely come to love them, they are also super easy to make and they are relatively cost-effective as well: the chances are that you already have all the ingredients you need for the Sparkling Surprise Carrot Cupcakes in your kitchen, so you do not have to worry about buying any extra ones!

Recipe Source and Instructions – hwtm

13. Cadbury Mini Eggs Layer Easter Cake Recipe

Cadbury Mini Eggs Layer Cake

This Easter dessert project is reserved for those who love to bake and who are not afraid of spending several hours in the kitchen, trying to make everything look and taste flawlessly! The Cadbury mini eggs layer cake is great if you have any special guests for dinner and you want to make a good first impression. On the other hand, you can always try this recipe if you just feel like pampering yourself or your husband with a delicious treat this Easter!

Recipe Source and Instructions – thegunnysack

14. 30 Minute Easter Basket Cake

30 Minute Easter Basket Cake

Basket cakes are notorious for being very time-consuming in general, but this 30-minute Easter basket cake comes with a twist! Effortless and very delicious at the same time, this basket cake is the best choice if you feel like giving your Easter desserts the best shot, without having to try too much. Half an hour is all it takes for you to come up with a truly delicious dessert.

Recipe Source and Instructions – somethingswanky

15. Rainbow Ring Easter Basket Cake

Rainbow Ring Easter Basket Cake

The Rainbow Ring Easter Basket Cake is somewhat similar to the basket cake mentioned above, the main difference is that it is very colorful – that, and the fact that it may take slightly longer to prepare! Nonetheless, this Easter dessert is the best choice if you want to show your love and appreciation for your family, neighbors, friends or acquaintances – you can give everybody a slice of it, in a different color!

Recipe Source and Instructions – bettycrocker

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