30+ Affordable Easter Cakes Every Super-Mom Should Try This Holiday!

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If you have a sweet tooth, then you certainly do not want to skip the dessert this Easter! One of the most common misconceptions surrounding Easter cakes is that they will take their toll on your silhouette, when the truth is that you can easily indulge yourself in a delicious cake, a brownie or a pie without having to worry about your waistline – everything comes down to eating moderately, in the end! With that in mind, here you will find an outstanding compilation of some of the easiest and most delicious finger-licking cakes to try this Easter:

16. The Poke Cake!

The Poke Cake

This is a truly unconventional Easter cake that is specifically designed for mommies who are not afraid to try something new for this year’s Holiday! We all know the classic Easter carrot cake, and truth be told it slowly starts to become old-fashioned, so why not replace it with a delicious Poke Cake instead? As crazy as this may sound, the Poke Cake is actually one of the cutest and sweetest desserts of its kind out there, just check out the recipe and see for yourself!

Recipe Source and Instructions – somethingswanky

17. DIY Chocolate Bunny Cake

DIY Chocolate Bunny Cake

If you want to stick to recipes you are familiar with and that you have tried in the past, then you can always give the DIY chocolate bunny cake a try! Simple and delicious, the DIY chocolate bunny cake will add a touch of sweetness to your Easter dinner – besides this, it can be prepared in a timely manner, therefore you do not need to worry about spending too much time in the kitchen. You can make it within less than one hour – just make sure you have all the right tools to make it resemble a bunny!

Recipe Source and Instructions – thecakeblog

18. Easter Chocolate Cake

Easter Chocolate Cake

Another great recipe that will help you come up with the ultimate chocolate cake for this Easter! As delicious as cakes may be, they do come with one downside: they can make your kitchen quite messy if you are not careful enough! Fortunately, this will never be the case with this Easter chocolate cake – everything will be kept in order, as it will only take you little over half an hour to bake the cake, and no previous preparations are required whatsoever!

Recipe Source and Instructions – frombraziltoyou

19. Easter Bunny Cake!

Easter Bunny Cake

The “Lapin De Paques”, or the classic Easter Bunny Cake as we all know it, is certainly a safe bet to try when it comes to Easter sweets. Your entire family will love the bunny-shaped cake, as it will cheer up and brighten up your holidays and your home. Besides this, you can proudly display it on a cake rack in your kitchen once it is completed, so that your guests will get to see what a genuinely talented baker you really are! Give it a try and impress them!

Recipe Source and Instructions – odelices

20. Learn How To Make The Best Easter Cake From Scratch

Learn How To Make The Best Easter Cake From Scratch

If this is the first time you are actually baking an Easter cake and you do not want to go wrong with it, then you are in the right place! Here is a very simple and lovely detailed recipe that will thoroughly take you through every single step, from preparing the necessary ingredients to laying down the baking sheets. Your Easter cake can make or break your entire Easter dinner, and if you do not want to take any chances when it comes to that, then you might want to check out this recipe!

Recipe Source and Instructions – craftsy

21. Recipe Lamb Cake

Recipe Lamb Cake

The entire concept of lamb cake may sound a bit odd, given the fact that there are other lamb-based delicacies that people normally prepare for Easter, but you will quickly get to love it once you get a deeper insight into the whole idea! The lamb cake is very easy to bake, it tastes great and the best thing about it is that it can stay fresh for days, provided that you preserve it properly in the fridge! Just cover it with a transparent fresh wrap before you put it in the fridge, and it will stay fresh, soft and tasty for up to four days.

Recipe Source and Instructions – handmadecharlotte

22. Buttercream Decorated Easter Cake

Buttercream Decorated Easter Cake

If you have been on a diet the entire year, then now is the right time to take a break and to treat yourself to the delicious buttercream decorated Easter cake! Although the buttercream is quite high in calories, it is certainly worth the compromise – in the end, Easter only happens once a year, and you deserve what’s best for you! Treat yourself and your family with this exquisite buttercream decorated Easter cake, and you will definitely not regret it.

Recipe Source and Instructions – hanielas

23. Crème Egg Cheesecake

Crème Egg Cheesecake

Different people have different tastes when it comes to sweets: some of them love vanilla, others are totally into chocolate while other people like nothing but caramel! However, there is one cake that certainly appeals to everybody, regardless of what their taste buds dictate – and that is the cheese egg cheesecake! Easy to make and absolutely delicious, the cheesecake will add flavor to your entire Easter celebration.

Recipe Source and Instructions – tamingtwins

24. Try A Coconut And Lemon Cake For This Easter!

Try A Coconut And Lemon Cake For This Easter

If you feel like trying something more exotic this Easter, then you should definitely put the lemon and coconut cake on the “to try” list. Easy to make, slightly sour and very sweet at the same time, the coconut and lemon cake will definitely guarantee your success this Easter. Besides this, the cake is very easy to prepare and you can even get your kids involved in the entire process, too!

Recipe Source and Instructions – pineappleandcoconut

25. Pineapple Carrot Cake

Pineapple Carrot Cake

Generally speaking, cakes taste best when you resort to just one flavor, be it a fruity flavor or vanilla or chocolate. However, this is where the Pineapple Carrot Cake stands out from the rest – there are no less than four different flavors involved in the recipe, and the result will definitely confuse your taste buds in the best way possible! Add a touch of cream and cheese frosting to the whole thing, and you got yourself the ultimate Easter cake, without too much effort.

Recipe Source and Instructions – justataste

26. Carrot Cakelets

Carrot Cakelets

The cakelets are smaller cakes – they look and taste like cakes as we all know them, but they are smaller, practical and more lightweight, which makes them perfect for those who are commuting to work and who want to have a sweet bite in the morning. That being said, you can easily bake these delicious and adorable looking carrot cakelets within minutes: just make sure you got the right size tray for that, and you are good to go.

Recipe Source and Instructions – makememycake

27. Make A Mini Easter Egg Cake!

Make A Mini Easter Egg Cake

The mini Easter egg cake is the perfect solution for single moms – in the end, the last thing you want or need is to bake a cake that is too much for you to handle, and to watch it go bad in the fridge! That would be a complete waste of effort, energy and ingredients. Fortunately, you can always resort to the mini Easter egg cake, which is smaller but equally delicious. Besides this, the mini cake is more time-effective as well, therefore it is the perfect choice for those who do not have too much time on their hands, but who know that no Easter would ever be complete without a delicious dessert.

Recipe Source and Instructions – hobbycraft

28. Easter Cake Surprise!

Easter Cake Surprise

Try to imagine just how cute it would be to embed a small rainbow inside the traditional Easter cake – your guests will certainly not see that coming! If you are tired of baking the same traditional Easter cake year after year and you want to add a twist to the classic recipe, then look no further than this small Surprise Easter Cake. Besides this, everybody loves to see a few colors matches altogether, therefore you can rest assured knowing that your success is almost guaranteed.

Recipe Source and Instructions – momlovesbaking

29. DIY Spring Chick Cake

DIY Spring Chick Cake

Spring is all around! Welcome it into your hearts, your homes (and most importantly – your kitchen!) with this super creative spring chick cake that you can try at home. We tend to stick to our own “comfort zone” when it comes to baking cakes, especially when we do it for a special occasion, mainly because we are afraid that we might go wrong if we try something new. However, the DIY spring chick cake is so simple and delicious that you cannot possibly mess it up. Check it out and see it for yourself!

Recipe Source and Instructions – thecakeblog

30. A Sweet Root!

A Sweet Root

This is a creative, tasty and beautiful cake that you can try this Easter – just look at how white and delicious it looks, and how carefully made the carrot roots are! If your little “rabbits” feel like eating a sweet dessert after the Easter dinner, then you can always spoil them with a nice slice of the Sweet Root cake. This is not only a popular and wholesome dessert, but it is also a very healthy addition to your Easter table, so make sure to put it on your list.

Recipe Source and Instructions – readcereal

31. Tie Dye Cake Recipe

Tie Dye Cake Recipe

What’s better than a slice of cake? A slice of cake with a surprise baked inside! Recipe Source and Instructions – handmadecharlotte

32. Hidden Treats Easter Cake

Hidden Treats Easter Cake

How about cutting through a delicious Easter cake that’s smothered in cream cheese frosting and studded with yummy gems on the outside only to discover a much more toothsome surprise hidden inside? The delectably classic vanilla cake layer is actually two sand cakes baked in porcelain shells that were hollowed out after the baking. The hollow section has been stuffed with an adorable chocolate easter bunny that has been well-accompanied by a heap of chocolate Easter eggs. Watch those faces budding with delight when the bunny hops right outside once you reveal the secret!

Recipe Details : zuckerzimtundliebe

33. Super Cute Easter Cake with Peeps

Flaunting looks worth stealing the whole show with those vibrant shades and incredibly breathtaking decor, this Easter Cake looks too good to savour. However, it’s equally tempting to eat as it’s pretty to look at. Lined with lots of colorful Easter bunny peeps on the sides, this one has got a thick layer of edible grass made out of green colored coconut shavings covering it on the top, finally being decorated with lots of M&Ms to add the final touches of cuteness to the treat. Lying inside are round cakes coated in a thick layer of cream cheese frosting!

Recipe Details : youtube

34. Bunny Butt Cupcakes

Bunny Butt Cupcakes

The moment these individual treats grab your eyeballs, you will surely find yourself in splits looking at those cute little, super delicious bunny butts that seem to be ready to jump into the yummy, oh so moist vanilla cupcakes sitting at the bottom. These cupcakes are not only apt and appropriate for Easter, but are also truly easy to whip up, having the bunny butts being made out of lots of fondant, white sugar, water and food coloring; while the grass is nothing but ultra-creamy icing prepared with heavy cream, vanilla extract, sugar and butter!

Recipe Details : preppykitchen

35. Mini Easter Egg Cakes

Mini Easter Egg Cakes

Looking exactly like a bunch of Easter eggs charmed up with a sparkling coat of glitter in zig-zags, these mini cakes are a bite-sized sheer pleasure ! Having a store-bought pound cake as the base, each of them has got its very own personalized appeal with fondant, vanilla icing and those chevrons on top sporting pastel shades of blue, yellow, green, pink and golden. You will also need Vodka or clear extract, an egg cookie cutter, a chevron cake stencil, some lustre dust, a few light pink, a few paintbrushes, and a few cupcake liners.

Recipe Details : thecakeblog

36. Chocolate Easter Egg Nest Cake

Chocolate Easter Egg Nest Cake

Casting a magical spell on your taste buds, this one is a complete work of art, yet being surprisingly easy to put together for the amazing appearance it flaunts. Two extra-moist layers of luxurious chocolate yoghurt cake with a dash of coffee going into the making have got a thick layer of chocolate and hazelnut meringue, thick cream and sugar resting in the middle. It takes the flavor and the texture of the sponge delight to all new levels of deliciousness. The luscious chocolate ganache on top and the egg nest made with chocolate covered vermicelli noodles are the star elements!

Recipe Details : chewtown

+1 Zombie Easter Bunny Cake

Zombie Easter Bunny Cake

This is definitely not your average Easter cake, and you can easily tell that by the name – in the end, you do not get to bake too many Zombie Easter bunny cakes! However, it is the perfect choice if you aim for a spooky but delicious Easter dinner. Besides, you can easily use the Zombie Easter bunny cake to “bribe” your children and to convince them to eat all their vegetables first – they will only get a slice of this awesome cake if they do so!

Recipe Source and Instructions – tablespoon


To sum it all up, these are 30+ of the most exquisite, original, innovative and unconventional cake recipes and ideas that you can try this Easter. This Holy holiday takes place yearly, therefore you can make an exception and pamper yourself with a wholesome, tasty, calorie-rich dessert once a year. Regardless of which one of the recipes detailed above appeals to you the most, one thing is for sure: you will have to invest a lot of love, care, creativity and passion when baking the Easter cakes.

In the end, that is the secret ingredient that makes a truly delicious cake stand out from an average cake – and your family will definitely appreciate all the effort, time and energy you put in making the perfect dessert. Read about more easter posts!

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