40+ Easter Recipes That Will Instantly Turn Every Mom Into A Master Chef!

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Easter is only two weeks ahead, and you certainly do not want to make any compromise in terms of food, drinks and desserts! A very common misconception that many people have when it comes to food is that healthy, low-fat and low-calorie food does not taste as good as the classic food as we all know them, when the truth is that it can taste even better! If you love good food and you take pride in being a true gourmand, then here you will find no less than 40 healthy and delicious Easter recipes that everybody can try, regardless of their cooking skills!

40+ Easter Recipes That Will Instantly Turn Every Mom Into A Master Chef

1. Seven Layer Salad Recipe

Seven Layer Salad Recipe

We can all make a basic salad – in the end, mixing some veggies and adding some dressing on top is not rocket science. However, this seven layer salad recipe will radically change the way you see this dish – for the better! Here is a lovely tutorial that will help you put your cooking skills to a test – see if you pass it!

Recipe Instructions and Credit – recipedose

2. Italian Easter Bread Recipe

Italian Easter Bread Recipe

There are hundreds of different bread recipes that you can easily find on the Internet, but perhaps none of them is as good (and as suitable for the Holy Easter holiday) as this Italian Easter bread recipe! Preparing the dough and baking the meat loaf should not take you more than one hour and a bit, therefore this recipe is certainly worth the time and effort: check it out!

Recipe Instructions and Credit – roxanashomebaking

3. Caramel Egg Stuffed Easter Croissants

Caramel Egg Stuffed Easter Croissants

If you love a good, puffy croissant to go with your morning coffee, then you should definitely put the caramel and egg stuffed Easter croissants on your “To Try This Easter” list. They are super easy to make and they can maintain their freshness for a few days, provided that you store them in a tightly sealed container. Just check out this recipe and you will not regret it!

Recipe Instructions and Credit – tamingtwins

4. Empty Tomb Rolls

Empty Tomb Rolls

These empty tomb rolls are super playful and delicious at the same time! Are you tired of preparing the same basic dishes that your family is more than accustomed to, and you would like to try an exquisite dish that simply stands out from the rest? Then the empty tomb rolls are the perfect choice for the Easter dinner – this tutorial will certainly certify to that!

Recipe Instructions and Credit – aroundmyfamilytable

5. Deviled Easter Egg Chicks

Deviled Easter Egg Chicks

Everybody must have at least one chick-themed or egg-themed dish on their table this Easter – it is like an unwritten rule of the Universe, the Easter holidays would simply not be complete without them! Check out these deviled Easter egg chicks and you will instantly fall in love with them.

Recipe Instructions and Credit – makelifespecial

6. Cream And Cheese Carrot Cake!

Cream And Cheese Carrot Cake

This is one of the healthiest and easiest recipes that you can try this Easter – besides being one of the tastiest dishes, it is also one of the healthiest ones you can opt for, as the health benefits of the cream and cheese cannot be overstated. Check out this very detailed recipe and see for yourself!

Recipe Instructions and Credit – tastesoflizzyt

7. Mashed Potato Casserole!

Mashed Potato Casserole

The classic casseroles have saved our holidays more than once – and nobody is to blame for that, as we live in modern times where we barely have time to split ourselves between work, household chores and cooking! Check out this super easy recipe for making the ultimate loaded mashed potato casserole.

Recipe Instructions and Credit – mostlyhomemademom

8. Purple Easter M&Ms!

Purple Easter M&Ms

Children are madly in love with M&Ms, and that is already common knowledge! If you want to take your little prince or princess by surprise with something different this Easter, then you should definitely try the purple Easter M&Ms, as detailed in this recipe.

Recipe Instructions and Credit – coupon-wizards

9. Slow Cooker Creamed Corn Easter Recipe

Slow Cooker Creamed Corn

The creamed corn is certainly not suitable as a main dish, but it can easily double as a very filling and delicious side dish! Check out this slow cooker creamed corn recipe and you will definitely be tempted to cook it again, even after Easter has passed!

Recipe Instructions and Credit – damndelicious

10. Fruit Pizza for Easter

Fruit Pizza

Pizza is notorious for being very high in fats and calories, thus being widely regarded as unhealthy – however, what about a fruit pizza? Fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals, and the fruit pizza can be one of the tastiest desserts you can try this Easter. Just have a closer look at the recipe and see whether it meets your needs!

Recipe Instructions and Credit – sugarhero

11. Fruity Easter Egg Smoothie

Fruity Easter Egg Smoothie

Are you looking for an alternative to the classic fizzy drinks, one that perhaps is healthier and safer for your children? If so, then you should definitely put this fruity Easter egg smoothie recipe on your Easter menu this year. You can prepare it within minutes, it is highly nutritious and rich in proteins as well, given the eggs present in the recipe.

Recipe Instructions and Credit – amyshealthybaking

12. Pudding Cups

Pudding Cups

We have all enjoyed pudding cups as children, so why not “pay it forward” to your children and see whether they fancy the good old peeps pudding cups as well? Even if you have never tried a similar recipe before, you can give this one a try – it is super easy and the final results are certainly worth it!

Recipe Instructions and Credit – raininghotcoupons

13. Learn How To Boil The Perfect Eggs!

Learn How To Boil The Perfect Eggs

How many times have you tried to boil eggs, only to realize that they are simply so soft that you cannot even remove the egg shells? This is a common problem nowadays, but fortunately, the secret to boiling perfect eggs is now right at your fingertips – literally! Here is a lovely tutorial that will give you a deeper insight into one of the most valuable “cooking hacks” that you can use, whenever you do not feel like taking any chances with boiled eggs!

Recipe Instructions and Credit – recipelion

14. Bacon And Egg Cheese Wreath

Bacon And Egg Cheese Wreath

This is not the healthiest or least fattening Easter recipe, but then again – Easter day is cheat day for everybody, regardless of whether you go to the gym or if you are on a strict diet! This is an absolutely delicious and easy to prepare dish that features three of the world’s most delicious ingredients: bacon, eggs and cheese!

Recipe Instructions and Credit – cakescottage

15. Stained Glass Easter Jello Eggs

Stained Glass Easter Jello Eggs

These Easter jello eggs are very different from the traditional Easter eggs as we all know them, and if you want to get out of your “cooking comfort zones”, then starting with the stained glass Easter jello eggs is certainly a great idea. Just check out this amazing and super original recipe and your spouse and children will definitely love it as well.

Recipe Instructions and Credit – glutenista

16. Smorgastarta Easter Recipe


The Smorgastarta is a Swedish specialty, it is basically a Swedish sandwich that resembles a big and delicious cake – the difference is that instead of being sweet, it actually includes eggs, tomatoes and plenty of other delicious veggies that are perfect for those who want to live a healthy lifestyle. If you are committed to preparing an all-round, healthy yet still delicious and filling Easter dinner, then you should certainly give the Smorgastarta a try! Who knows, maybe you will end up with a new favorite Easter dish!

Recipe Instructions and Credit – paninihappy

17. Chickie Eggs!

Chickie Eggs

The chickie eggs are super crafty, lively, beautifully colored and ultimately – childish! If you are the type who loves to play with food and to try all sorts of outstanding and creative dishes, then the Chickie Chicks are definitely a great choice. Besides, you can try the recipe with your kids – they will definitely love to decorate the chickie chicks, so you should certainly let their creativity roam freely!

Recipe Instructions and Credit – justjennrecipes

18. Easy Easter Carrot Rice Krispies

Easy Easter Carrot Rice Krispies

Generally speaking, the rice krispies take a lot of time and effort to make – and for a good reason, given the mix of ingredients that is present in the recipe! However, if you love the taste of the rice krispies but you still do not want to spend too much time around the oven, then here is the perfect recipe for you – this is an easy and effortless Easter carrot rice krispies recipe that features only three simple ingredients!

Recipe Instructions and Credit – frugalcouponliving

19. Bunny Tails Popcorn Mix

Bunny Tails Popcorn Mix

This is yet another great side dish idea for Easter that you can try whenever you want to “bribe” your children and to convince them to eat all their veggies! The appealing aspect of the bunny tails and popcorn mix will definitely make them want to clean the plate, only to get to the best part of the entire Easter dinner – the popcorn mix! This is a lovely and adorable recipe that is perfect for the entire family, as the adults will certainly love it as well, not just the children!

Recipe Instructions and Credit – framedfrosting

20. Carrot Cake Roll

Carrot Cake Roll

Cake rolls are great for those who want to eat everything for Easter, but who still watch their diet to a certain extent – this is one of the easiest ways to track your daily calorie intake! Try the carrot cake roll this Easter and see just how much value it will add to your Easter dinner (or, better said, to the dessert!)

Recipe Instructions and Credit – crazyforcrust

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