45 Best Nonalcoholic Summer Drinks To Keep Things Refreshing and Kid Friendly

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It surely doesn’t make it a must to have some alcohol on the table if you want to celebrate the summer season, or simply have a great get together over a glassful of a fresh, delicious, chilly drink to beat the heat. In fact, you can always ditch alcohol and prepare some of the most tasty, easy and fun drinks for the whole family using a handful of magical ingredients. Here are 45 Summer Drinks – Nonalcoholic for those who want to keep things subtle and kid friendly.

40 Best Nonalcoholic Summer Drinks

1. Watermelon Breeze

Watermelon Breeze

Blend in the magic of fruity refreshment to your summer afternoons with the delicious flavours of Watermelon Breeze, which is a super light and healthy concoction. All you need is lots of cubed chilled watermelon, some coconut water, a squeeze of fresh lime, a sprig of mint, and some extra ice if you want to go for an added touch of chilliness.

Recipe Details : flavorite

2. Melon Ball Punch

Melon Ball Punch

Juicy melon balls come together with tart lime slices and fresh mint leaves forming this punch that’s another name for bottled up summer. Other ingredients include sparkling white grape juice, lemon lime flavored soda, lemonade, a watermelon, a cantaloupe, and a honeydew melon. You would love how amazingly well the flavors blend in together in such a beautiful appearance.

Recipe Details : divascancook

3. 12 Unique Lemonade Recipes

12 Unique Lemonade Recipes

Topping the list of all-time favorite summer drinks, lemonade can beat the heat like no other! And, it would be even more wonderful when the classic drink is transformed into a few other versions coupling it with some of the most refreshing ingredients. From adding a touch of strawberries to integrating pineapples, this quick picture takes you through 12 different lemonade recipes.

Recipe Details : potterybarn

4. Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple

Getting serve ready in no more than 5 minutes, Shirley Temple is an awesome combination of sweet and tangy – perfect for the zing lovers. Gather some Sprite, a little orange juice, some grenadine syrup, a few ice cubes to pull off the drink that looks irresistibly vibrant with shades of orange and a cute little cherry sitting on top.

Recipe Details : thefrugalgirls

5. Easy Peach Tea Recipe

Easy Peach Tea Recipe

How about combining the ever-successful beverage, tea with some fruity goodness to make it a unique, sweet and juicy preparation that brightens up just about any hot evening. This one blends in tea with homemade peach syrup, and what you need to collect is some sugar, water, sliced fresh peaches, and some tea bags to get started.

Recipe Details : passionforsavings

6. Sparkling Raspberry Lemonade

Sparkling Raspberry Lemonade

A huge glass of icy Sparkling Raspberry Lemonade will leave you craving for more – thanks to the amazing balance of tart with sweet, specially the fact that it goes for fresh raspberries to get things stirred up. You also need chilled fresh lemon juice, water, granulated sugar, honey, sparkling water, and some fresh mint and ice for serving.

Recipe Details : cookingclassy

7. Homemade Honey Lemonade with Fresh Mint

Homemade Honey Lemonade with Fresh Mint

Instead of going for some lemons alone combined with that water-y sugar something, this one stands out as a luscious and healthy mixture due to the addition of honey into the drink in place of regular corn syrups. It’s just so quick and easy to put together, refreshing you inside out with that lovely cooling mint and fresh lemon juice.

Recipe Details : skinnyms

8. Copycat Chick-Fil-A Frosted Lemonade

Copycat Chick-Fil-A Frosted Lemonade

Who would imagine that a super delicious lemonade can also come disguised as a thick and creamy milkshake, taking the experience to a dreamy level altogether. Copycat Chick-Fil-A Frosted Lemonade is nothing but yummy vanilla ice cream that sports a touch of lemon, brought by some fresh lemon juice, sugar, and water that go into the blending of this summer drink.

Recipe Details : lifeloveliz

9. Strawberry Lime Slush

Strawberry Lime Slush

Fresh strawberries and frozen lime concentrate offer this concoction the right amount of sweetness as well as tang, working amazingly well for a quick cool down session during a summer day. Lots of ice makes it so beautifully thick and slushy that we bet it would be impossible to wait to savor a glassful of this chilled drink the moment you take a look at it.

Recipe Details : gatherforbread

10. Starbucks Copycat Valencia Orange Refresher

Starbucks Copycat Valencia Orange Refresher

The union of orange and lemon sported by this Starbucks Copycat Valencia Orange Refresher will leave your taste buds delighted, while saving a huge deal of bucks spent on those expensive Starbucks drinks. And of course, it’s full of freshness, tang and sweet. It only takes three ingredients, including some orange Juice, lemon iced tea, and sugar.

Recipe Details : raininghotcoupons

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