The Dessert Your Taste Buds Will Become Addicted To – Fried Honey Bananas

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Bananas are an outstanding source of potassium, which is great for those who suffer from high blood pressure. However, besides the numerous health benefits of bananas, these fruits are also super delicious and they have become a stable ingredient for cakes, pies and even cupcakes. There is one dessert that will radically change the way you look at bananas, however – and that is the fried honey banana dessert! Here is a step by step tutorial that will help you take your husband and children by surprise this weekend, with a delicious treat they have never tried before:

Fried Honey Bananas

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Step 1: Gather The Ingredients

Fried-Honey-Bananas ingredients

For the fried honey bananas, you will need:

  • One or two under-ripened sliced bananas
  • Pinch of cinnamon
  • One tablespoon of honey
  • Olive oil or coconut oil

Step 2: Prepare The Banana Slices

Prepare The Banana Slices

After you have drizzled the oil in the pan or skillet, make sure to lightly cook the banana slices for one or two minutes, until they become slightly crispy. Do not overcook them, though!

Step 3: Create The Honey Coating!

Create The Honey Coating

After the slices have gotten a light brown color, remove the skillet from the oven. The third step is mixing the honey with a few drops of fresh water, and then pouring the mixture in the skillet, all over the banana slices – let everything cool down for a minute and then sprinkle the cinnamon over the slices.

Fried Honey Bananas Fried Honey Bananas Fried Honey Bananas

That’s it! This is how you can make your own, delicious fried honey bananas in less than five minutes, with basic ingredients you can find in your pantry. Not only is this a fast an effortless dessert that everybody can try, but it is also relatively low in calories – besides, the honey also adds a healthy touch to the entire dessert, thanks to its high nutritional value.

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