High Heel Cupcakes – Your Classic Cupcakes With A Fancy Twist!

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Cupcakes come in all shapes, sizes and colors – from brownies to pink or rainbow cupcakes, there is something for everybody! However, if you are tired of baking the same old cupcakes ever and ever again, then you should definitely put the high heel cupcakes on your “to try” list! Here are some ideas that will certainly come in handy for you:

High Heel Cupcakes - Your Classic Cupcakes With A Fancy Twist!

1. Easy Cupcake Tutorial

If you have decided to give the high heel-style cupcakes a try and you want to treat yourself to a delicious dessert, then you should definitely watch this tutorial. Comprehensive and very detailed, the tutorial will show you how to prepare the cupcake dough and how to give them that special “twist” that sets them apart from the conventional cupcakes, as we know them!

Recipe and Directions: Sweet Art By Elizabeth /youtube/

2. Heel Cupcakes In Different Designs!

Heel Cupcakes In Different Designs

We are all more than familiar with high heels, thankfully, and although all shoes serve virtually the same purpose, some of them are simply cuter than others – and the same principle actually applies to cupcakes as well. Here is a tutorial that will show you how you can easily make heel-style cupcakes in different designs – you do not need to be an artist to tweak these adorable little desserts!

Recipe and Directions: howdoesshe

3. Adorable Stiletto Cupcakes

Adorable Stiletto Cupcakes

Pink, black, white, beige… these stiletto cupcakes not only look great, but they taste absolutely delicious as well – you do not need to take our word for it, though, you can try them and see for yourself! This is a very useful tutorial for those who are on a tight schedule, but who still want to enjoy a fancy homemade dessert. If you have a keen eye for detail and you always pay extra attention when preparing your dessert, just to make sure that everything goes according to plan, then these lovely stiletto cupcakes are undoubtedly a great addition to your dinner.

Recipe and Directions: tablespoon

4. Rose-Shaped Stiletto Cupcakes!

Rose-Shaped Stiletto Cupcakes

One of the many benefits of the stiletto cupcakes is that you can let your imagination roam freely, and you can easily decorate them just the way you want. You can add sprinkles to them, edible pearls, edible lace and any other tasty decoration that crosses your mind. Here you will find three exquisite designs for your stiletto cupcakes: you can either choose to stay classy and to go for the rose design, or you can opt for the fluffy flip flop stiletto cupcakes that taste very good as well. Regardless of your choice, make sure that you have all the necessary ingredients before you start baking!

Recipe and Directions: vickibensinger

5. Red Stiletto Cupcakes With A Lovely Ribbon Decoration!

Red Stiletto Cupcakes With A Lovely Ribbon Decoration

Red stiletto cupcakes are undoubtedly the fanciest and most stylish design you can possibly opt for – they look great and sparkly, and the heel is actually made from an edible stick as well. Besides, the front ribbon is actually the “salt and pepper” of these red stiletto cupcakes. If you are the fashion-forward type of lady and you love to let that show through your desserts, then look no further than these stiletto cupcakes!

Via: hellocupcakebook

6. Glazed Stiletto Cupcakes

Glazed Stiletto Cupcakes

When it comes to stiletto cupcakes, there are basically two different types of cupcakes you can opt for: the matte ones, and the glossy ones. Here you will find several different models of glossy and glazed stiletto cupcakes that will add style, chicness, class and taste to your lunch or dinner. Each color has a different taste, and truth be told, they are all worth trying for they are finger-licking! Check out this tutorial and see how easy it is to make your own glazed stiletto cupcakes at home.

Recipe and Directions: aol

7. Cute Pink And Black Stiletto Cupcakes

Cute Pink And Black Stiletto Cupcakes

If the stiletto cupcake models described above are too fancy or too complex for your taste (or if they require too much time, for that matter), then you should definitely consider these two models of stiletto cupcakes – the black and the pink one. These are the most basic model you can find, and they are very time-effective as well. However, just because they are fast and easy to make, this does not mean that you need to make any compromise in terms of taste – and this tutorial will definitely convince you of that!

Recipe and Directions: allthecooks

8. Princess Stiletto Cupcakes!

Princess Stiletto Cupcakes

These pink stiletto cupcakes are worthy of a queen or a princess, and you can easily tell that by only looking at them! Bright pink, sparkly and very easy to make at the same time, these princess stiletto cupcakes will show you just how easy it is to put some biscuits and some dessert sticks together and make yourself a lovely princess stiletto cupcake. No matter if you want to prepare an exquisite dessert for a fancy event or if you just like to spoil yourself with a small treat every now and then, you will never go wrong with the princess stiletto cupcakes, and that is for sure!

Recipe and Directions: mommymoment

9. Pretty Shoes That You Can Eat!

Pretty Shoes That You Can Eat

Marilyn Monroe said “Give a woman the right shoes, and she will conquer the world!”. Although this saying applies to high heels as we all know them, it surely applies to stiletto cupcakes as well – and this DIY project will give you a deeper insight into a wide array of different stiletto shapes and designs that you can easily try in your own kitchen. You will now have two different sets of shoes – the ones you store in your closet and the ones you store in your kitchen fridge!

Recipe and Directions: becr8iv.blogspot

10. Fancy Stiletto Cupcakes!

Fancy Stiletto Cupcakes

At first, you might be tempted to think that you are actually looking at a shoe store display, but the truth is that all these cute, sparkly stilettos are entirely edible – from head to toe! No matter if you like the peep toe-type of shoes or you would rather opt for the pumps or even the comfortable flip flops, these cupcakes will brighten up your day and make your lunch or dinner taste better than ever before. The stiletto cupcakes are the only ones you can buy without feeling guilty for spending too much money on them!

Recipe and Directions: purplechocolathome

11. Classic Stiletto Cupcakes

Classic Stiletto Cupcakes

This is another basic and hassle-free recipe that you can try at home, if you aim for the ultimate stiletto cupcakes. If you plan on having guests over, or if you want to throw a party or a special event, then you will certainly take everybody by surprise with these adorable classic stiletto cupcakes. They may look a bit sloppy compared to the other designs described above, but they are certainly worth the effort and they taste equally good!

Recipe and Directions: mix925abilene

12. Cute Pink Fondant Stiletto Cupcakes

Cute Pink Fondant Stiletto Cupcakes

Lastly, here you will find a tray full of good looking, pink fondant stiletto cupcakes. The possibilities are endless when it comes to designing and decorating your ideal stiletto cupcakes – you can either add edible marbles or pearls to them, or you can add a special coating of fondant to make them look as if they are fluffy. Besides this, never underestimate the power of adding some pink candy or sparkles on top of your stiletto cupcakes – they will bring everything to life in an instant!

Recipe and Directions: whatagreatideus

Stiletto cupcakes will always be fashionable, both literally and figuratively – for as long as women will want to wear stilettos, there will be a “culinary version” of those designs as well. While the classic stilettos compliment your body and give you a self confidence boost, the edible stilettos are designed to soothe your heart and your soul – and to pamper your taste buds with an avalanche of different tastes and flavors at the same time.

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