35 Homemade Lemonade Recipes for Summer 2017 Introducing Freshness to Sunny Afternoons

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Those sunny afternoons and lovely adventures associated with summers surely call for a dose of refreshment to reboot your energy levels. And what can be better than a glassful of homemade lemonade to cherish that hint of rejuvenation, that too blended with a delicious flavor and the perfect amount of tangy sweetness? To help you prepare your own versions of fruity, vibrant-hued, healthy concoctions, here are 35 Wonderful Lemonade Recipes for Summer 2017 introducing lovely tweaks to the traditional drink.

31. Nectarine Lemonade

Nectarine Lemonade

A more than perfect summer thirst quencher towards a sour side, this drink combines water, maple syrup, some lemons and of course, a few nectarines.

Recipe Details : mayihavethatrecipe

32. Honey Strawberry Lemonade

Honey Strawberry Lemonade

Coming with a totally natural touch of sweetness, this lemonade is sweet, tart and tangy all in one preparation. It calls only for some lemon juice and honey strawberry simple syrup!

Recipe Details : showmetheyummy

33. Jolly Rancher Lemonade

Jolly Rancher Lemonade

Jolly Rancher candies microwaves with lemonade come into play for making the drink enchantingly sweet. Add more of the lemonade for serving.

Recipe Details : kroger.inspiredgathering

34. Louisiana Lemonade

Louisiana Lemonade

Here’s a copycat version of Disneyland’s super yummy Louisiana Lemonade bringing home the magic of the place. It’s classic lemonade with sprite, mango, and raspberry syrup.

Recipe Details : sixsistersstuff

35. Cherry Lemonade

Cherry Lemonade

Put those leftover cherries to wonderful use by blending them together with a few fresh lemons squeezed to juice, finally adding water and cherry sauce.

Recipe Details : the36thavenue

When you have got a whole world of possibilities to transform a classic lemonade into some of the most amazing flavors, whether fruity, creamy or fizzy, isn’t it a great idea to whip up one or more of the above lemonade recipes for summer 2017 and brighten up the days?

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Homemade Lemonade Recipes

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