If Your Kids Love LEGO, You Gotta Try Out This Epic Recipe Idea!

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LEGOs are great - as long as you do not forget them on the floor and accidentally step on them, for that can be super painful! We all used to have our own LEGOs to build different things as children, but as we grew up, we started to become more... practical. This is how we invented the LEGO gummy candy! Here is how you can make your own, at home:

How To Make LEGO Gummy Candy

Gather Ingredients:

The first thing you need to do is to get all the ingredients – for these custom LEGO candies, you will need:

Combine the corn syrup with some cold water, then add two packages of unflavored gelatin to your watery mixture, followed by the entire package of Jell-O. Make sure to carefully mix everything together and then set your stove to medium heat, while still stirring continuously – this is when all the magic happens and the watery mix gets the same consistency as a syrup. Check out the video tutorial below:


How To Make LEGO Gummy Candy! – Video Tutorial

(Video and Pictures via Grant Thompson – “The King of Random”)


“This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Have fun, but always think ahead, and remember that every project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK.”

The next step is to grab some ice cube LEGO-shaped trays and then simply pour the mixture in the trays: you can use one of those condiment containers, for more accuracy. Let the LEGO gummy bears cool down for a few hours, then try out different molds and trays and repeat the process over and over again!

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