24 Incredible Valentine’s Day Breakfast Ideas Introducing Some Romance To Your Morning

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Romantic dates, surprise gifts and spending some quality time with your special one is surely going to make your Valentine’s Day an occasion to remember – but serving them with the most amazing breakfast charmed with little elements of love and a few heart-shaped treats can give a gorgeous start to the day. Here are 24 Incredible Valentine’s day breakfast ideas to introduce some romance to your morning!

13. Glazed Strawberry Muffins

Glazed Strawberry Muffins

The author finds these absolutely beautiful and outstandingly sweet muffins a hint of spring, and that strawberry glaze on top backs the statement just perfect. Almond milk comes into play to offer these muffins their gorgeous texture and lovely fluff, keeping them appetizing and super light at the same time.

Recipe Details : tasteloveandnourish

14. DIY Pink and Red Cheerios

DIY Pink and Red Cheerios

A hint of color accompanying even the most regular of breakfasts can make everything much more delightful and delicious! Let these stunning cheerios coated in shades of pink and red for the Valentine’s brighten up your meal this year. The credit goes to Wilton Color Mist in Pink and Red that’s tasteless yet gorgeous.

Recipe Details : theproperblog

15. Roasted Heart Potatoes

Roasted Heart Potatoes

Who doesn’t love roasted potatoes? And won’t they be even more tempting and toothsome when they flaunt a little heart for the shape? All you need is some large potatoes, olive oil, kosher salt, freshly ground pepper caraway seeds, and a little paprika to get it all done. Speed up the preparation by combining roasting with par-cooking.

Recipe Details : hanielas

16. French Toast With Strawberry Butter

French Toast With Strawberry Butter

That Italian base for the toast when combined with loads of flavored butter is not only drool-worthy, but also the most appropriate way to express your love for them this Valentine’s day. The toast with a coat of powdered sugar is topped with a strawberry butter charmed with softened powdered sugar and some strawberry preserves.

Recipe Details : landolakes

17. Strawberry Cheesecake Waffle Recipe

Strawberry Cheesecake Waffle Recipe

Every single bite into this crispy, crunchy, creamy and flavorful waffle is going to take you to the world of sheer delight. While the strawberries add the perfect amount of sugar, lemon juice is all credits for the hint of tartness. And for the creaminess, this one has got loads of cream cheese adorning the ingredients at their best.

Recipe Details : livelikeyouarerich

18. Watermelon Heart Fruit Salad

Watermelon Heart Fruit Salad

Perhaps, the easiest thing to serve for breakfast is a lovely and super fresh fruit salad that’s not only healthy, but also yummy. Here’s a Valentine-suited take on fruit salad that transforms those little slices of watermelon and strawberries into adorable heart-shaped cut outs using a mini cookie cutter.

Recipe Details : adesignerlife

19. Cupid Fairy Bread

Cupid Fairy Bread

The name in itself is enough to make one curious as to what’s going to be in store for breakfast – after all don’t cupids and fairies coming together seem to be a thing of dreams? Let the dreams come true with this Cupid Fairy Bread that sports a base of white bread smeared with homemade honey butter, topped with colorful sprinkles!

Recipe Details : thissillygirlslife

20. DIY Sausage Heart

DIY Sausage Heart

Finger-foods are those ever-successful treats that simply don’t call for an hour of the day to delight you, just like these DIY Sausage Hearts that will make 14th of February a lot more romantic with their shape and of course, flavor. And all it takes is a simple cutting clever assembling of a regular sausage.

Recipe Details : fabdiy

21. A Heart-y Valentine’s Day Breakfast in Bed

A Heart-y Valentine’s Day Breakfast in Bed

Not just one single breakfast item, this amazing guide takes you through preparing the complete morning meal in an oh so Heart-y manner! Everything, ranging from the cut-fruits and berries, a healthy pink smoothie, a Heart-Shaped Egg Toast, a cute love note, and a special treat-box are immersed in the magic of love.

Recipe Details : thedatingdivas

22. Mozzarella Cheese Filled Hearts with Roasted Red Pepper Pesto

Mozzarella Cheese Filled Hearts with Roasted Red Pepper Pesto

Let them cherish those cheese-stuffed bites that have been disguised as the ever-romantic heart shapes, perfect to make this Valentine’s a lot more crave-worthy. Once you are done preparating the delights using a cookie cutter, serve them with a homemade red pepper pesto and voila!

Recipe Details : hungryhappenings

23. Pink Hot Chocolate

Pink Hot Chocolate

How can hot chocolate be pink ever? Of course it can be when it has been struck by love! Calling for some evaporated milk, some white chocolate chips and some whole milk, here’s some Pink Hot Chocolate that’s simply unbeatable in terms of the taste as well as its appearance, adorned with lots of whipped cream and pink sprinkles.

Recipe Details : simplykierste

24. Oh Crepe!

Oh Crepe!

Create the most miraculously light, airy and lip-smacking crepes for your special one with this incredible recipe that has got cream, fruits, crepes and loads of love – all packed in one single breakfast preparation. The strawberries on top make everything all the way more beautiful and juicy!

Recipe Details : littleyellowbarn

When it’s this effortless to put together a super special meal for the love of your life, why not go for bringing one or more of the aforesaid Valentine’s day breakfast ideas to life! Specially, if it’s just a matter of few minutes to get it all done, the 14th of February is surely worth beginning the day with a touch of love and flavour blended together!

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