Perfect Valentine’s Day Food – Heart Shaped Pizza

Nicole and Bianca CuteDIYprojects Blogger

Are you wondering what meal will make this valentine’s more special? Well, don’t look any further. A heart-shaped pizza is what will give your valentines day that extra spark and it will definitely spice up the mood. It is also very simple to make. Just follow the following instructions and you are good to go.

First of all you should order your partner’s favorite pizza. Remove it from the box and pick the topping from the sides and place it in the center. Next, cut a heart shape out of the pizza. Spread out the stopping well to make the pizza look fantastic. You can now place the pizza in the oven and bake according to the instructions given. Once it is ready you can now remove it from the oven and serve it.

You can now set the table and serve your heart-shaped pizza with a little wine or salad on the side. That was simple, right? Spread the love this valentine-is with this heart-shaped pizza. You will not regret it.

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