25 Adorable Recipes to Whip up The Most Delicious Thanksgiving Food for Kids!

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With a whole lot of fall ingredients coming into play, Thanksgiving brings in so many mouth-watering snack options to make for the kids and bring some joyful smiles on their faces. After all, isn’t a ball of rice krispies shaped exactly like a turkey simply adorable? And, pancakes getting a fruity touch to themselves to appear just like the bird. Or cookies and cream coming together to form the most amazing-looking treats to celebrate the harvest. Here are 25 Adorable Recipes to Whip up The Most Delicious Thanksgiving Food for Kids!

Adorable Recipes to Whip up The Most Delicious Thanksgiving Food for Kids

1. Turkey Breakfast : Gobble Up Some Waffles

Turkey Breakfast : Gobble Up Some Waffles

Looking as adorable as a real turkey, this true-to-life thing is nothing but a delectable dessert that can be the most amazing breakfast for Thanksgiving. Undoubtedly, the show stealer of the preparation is those slices of lots of different fruits that resemble uber-gorgeous wings of a bird. The handful of ingredients you need include homestyle waffle, some eggo mini waffles, a large slice of cantaloupe, a few large strawberries, some pineapple slices, and edible eyes. The key is to toast the waffles and assemble them on a plate, wherein the mini waffle works for the head of the bird and the larger one goes for the body. Even those winsome turkey wings are pieces of mini waffles cut with a pair of kitchen scissors. Edible eyes look oh so cute, while a few cut outs of cantaloupe going for the beak and feet are a few other details.

Recipe Details : kitchenfunwithmy3sons

2. Thanksgiving Chocolate Pilgrim Hats

Bite-sized blends of cookies and peanut butter cups, as adorable to look at as these Chocolate Pilgrim Hats are surely going to delight the kiddos to the core. Plus, they go just perfect with the spirit of Thanksgiving, while being super easy for the kids to put the treats together all by themselves. Simply stuff them up in a jar and present to the guests as delectable party favors. The base is a cookie decorated with bright yellow frosting, topping it further with a yummy peanut butter cup and some more colorful Reese’s. This quick video tutorial by Southern Living showcases the handful of steps you need to follow to get it done. What’s great about these is that you can make a whole lot of edible pilgrim hats in advance and serve them to the guests at the get together, without worrying about preparing a good dessert in the last minute.

Recipe Details : southernliving

3. Teepee Dirt Cups

Teepee Dirt Cups

Not just any other festive dessert – these teepee dirt cups actually have got a dose of Thanksgiving history to teach to your kiddos, well-combined with some of the most amazing flavours that come with crunch, cream and nuttiness all thrown into one individual treat. The teepees are little reason to learn about the Native American culture and their shelters, and talking about how some of the tribes used teepees when the idea of Thanksgiving began. A special hidden element of the cups is Swedish fish that has got a whole story of its very own as explained in the below tutorial by I Can Teach My Child. All you are going to need to whip up the cups is a package of Oreos, a box of chocolate pudding, some milk, sugar waffle cones, lots of chocolate frosting, some pretzel sticks, leaf sprinkles, a few clear plastic cups, and of course, some Swedish fish.

Recipe Details : icanteachmychild

4. Cinnamon Roll Turkeys

Cinnamon Roll Turkeys

Kickstart this season’s Thanksgiving with a breakfast roll looking exactly like a turkey bird that melts in your mouth in a jiffy. The few readily available ingredients you need to gather include some refrigerated cinnamon rolls with icing, some bacon slices, some candy corns, lots of red mini candy-coated chocolate candies, a few candy eyeballs, and a few mini pretzel sticks cut in half. The key is to make the dough into rolls that resemble the turkey’s neck that are baked to a lovely golden brown, followed by tucking in cooked bacon slices into the cinnamon rolls in a way that creates an illusion of the bird’s feathers. Then comes to part where you let the creative juices flow and drizzle icing atop the rolls, add the bird’s eyes, nose and other facial features with candies, finally placing the halved pretzel sticks underneath the rolls to work wonders for the bird’s feet.

Recipe Details : pillsbury

5. Mini-Pumpkin Pie Cookies

Mini-Pumpkin Pie Cookies

It just can’t get any easier than these mini-pumpkin pie cookies, whether it’s about the ultra-easy to forge steps of preparation or just a matter of 3 basic ingredients to get started. The recipe calls for some pumpkin orange 20-second icing, stiff-ish crust colored piping icing, and some stiff white piping icing. And it yields a bunch of deliciously creamy yet crispy cookies that actually look like tiny pumpkin-pie slices. Calling for merely few minutes to get serve-ready, the cookies are also the perfect-size for a quick sweet craving. The baked cookie wedges have been topped with a rich coat of orange icing, going for another color to work up the crust in lovely zig-zags. The literal icing on the cake here is that final dollop of whipped cream used to add that star-shaped touch of icing on top. Check out the full recipe shared by Red Sky Food below.

Recipe Details : sweetsugarbelle

6. Thanksgiving Turkey Cheese Ball

Thanksgiving Turkey Cheese Ball

The author calls this piece of sheer awesomeness as the cutest cheeseball you have ever seen. And taking a look at the finished serving, you are totally going to agree with the statement. Grab a package of cream cheese, some shredded cheddar, lots of chopped up mixed nuts, candy eyes, a Slim Jim, some pretzel sticks, a round chocolate candy, candy corn, and a few teaspoons of melted chocolate melts. The delectable blend of two different types of cheese when rolled in lots of nuts goes magically well for the body of the bird, accompanied by pretzel sticks making a full tail of the turkey. The neck here is a Slim Jim that’s adorned with a beak of candy corn and two googly eyes that rest on a round chocolate candy face. For serving the snack, you can place lots of cookies or round digestive biscuits in a circle around the cheese ball, and voila!

Recipe Details : craftsalamode

7. Rice Krispie Turkey Legs for Thanksgiving

Rice Krispie Turkey Legs for Thanksgiving

Wow is the word that comes to the mind for these gobblers resembling luscious pieces of fried chicken from KFC. Here, the treats are prepared to look like turkey drumsticks, and that’s what makes them apt and appropriate for a Thanksgiving meal that you pack for the kids. You are going to need a few cups of rice krispies cereal, some pretzel rods, lots of white candy melts, loads of mini marshmallows, and some butter to forge the recipe at home. The part that makes the bone is actually a pretzel rod richly smothered in white chocolate, having 2 little marshmallows bring out the details. A lovely rice cereal treat mix prepared with the rest of the ingredients and some more marshmallows form the perfect shape of the turkey leg that gets the second end of the pretzel pressed into it.

Recipe Details : kitchenfunwithmy3sons

8. Fall Ice Cream Cone Teepees

Fall Ice Cream Cone Teepees

Turn ordinary sugar cones into a crunchy magnificence charmed up with chocolate and candy! And that too, with just a few minutes of clever assembly, as you don’t even need to go for any baking at all to put the the teepees together. Speaking of the ingredients, you need to get a few sugar cones, some leaf sprinkles, some pretzel sticks, and lots of chocolate chips, along with some parchment paper. The bottom of the cones is covered in glorious melted chocolate to cover the edge and decorate it with colorful sprinkles. The top of the teepees have got three pretzel sticks in three different sizes adhered to the cone with melted chocolate yet again, further charming things up with even more sprinkles. It won’t take more than 15 minutes for the treat to get serve-ready when frozen.

Recipe Details : frugalcouponliving

9. Turkey Pretzels Thanksgiving Food for Kids

Turkey Pretzels Thanksgiving Food for Kids

Looking out for a wonderful way to recycle all the leftover Halloween candy? These turkey pretzels are all you need to get your hands on. What the recipe calls for includes some pretzel rods, some grasshopper cookies, some adorable candy eyes, lots of candy corns, some orange Reese’s pieces, some chocolate melting chips or bark, and lastly, red candy melting chips. You are absolutely going to adore these birds that come with a body of yummy crunch coming from a pretzel stick dipped in dark chocolate, while their super vibrant feathers are nothing but orange-white-yellow candy corns lines on top of mouth-watering cookies. The red waddle complimenting that orange beak and googly eyes is actually some red candy melts piped onto the stick, allowing the turkey pretzels to rest in the freezer for about 10 minutes before serving.

Recipe Details : frugalcouponliving

10. Pumpkin Pie Rice Krispies Treats Recipe

Pumpkin Pie Rice Krispies Treats Recipe

Establishing themselves as one of festive classics, pumpkin pie rice krispies come into play yet again with this incredible recipe. The wonderful Thanksgiving food for kids has got a cherishing pumpkin element brought by pumpkin pie spice going into the making. What binds everything together and defines the shape of a pie is the goodness of marshmallows, while of course, rice krispies make every single bite oh so crunchy. The vanilla-flavored krispies are molded along the inside edge of the pan to build the crust, further pressing the orange pumpkin pie filling in the center. For the crust, you need unsalted butter, marshmallows, vanilla extract, and the cereal itself, whereas whipping up the rice krispies filling needs you to gather unsalted butter, pumpkin pie spice, marshmallows, orange food coloring, and cereal. The final decor is a dollop of whipped cream!

Recipe Details : justataste

11. Nutter Butter Turkey Cupcakes

Nutter Butter Turkey Cupcakes

These Nutter Butter turkey cupcakes posses all the great things about a full-sized festive cake, while being oh so right in size when it comes to serving the guests at the kids party with fulfilling after-dinner individual treats. Having a super tender cake as the base, chocolate frosting is used to adhere the bird to the cake. The whole turkey part is a work of art done with Nutter Butter cookies, going for a spectrum of candies to work up the bird’s features. Although this recipe goes for a box of chocolate cake mix to get started, choosing the flavour for the base sponge cake is a matter of your very own whims and tastes. The other ingredients include some chocolate frosting, candy corn, some Nutter Butter cookies, loads of M&Ms, Reese’s pieces, Dots, some tic-tacs or other orange candy, Wilton candy eyes, and red licorice.

Recipe Details : mommysavers

12. Thanksgiving Turkey Donut

Thanksgiving Turkey Donut

Leave it all to the hands of those little ones of yours when it comes to whipping up yummy-licious Thanksgiving desserts – as this turkey donut will offer them the perfect canvas to pull off a handful of decorations and bring the bird to life. And that’s because you already begin it all with a maple-frosted donut, simply getting a bit innovative with lots of candy corn. A single candy corn makes the turkey’s nose adhered to the donut that has got edible eyes and a luxurious array of feathers, i.e. even more of vibrant candy corn attached to its back. Head to the below inspiration by Dimple Prints and take a look at the simple steps explained, and this going to open so many options for you to customize the donuts with your choice of flavour, glaze, icing or simply some other delicious candies to make the colorful feathers of the bird.

Recipe Details : dimpleprints

13. Edible Oreo Acorns

Edible Oreo Acorns

Can Thanksgiving food for kids even double up as a winsome craft? Oh yes, it can! These edible Oreo acorns explain it quite well, being so much fun to make and equally delicious to savor. Resembling acorns, these treats take the wonder of Oreo chocolate sandwich cookies to an all new level by adding peanut butter to the preparation. You are going to need a package of peanut butter, lots of Oreo cookies, softened cream cheese, loads of chocolate chips or chocolate candiquik chips, butterscotch or peanut butter chips, some brown sprinkles, and a few pretzel sticks to let the kids pull off the recipe at home. A ball of crushed Oreos and cream cheese are smothered in glorious chocolate, dipping the top of the acorns in butterscotch and then into the sprinkles. A piece of pretzel stick inserted into the top of the edible acorn goes for the stem here.

Recipe Details : frugalcouponliving

14. Harvest Corn Nutter Butters

Harvest Corn Nutter Butters

This candylicious harvest corn makes it super hard to figure out that it’s actually some Nutter Butter cookies in a Thanksgiving-themed disguise. The cookies are dipped in a thick mixture of vanilla peanut butter CandiQuik to coat it with an element of creaminess. And then, you top the treats with some colorful Reese’s peanut butter candies, making the finished snack a complete peanut butter lover’s dream come true. Stuck to lovely lollipop sticks, the harvest corn gets some final touches of prettiness from a twine bow tied to the stick, while Air Heads candies in green work for the leaves of the corn. Check out the six simple steps you need to to follow to get started with the recipe from the very scratch and assemble the table-ready bunch of corn Nutter Butters.

Recipe Details : candiquik

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