25 Outdoor Party Ideas for Summer You need For Creating Unforgettable Celebrations!

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The best thing about the arrival of summers is those awesome parties you can plan for in your yard, perfect for inviting the whole family and friends. But, there are times when you find yourself limited to the age old concept of barbecuing when thinking of a summer party, while missing out on those magical ideas that can make those evenings a day to remember. Ranging from amazingly delicious snacks and DIY bars to wonderful ideas for a picturesque outdoor decoration and planning themed get togethers, here are 25 Outdoor Party Ideas for Summer that you need to Create Unforgettable Celebrations.

  25 Outdoor Party Ideas for Summer You need For Creating Unforgettable Celebrations!

1. Edible Flower Ice Cubes

Edible Flower Ice Cubes

When everyone gets a little exhausted with the summer heat while partying outside, some icy element can come just like a breath of fresh air and recharge the guests. These lovely flower ice cubes that look so pretty when served in party bowls or glasses are so easy to make using no more than three supplies, including a silicone ice cube tray, some fresh picked edible blossoms like roses, pansies, marigolds, nasturtiums, violets and geraniums, and lastly, lots of distilled water. How amazing little pieces of chilly goodness!

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2. Woodsy Party Tutorial Two- Moss Letters

Woodsy Party Tutorial Two- Moss Letters

Great party decorations are the thing that add life to any get together, specially if they go just right with the theme. And that’s exactly what these Moss Letters do for an outdoor party, flaunting a texture and look so close to the nature. All you need to gather is a spray adhesive, wooden letters, a sheet of moss, and a pair of scissors to begin with crafting your very own moss letters naming the occasion or the birthday person, perfect to hang at the entrance of the celebration, or behind the dessert table.

Idea Details : feelincrafty

3. How To Throw a Vintage Garden Party

How To Throw a Vintage Garden Party

Looking absolutely gorgeous with all those soft subtle shades and elegant decorations, Vintage Garden Parties can’t fail to charm one and all ever. And if you have already got some pretty vintage tableware, linens and crockery, why not put them to great use with a stunning decor for your next girly get together? The Glamorous Wife takes you through everything ranging from what kind of tea cups and table clothes you should go for to great inspirations for desserts and snacks complimenting the decor in the below guide.

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4. Ladybugs Appetizer

Ladybugs Appetizer

Adorn the snacks table at your party with a one-of-a-kind appetizer that is as wonderful to savor as adorable it is to look it, with cherry tomatoes playing the role of bright and light wings of the delightful buddies. Plus, the treat is packed with the goodness of some creamy cheese. Ladybugs Appetizers call for just a handful of ingredients – thin slices of a baguette, sour cream, finely crumbled feta cheese, green onion, romaine lettuce leaves, cherry tomatoes, and a few large pitted black olives.

Idea Details : papabuna

5. How to Make a Killer Summer Cheeseboard

How to Make a Killer Summer Cheeseboard

Lots of different varieties of the ever-tempting cheese, a couple of your favorite fruits and some crackers can yield a truly interesting platter for an outdoor summer snacking, that the author calls a Killer Summer Cheeseboard. This amazing cutting board looks simply stunning when adorned with a jar of pickled strawberries, herb roasted cherry tomatoes, fresh cherries, grilled peaches, apricots and figs, while the addition of salty olives, prosciutto and sweet honey around a bunch of cheeses creates a treat worth a picture.

Idea Details : halfbakedharvest

6. How to Make an Outdoor Bar

How to Make an Outdoor Bar

Ever thought of turning your patio railing into a beautiful bar table with lovely seating arrangement – perfect to eat and drink out in the yard? What you need for the construction is some treated lumber and a few screws. The bar gets it final touches of prettiness with a nice patterned tablecloth and a few lanterns to make it a great experience when u catch a drink with friends on a warm night. Head to the below inspiration by Cleverly Inspired that explains the process of building your Outdoor Bar with utmost ease.

Idea Details : cleverlyinspired

7. Build a Hanging Outdoor Bar

Build a Hanging Outdoor Bar

Resembling a wall hanging when closed, this one features a cabinet door that turns into the bar when opened, revealing three shelves with enough space to store all your wine glasses,short glasses, tumblers and bottles, along with a handful of those nitty-gritty items you need to keep in your bar. Pulling off the project is a super easy affair and great fun, and what’s even more wonderful is that you are going to build your Hanging Outdoor Bar completely out of re-purposed shipping wooden pallets, along with a few inexpensive materials.

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8. Watermelon Tequila Jello Shots

Watermelon Tequila Jello Shots

It probably can’t get cuter than this for a nice summer party dessert! These Watermelon Tequila Jello Shots come quite like a surprise with the fact that they flaunt the looks of a mini watermelon cut into half, but have interestingly got only some tequila and strawberry flavored Jell-O, placed adorably in some lime shells. You would love how some sesame seeds complete the look disguising themselves as those pretty watermelon seeds. Apart from the already mentioned ingredients, all you need is some boiling water to put the delights together.

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9. Tin Can Lanterns Tutorial

Tin Can Lanterns Tutorial

Transform a bunch of tin cans from plain to enchanting by re-purposing them into gorgeous DIY Lanterns. The key is to punch some holes into the cans in your choice of design and charm the insides with little tea light candles to create that perfect evening glow for an unforgettable summer celebration outdoors. The required materials include a few recycled tin cans, hammer, a few nails, bailing wire, pliers, some spray paint and a few tea light candles. Sitting on your patio, these look totally mesmerizing with their lovely painted shades!

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10. A Whimsical and Girly Garden Birthday Party

A Whimsical and Girly Garden Birthday Party

If you are planning for your little girl’s birthday party and want the day to be remembered for years, you would be delighted to gain an insight into this Whimsical and Girly Garden Birthday Party that turns your yard into a frame from those fairy tale stories, having loads of different kinds of birdcages to pull off the theme with unbeatable splendor. Just to name a few springtime treats, the party features pink macaroons, rose topped cupcakes, a flower and lace wrapped cake, while the gorgeous pink fabrics and decorations are breathtaking.

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