30 Garden DIY and Craft Ideas Transforming your Yard from Plain to Mesmerising

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Are you looking out for transforming your backyard or garden into a picturesque space, but can’t find something budget-friendly in the stores and aren’t planning for a landscape artist to help you out with? You would surely be pleased to know that making your garden a much more beautiful place that works no less than the star element of your home is a truly effortless affair. All you need to have on hand is these 30 Garden DIY and Craft Ideas that can transform your yard from plain to mesmerising.

30 Garden DIY and Craft Ideas Transforming your Yard from Plain to Mesmerising

1. DIY Cute Golf Ball Ladybugs

DIY Cute Golf Ball Ladybugs

It’s always cool to repurpose old stuff lying around the house and transform it into something appealing and useful. One such amazing and totally inexpensive project is these DIY Golf Ball Ladybugs that have been made out of old golf balls, looking just so adorable with their bright red color and lovely spots. The supplies you need are old golf balls, spray paint primer, acrylic paint, sand paper, and some brushes. Place the little ladybugs around your yard and brighten up the space with these false insects.

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2. DIY Garden Markers with Wine Corks

DIY Garden Markers with Wine Corks

Label your plants with garden markers that you craft on your own and keep them well organized, that too with a special personal touch with just a little bit of creativity, using some wine corks and a few other supplies, including a Magic Marker and wooden stakes. Put the names of your plants on the corks and place them in your garden using pretty wooden stakes as stands. What a low-cost and eco-friendly option to add an element of beauty to your garden while putting an item as basic as a wine cork to great use.

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3. Decorative Fish Pond From Old Tires

Decorative Fish Pond From Old Tires

When it comes to taking the overall prettiness of your garden to all new levels of amazement, Decorative Fish Ponds built from old tractor or car tires work just wonders. And of course, they bring in the charm of some biodiversity and lovely little fishes to your space so elegantly. Adorn your DIY pond with your favorite flowers and plants – perfect to spend a lovely spring evening by the pond with a book or coffee in hand. You would be pleased to know that pulling off the project is not at all a troublesome affair and requires just a handful of supplies.

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4. Produce Over 6000 Lbs of Food on a 1/10th Acre Farm

Produce Over 6000 Lbs of Food on a 1/10th Acre Farm

In today’s fast-paced city life, it seems to be quite an unimaginable idea to turn your yard into a mini farm that grows heaps of vegetables and organic food. But, producing everything ranging from chicken eggs, duck eggs, vegetable, fruits and honey to a huge spectrum of plant species, the Dervaes family is here to inspire all those who have a huge amount of land accompanying their home to not only grow some food on their land for consumption, but also to earn a considerable deal of money with your mini farm.

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5. How to Make a Butterfly Feeder

How to Make a Butterfly Feeder

Flaunting such gorgeous and vibrant colors, butterflies are one of the prettiest creatures that can add some more beauty to your garden. A butterfly feeder when hanging in your yard, is a great way to attract butterflies and watch them flutter their lovely wings all over your garden. Making your DIY Butterfly Feeders calls for a plate, some mason line or twine, a washer, and some beads. Hang it up in a nice sunny spot and put fresh fruits to please the butterflies, preferably fruits with red, yellow, orange, pink and purple colors.

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6. Fairy Wind Chimes

Fairy Wind Chimes

If you wish to turn your yard into a fairy-themed garden, here is something that can come as the star element of your garden with it’s subtle and pleasant chimes. Gather some long tubular beads, a few seed beads, a spacer bead with holes, a jewelry wire, a piece of jewelry that looks like a wavy shepherd’s crook, and a teeny bell, and you are all set to get crafting the piece of beauty. Take a look at this tutorial by A Crafty Mix to learn how you can recreate a Stunning Fairy Wind Chime all by yourself.

Idea Details : acraftymix

7. Make a Bird Feeder with Cups and Saucers

Make a Bird Feeder with Cups and Saucers

Are your kids simply in love with everything from Alice In Wonderland? If yes, why not integrate some Mad Hatter tea party crafting into your space with this super cute Bird Feeder made with Cups and Saucers hanging from the trees with utmost gorgeousness? This adorable bird feeder creates an impression of lots of bird food getting spilled out of the cup into the underneath saucer. A tea cup, a saucer, E-6000, and some paint is what you need to bring it to life and watch lovely birds sitting in your garden up close and personal.

Idea Details : morenascorner

8. Plastic Bottle Flowers

Plastic Bottle Flowers

Pull out some used plastic bottles that you would otherwise dump in the bin and transform them into utterly delightful flowers, perfect for resting in your garden in just a few steps. The required materials are some empty plastic water bottles, a pair of scissors, your favorite acrylic paints, a paintbrush, 16 gauge floral stem wire, and some Mod Podge. It surely can’t get any easier and prettier for repurposing those waste bottles, while making your yard look so attractive at the same time!

Idea Details : thechillydog

9. How to Make Mosaic Garden Projects

How to Make Mosaic Garden Projects

Enchant your front yard with bright and vivid stepping stones sporting a mosaic pattern advancing towards your front gate. These Mosaic Stepping stones feature a base made out of plain concrete or terra-cotta pots, while the decor is all about imagination being reflected with lots and lots of Broken china, bits of glass, stones, crystals, and marbles. Midwest Living explains what you need to do to build your Mosaic Garden with a few easy-to-forge steps. The variety of colors in the mosaic make the stepping stones emerge as the highlight of your garden

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10. Vintage Tea Themed Garden

Vintage Tea Themed Garden

If you have you got some vintage tea cups around the house, you can turn your garden from plain to mesmerizing by letting those beautiful cups hang from the trees to create a whole spectrum of paste colors flying in the air. To accent the theme even better, you can add vintage inspired cloth napkins to your garden table, while adorning the chairs with vintage yarn pillows. Planning a tea party outside can’t get any better when you add a treat table loaded with vintage saucers and copper plates hanging in the backdrop.

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