25 Amazing Ideas for Building DIY Bird Feeders For Those Winged Friends!

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Isn't it such a peaceful feeling to just relax on the porch while birdwatching on a nice evening? The secret to inviting more and more of those feathered beauties to your garden is to add a few nice bird feeders to the space. And, why buy one when you can built an ultra-cute bird feeder at home, bringing one or more of these 25 Amazing Ideas for Building DIY Bird Feeders to life.

DIY Bird Feeders

1. Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

This ridiculously beautiful bird feeder is built by glueing furring strips together and attaching the frame to hobby board pieces. Rest of the magic is done by an inverted wine bottle.

DIY Details : hometalk

2. DIY Bird Feeder

DIY Bird Feeder

Disguised as a cute hut, this prettiness is actually a cedar wood bird feeder made with just a few simple cuts and screws. Hang to a tree using some rope.

DIY Details : 100things2do

3. Bowl and Plate Bird Feeder

Bowl and Plate Bird Feeder

Here’s a stunning hanging eatery for the birds that protects them from the harsh sun and rain while they feed. Drill a hole in a saucer, further attaching a matching bowl to it.

DIY Details : erinscreative

4. Homemade Birdseed Wreath

Homemade Birdseed Wreath

The whole of this gorgeous wreath is a totally edible affair, combining gelatin and pre-mixed birdseed. A cute round cake pan has been used to bring the perfect wreath to life.

DIY Details : bystephanielynn

5. Paint Can Feeders

Paint Can Feeders

All you need is small paint cans, wooden dowels, finch food, a Hummingbird feeder and of course, bird food. How the cans hang from the trees with coordinating ribbons is amazing!

DIY Details : momendeavors

6. Vintage Tea Cup DIY Bird Feeders

Vintage Tea Cup DIY Bird Feeders

A vintage tea cup housing bird food rests on a saucer, standing tall with a pillar inserted into the ground. The pillar is actually copper tubing cut to desired length.

DIY Details : vintagecountrystyle

7. Paper Plate Bird Feeder

Paper Plate Bird Feeder

Even the kiddos can put this one together. Cheerios are inserted into the hanging twine, while a paper plate holder offers the support to hold the seeds and birds.

DIY Details : happyhooligans

8. Cardboard Tube Bird Feeder

Cardboard Tube Bird Feeder

Bird seeds stick to a cardboard tube with a delicious coat of peanut butter. Thread a bright-colored ribbon through the tube, tying the ends together and hanging on a branch.

DIY Details : momtastic

9. Repurposed Jar Feeder

Repurposed Jar Feeder

Mason jars come to yet another do-it-yourself project, letting you craft an adorable bird feeder by affixing a wire around the jar with loops on either side, hanging it by some yarn.

DIY Details : melissacamarawilkins

10. Wine Bottle DIY Bird Feeders

Wine Bottle DIY Bird Feeders

Once you learn the technique to drill a hole in a glass bottle as guided by below tutorial, you are all set to attach its bottom to a saucer, ending up in this hanging piece of beauty.

DIY Details : thegardenroofcoop

11. X-Treme DIY Bird Feeders

X-Treme DIY Bird Feeders

Repurpose those popsicle sticks into a square-shaped bird feeder that is all about layering the sticks and adding something to hold the seed in. A larger sticks works as the tongue depressor.

DIY Details : tonyastaab

12. Flower Pot Bird Feeder

Flower Pot Bird Feeder

The decorative pattern on the pot is all about drilling holes with a bit creativity. Bird seeds come out into a plate through the holes, and a plastic bottle with its top cut open is the reservoir.

DIY Details : allthingsheartandhome

13. Sisal Rope Bird Feeder

Sisal Rope Bird Feeder

Wrap some sisal rope around a tin can after bending the lid in half and attaching something for the ledge and voila! The end results are a stunning bird feeder.

DIY Details : dabblesandbabbles

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