A DIY Chicken Tunnel Can Let You Watch the Birds Roam Freely WIthout Destroying the Garden Flower Beds!

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Those who keep chickens in their garden are quite familiar with those flower beds getting destroyed, but putting the birds in a cage doesn't seem to be the right idea either as it steals away their wish to roam free. How about getting the best of both worlds? All with a construction as simple as a wired chicken tunnel.

DIY Chicken Tunnel

The concept is to restrict the chickens to a specific section or a fenced area around the yard, but with a twist. This time the restriction comes accompanied with a great dose of freedom to move – it’s a tunnel where they walk freely, while keeping off of delicate garden plants or flowers.

You would be surprised to learn how easy it is to construct a lovely chicken tunnel for your backyard. All you need to gather is some wire fencing, thick wooden slats, a few wood screws, a wire cutter, a saw, a drill machine, a galvanized hardware cloth, and some U-shaped metal or wire supports, further heading towards this incredible guide by Goods Home Design that gets your hands on the step-by-step procedure.

You initially begin by mapping the path for the chicken tunnel, wherein you need to keep in mind the utmost details and landscaping of your backyard, including the area available, flower beds, weed growth and of course, the space required to allow a free passage to the birds. However, the recommended hack is to build the chicken tunnel along the fence of your garden, taking the coop as the starting element.

To end up with a shape similar to a semi-circle, catch the hard wire, and bend it a little. Next, it calls for placing the appropriate hardware along the constructed route using the fencing stakes. Securing the same into the ground will assure that it last for a significantly long durations.

DIY Chicken Tunnel

To allow the chickens to have a comfortable access to the tunnel, connect it to the opening of the coop, while making sure that you put it next to the chicken coop, as well as it’s larger than the door.

Inserting a metallic or wooden panel that can slide up and down at the entrance of the chicken tunnel is a great idea that keeps the overall access to the tunnel in your hands. Not to forget, you must make sure that the chickens don’t run away – so keep one end of the tunnel opened, while having the other end fully closed.

And voila ! Those little buddies of yours are all set to roam about or even run around the space, without hampering the prettiness of your garden.
An added benefit of the installation is that you can move it around the space as and when you require, while letting the chickens come to action and work on the soil, turning out to be a great assistance to your gardening maneuvers. Not only are they going to double up as free-roaming garden keepers that eat all kinds of pesky bugs or weed, they also help in an efficient fertilization of the soil by digging the grounds and preparing it to plant all new seeds.

Bid farewell to those hours of supervising the birds when they take a stroll around the yard!

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