20 DIY Outdoor Fountain Ideas Brightening up your Home with Utmost Charm

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Not only does a lovely fountain with water flowing down in pretty fashions adds much more life to just about any space, but also the idea of moving water makes the whole ambiance truly relaxing and serene. However, getting a store-bought fountain or going for a professional installation of the same costs heaps of dollars. What saves the day is these 20 DIY Outdoor Fountain Ideas Brightening up your Home with Utmost Charm!

11. Disappearing Water Fountain

Disappearing Water Fountain

Inspired by the idea of natural geysers shooting straight out of the ground, this disappearing water fountain features a basin that can hold around 15 gallons of water. With rocks surrounding the stream, it creates a lovely splashing sound.

DIY Details : instructables

12. Tea Pot Fountain

Tea Pot Fountain

You are going to absolutely adore the union of an old rustic wooden whiskey barrel and a worn-out looking traditional iron tea pot that go into the making of this DIY water feature adding a dash of edgy decor to your garden.

DIY Details : hometalk

13. Wine Barrel and Bottle Fountain

Wine Barrel and Bottle Fountain

Transform even the most simplest of yards or patios to a thing of extraordinary beauty. This fountain is built with a pump inserted into a wine bottle kept on top of a barrel that’s further placed in a reservoir filled with water.

DIY Details : hgtv

14. How to Cast Concrete Fountains

How to Cast Concrete Fountains

If you love the sound of water so much that installing an indoor fountain is what you are looking for, get going to build this concrete fountain with minimal maintenance and expenses. The chief elements are a sphere, a hollow column and a basin.

DIY Details : familyhandyman

15. DIY Tiered Water Fountain

DIY Tiered Water Fountain

Too easy and affordable for the incredible appearance it sports. This three-tiered fountain is worthy-enough of spending a heartwarming evening in the yard. A $5 pump, a few pots and rocks are all you need to get started.

DIY Details : addicted2diy

16. DIY Bubbling Garden Fountain

DIY Bubbling Garden Fountain

That orb making the bubbling fountain stand out is actually a globe taking the credit of circulating water within the fountain. It rests on a concrete base, having PVC pipes inserted into the structure to integrate it with the pump and reservoir beneath.

DIY Details : atcharlotteshouse

17. Galvanized Water Trough Fountain

Galvanized Water Trough Fountain

An antique water pump standing by three gorgeous galvanized buckets stacked on top of each other in an interesting fashion is the star element of this trough fountain, forming unique steps of style statement.

DIY Details : pin

18. DIY Flower Pot Fountain

DIY Flower Pot Fountain

The secret to the stunning looks of this DIY water feature is those vintage flower pots that make it absolutely different from the regular idea of terra cotta structures. Stones and pebbles work as the cherry on the cake!

DIY Details : thehappyhomebodies

19. DIY Wall Fountain

DIY Wall Fountain

You won’t need anything more than a wall fountain, a few pretty plants and some retaining wall blocks to recreate this awe-inspiring idea of utmost serenity for your yard. The semi-circular retaining wall is simply unbeatable.

DIY Details : createsie

20. DIY Water Feature

DIY Water Feature

Splashes of beautifully fresh water pumping right from the middle of a wooden wall installed in the backyard adds that perfect resort-like essence to your home, while bright white statues introduce some extra splendor.

DIY Details : thecreativemeandmymcg

Construct a stunning waterfall with concrete and stones, or simply build a portable piece of soothing goodness to integrate so much more positive energy to the space – the aforesaid DIY Outdoor Fountain Ideas won’t fail to delight you every single time!

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DIY Outdoor Fountain Ideas

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