20 Innovative DIY Pond Ideas Letting You Build a Water Feature From Scratch!

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The kind of serenity a water feature or a beautiful pond can add to your garden is simply out of the world. However, it’s quite an expensive deal to get a pond professionally installed, while getting it all done all by yourself comes under a fraction of that cost. Below are 20 DIY Pond Ideas taking you through building a pond in your yard right from the very scratch.

DIY Pond Ideas

1. How to Build an Easy and Cheap Pond

How to Build an Easy and Cheap Pond

Once you mark the desired size of the pond, excavate the land to a good depth and lay a cushioning material at the bottom. Fill with water, hide the liner and add your choice of plants or accessories.

DIY Details : thegardenglove

2. DIY Pond and Landscape Water Feature

DIY Pond and Landscape Water Feature

Get creative with the landscaping and define a backyard pond with lots of stone pallets and plants. Work out the shape of the reservoir with a plastic pool and adorn it with a mini DIY fountain.

DIY Details : ohmy-creative

3. Concrete Pond with Waterfall

Concrete Pond with Waterfall

Now that’s really not an ordinary garden pond, this prettiness is worthy-enough of transforming your yard into a whole resort-like space. The 9 feet deep pond sports concrete sides and a lovely waterfall amidst the stones.

DIY Details : koiphen

4. DIY Tractor Tire Pond

DIY Tractor Tire Pond

Recycle an old tractor tire into this breathtakingly beautiful pond for your garden, coming with a perfect round shape. Decorate it with your choice of stones and pebbles, popping a few water lilies on top.

DIY Details : thewhoot

5. Decorative Pond From Old Tires

Decorative Pond From Old Tires

Cutting off the sidewalls of two tires and stacking them is the key. Simply fill the bottom with sand, place a polythene lining and load water. Those plants installed in a wire mesh and compost around the tires are incredible.

DIY Details : cutediyprojects

6. Above Ground Koi Pond

Above Ground Koi Pond

An enchanting above-the-ground Koi pond constructed out of landscape timbers rests on top of a concrete footing. The plants thrive on an underwater pump sending water to bog areas at upper ends of the pond.

DIY Details : creativebackyardideas

7. DIY Water Garden and Koi Pond

DIY Water Garden and Koi Pond

This gorgeousness comes with a raised bed pond and a beautiful 15 inch granite rock wall. Use a pre-formed pond liner for the shape, adding touches of grace with a stone waterfall and flowers around.

DIY Details : learningasigotips

8. Wildlife Pond Decorated with Vivid Plants

Wildlife Pond Decorated with Vivid Plants

All credits to those brightly colored water lilies, lovely tall grasses, amazing alpines and herbaceous plants installed on the outside – this garden wildlife pond lined with rocks and pebbles reaches true heights of beauty.

DIY Details : idealhome

9. A Sloping Stream

A Sloping Stream

The gentle curve of the walkway defines the outlines of this pond that flaunts different-sized boulders and a whole bundle of colors, plants and materials. Dwarf evergreens sit between lilies and black-eyes Susans with unbeatable elegance.

DIY Details : bhg

10. Build a Garden Pond and Deck

Build a Garden Pond and Deck

Not just a lovely rectangular pond alone, this inspiration takes you through the steps to charm your garden with a glossy, easy-care ground-level boardwalk too, ending up in a totally serene setting for the space.

DIY Details : familyhandyman

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