20 Awesome Ideas for Garden Edges That Add New Character to Your Outdoor Space!

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Acting as a nice separation between the lawn or natural gravel and those delicate flowers or planter beds – garden edges or borders not only keep the plantation safe from any mulch or stones from the outside, but also make the overall landscape so much more attractive. And, you have got a whole spectrum of options in terms of materials, including pallets, logs, bricks, wood, tiles or even stones to design a garden edge for your yard. Below are 20 Awesome Ideas for Garden Edges That Add New Character to Your Outdoor Space!

11. Pallet Stakes Edging

Pallet Stakes Edging

An old pallet transformed into lovely stakes with a few V-shaped cuts yield a breathtaking garden edge when painted in black and hammered into the edge of the garden bed, further pressing soil against them.

Idea Details : jenthousandwords

12. Cinder Block Garden Edge

Cinder Block Garden Edge

Spruce up a few cinder blocks with your choice of spray paint and lay them along the perimeter of the garden bed, and voila! Additionally, you can fill the cinder holes with colorful flowers for an extra color to the garden.

Idea Details : abbisiler

13. Tree Trunk Edging

Tree Trunk Edging

Cut timber rounds from tree trunks in different heights and cement the logs in place to form an out-of-the-box vertical log boundary for your garden. What an environment-friendly and natural hack!

Idea Details : childhood101

14. Terra Cotta Garden Edging

Terra Cotta Garden Edging

Creativity crosses all boundaries when it comes to crafting interestingly-shaped terra cotta edging, defining curves and paths at their best – right from engraved tiles to scrolled roped designs.

Idea Details : gardenista

15. Vertical Brick Edging

Vertical Brick Edging

Vertically installed bricks make a rustic garden edging offering a nice barrier between the lawn and garden bed. The uniformity in the shape as well as the neat look makes the space even more pleasant.

Idea Details : makelyhome

16. Recycled Brick Garden Edge

Recycled Brick Garden Edge

A wonderful take on using bricks for garden edging, this all-new thing of creativity ends up in an edge that looks like lots of triangles laid together. The key is to turn the bricks on their side and lay them on an angle.

Idea Details : thechicsite

17. Rock and Brick Garden Edging

Rock and Brick Garden Edging

Large smooth stones go just so well with bricks, together forming this garden edging that keeps things minimal and natural. The installation is super simple, involving laying the stones edged right up to the bricks.

Idea Details : pin.it

18. Railway Sleeper Garden Edge

Railway Sleeper Garden Edge

Railroad ties or sleepers staggered vertically to follow the natural curve of your garden bed brighten the whole outdoor space. Each of the sleepers is unique due to the different heights they are cut in.

Idea Details : kilgraney

19. Upcycle Glass Bottles into a Garden Border

Upcycle Glass Bottles into a Garden Border

Treat your garden with a chic and funky element of decor plus functionality with lots of colored glass bottles working out its borders. The necks of the bottles are buried into the ground, while arranging them all side by side.

Idea Details : naturalgreenmom

20. China Plate Garden Border

China Plate Garden Border

Who says those gorgeous pieces of crockery only need to be limited to the kitchen – instead put them to great use to build a DIY garden border. Simply dig the mud, further refilling the trench once you install the plate.

Idea Details : 33barefootlane

It’s amazing how some of the most basic household items like plates or old bottles can make a statement to your garden, while the other borders, including wooden logs or imperfect tiles showcase the idea of rustic garden edges with sheer beauty!

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