20 Garden Path Ideas and Walkways Making a Statement in Your Yard

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The first and foremost purpose of garden paths is to offer a well-defined space to your garden where you could walk without worrying about damaging the flowers or fresh greens. However, building a walkway adds so much more charm to the space, often working as the focal point of the garden. When it comes to the structure, material and outlook of the path – it totally depends on your very own choice as well as the theme of your garden. Below are 20 Garden Path Ideas and Walkways Making a Statement in Your Yard!

11. How to Make Pavers With Leaves

How to Make Pavers With Leaves

Introduce personalization to your garden pavers with a surprisingly easy-to-pull-off leaf-impression technique. Place leaves at the bottom of a concrete mold, imprinting the paver’s surface with their shape and texture.

Idea Details : hunker

12. Laying a Slate Path

Laying a Slate Path

Bright green ground-hugging grass along the walkway as well as between the lovely pieces of slate works as wonderful accents to the structure, while the different colors and tones of the slate add an amazing luxe effect.

Idea Details : younghouselove

13. How to Lay a Brick Path

How to Lay a Brick Path

Few things like a tiled brick walkway never get out of trend – all because of the style and elegance with which they add value to the space, providing for a clean lane to walk along the yard.

Idea Details : thisoldhouse

14. Budget-Friendly Gravel Path

Budget-Friendly Gravel Path

Nothing can work better than the traditional idea of gravel for building an elegant path if absolute budget-friendliness is what you are looking for. Plus, it doesn’t even call for much time to lay a foliage-free gravel walkway.

Idea Details : thisoldhouse

15. DIY Spiral Rock Mosaic Path

DIY Spiral Rock Mosaic Path

Looking no less than an artistic illusion, this rock mosaic path steals the show with loads of spirals forming its shape. All you need to build it by yourself is a spade, wooden boards, hose, nails, string, rubber mallet, paint brush and stiff-bristled brush.

Idea Details : wonderfuldiy

16. Blooming Walkway

Blooming Walkway

Fashioned with Mazus reptans, this garden walkway blooms with a combination of purple and green natural beauty that adorns the narrow spaces between the random-shaped pavers that rightly suit the dreamy setting.

Idea Details : acharlottegarden

17. Wood Slice Garden Path

Wood Slice Garden Path

Statement-making is defined at its best with loads of wood slices put together in a clever fashion to end up in this rustic garden path. Two-inch thick disks cut out of wood logs when pressed into the ground make it unique with their different sizes.

Idea Details : shelterness

18. Walkway Using Recycled Counter Top Granite Scrap

Walkway Using Recycled Counter Top Granite Scrap

Add an all-new purpose to old, leftover pieces of granite from the kitchen countertop to make an awesome-looking walkway for your yard. Filled with gravel, the path is laid out with pavers, placing the granite pieces and putting mortar.

Idea Details : removeandreplace

19. Leaf-Inspired Garden Path

 Leaf-Inspired Garden Path

A true work of art, each of the steppingstones for this garden path are built into a gorgeous leaf shape having its natural details rightly engraved in the cement. All you have to do is mold concrete into the shape of rhubarb or zucchini leaves.

Idea Details : hgtv

20. Bottle Path

Bottle Path

Bottles that otherwise end in landfills get a super cool functionality with this unconventional garden pathway that’s made out of whole bottles buried inside the ground with their bottoms exposed above.

Idea Details : forums2.gardenweb

Whether it’s old wooden pallets, finely laid bricks, or lots of random-shaped stones, you can work out a stunning walkway for your yard with one or more of the above garden path ideas and walkways, building the center of attraction for your space!

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