20 Marvelous Indoor Garden Ideas Combating Lack of Space or Harsh Weathers!

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Do you admire the idea of homegrown plants, but make that happen due to lack of outdoor space? Or are you troubled with the winter turning everything into dry brown foliage? Perhaps, bringing those pretty herbs, flowers and veggies inside and letting them bloom fresh in your very own space is all you need to do - all with these 20 Marvelous Indoor Garden Ideas!

Marvelous Indoor Garden Ideas

1. DIY Wall Planter

DIY Wall Planter

A super customizable steel mesh coming in a whole spectrum of shapes and sizes takes the credit for this wall hanging DIY Planter. Lovely hanging pots sporting gardenia, stephanotis and jasmine are attached to the mesh using metal rings and hooks.

DIY Details : lanaredstudio

2. Skinny Planter Stand DIY

Skinny Planter Stand DIY

Making a wonderful indoor garden for those hard-to-decorate narrow spaces, a tall and skinny window planter with a window insert and gold-painted legs is all you need to add a bright green vibe to your home.

DIY Details : abeautifulmess

3. Build A Hanging Herb Garden

Build A Hanging Herb Garden

Bring a whole hanging herb garden to that empty wall of your kitchen or living area by grabbing some same-sized wooden boards and creating holes in them for pots and ropes – all in a stunning vertical fashion.

DIY Details : homesteading

4. DIY Vertical Plant Hanger

DIY Vertical Plant Hanger

Creating a mid-air garden like this one indoors is one heck of an idea when it comes to planting your favourites in pots, further fitting them in a set of vertically hanging wooden boards, that too without calling for much space.

DIY Details : iheartnaptime

5. Mason Jar Herb Garden

Mason Jar Herb Garden

Can repurposing get any better than combining it with the beauty of nature? That’s exactly what this little herb garden boasting beautiful mason jars assembled of a wooden board with plant labels does.

DIY Details : camillestyles

6. Gold Terrarium/ Green House

Gold Terrarium/ Green House

How some gold spray paint fixes a boring-looking Soccer Greenhouses from Ikea, transforming it into a seemingly expensive and gorgeous indoor garden is surely something that will make you feel tally awestruck.

DIY Details : sherwooddrive

7. Succulent Garden in Ikea Cart

Succulent Garden in Ikea Cart

Let a beautiful pastel blue Ikea kitchen cart decorate those small spaces around the home with a vertical garden adorned with loads of succulents. To get started, you are also going to need window screening, some succulent soil and sphagnum moss.

DIY Details : succulentsandsunshine

8. Wooden Slat Planter Display

Wooden Slat Planter Display

How about taking advantage of a bunch of wooden slats and pallets to display a collection of small yet super cute planters made out of mason jars or containers? Ditching plants and going for candles in some jars brings out an element of glow!

DIY Details : stylemepretty

9. Hanging Herb Mason Jars

Hanging Herb Mason Jars

Adding a dash of fresh herbs to food makes everything so much more delicious! Make the perfect place for those herbs right in your kitchen – all with stunning transparent mason jars hanging on the wall with wires and hooks.

DIY Details : domestically-speaking

10. Indoor Hanging Herb Garden

Indoor Hanging Herb Garden


Bid farewell to those dry winter gardens, while making your house prettier with a hanging herb garden installed indoors that will bloom round the year. Curtain rods hold lavishly spray-painted clay pots, each housing a herb with elegance.

DIY Details : thebirdandhersong

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