25 Gorgeous Vertical Garden Ideas That are A Boon for Small-Spaces!

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Do you love the idea of charming up your home with loads of fresh greens and colorful flowers with a pretty garden, but the lack of space is proving to be a huge obstacle to make that happen? Come to your rescue - vertical gardens that are an incredible space-saving solution, while letting you customize them with a whole bunch of creative designs. Here are 25 Gorgeous Vertical Garden Ideas That are A Boon for Small-Spaces!

Gorgeous Vertical Garden Ideas

1. Planter Box Wall

Planter Box Wall

Gracefully attached to the fence of your home, this vertical garden wall looks with wooden planter boxes is a striking stacked structure, perfect for growing lovely herbs.

DIY Details : pin.it

2. Small-Space Balcony Garden

Small-Space Balcony Garden

Rustic hanging baskets and well-placed pots form a small-space vertical garden apt for your balcony or patio. The variety of plants here combines a bundle of colors and flowers.

DIY Details : lowes

3. Space-Saving Vertical Vegetable Garden

Space-Saving Vertical Vegetable Garden

Calling for nothing but a wall or fence, customizable boxes or wooden containers suited for flowers, veggies or herbs can fit just about any space, adorning it with a chic statement.

DIY Details : manmadediy

4. Hex Wire Vertical Garden

Hex Wire Vertical Garden

What an amazing growing potential coming for such a subtle design! Housing 35 terra-cotta pots hooked to a hex wire netting, this one has got cedar wood for the frame.

DIY Details : akadesign

5. Hanging Gutter Garden

Hanging Gutter Garden

Who would imagine a few gutter sections could work wonders for a hanging garden. The key is to make drainage holes in the bottom and leave enough space between the sections for sunlight to reach them.

DIY Details : apartmenttherapy

6. Pre-Potted Plant Wall

Pre-Potted Plant Wall

Make holes for gorgeous pre-potted terra cotta plants in a bunch of wooden boards and hang them vertically by stringing into ropes, followed by securing with brackets and zip ties.

DIY Details : handimania

7. Hanging Gutter Planter and Stand

Hanging Gutter Planter and Stand

Refreshing tones of paint on those gutter sections thread-tied to a wooden stand go magically well with the variety of plants installed. Add the final touches with pretty plant labels.

DIY Details : hertoolbelt

8. Cedar Box Vertical Garden

Cedar Box Vertical Garden

Bring out a splash of new life on your patio with these stacked cedar wood boxes painted in bright white, yielding a breathtaking vertical garden when potted with colorful flowers.

DIY Details : decorandthedog

9. Wooden Pallet Vertical Garden

Wooden Pallet Vertical Garden

Grab a repurposed wooden pallet and transform it into a stunning vertical herb garden for your patio using a level, a Kreg jig, nails, paint, vinyl labels and paint.

DIY Details : minimalisti

10. Stair Planter Box Garden

Stair Planter Box Garden

An unearthly twist to the concept of stairs, this inspiration has got those steps replaced with planter boxes that have been secured to the ladder frame.

DIY Details : helpfulhomemade

11. Vertical Pyramid Garden Planter

Vertical Pyramid Garden Planter

Here’s a cedar board pyramid loaded with dirt and lined with a plywood base, perfect for growing small plants like strawberries or lettuce. Install an irrigation system at the top.

DIY Details : icreatived

12. Trellis Vertical Container Garden

Trellis Vertical Container Garden

Boasting petite buckets with painted bands of colors, this trellis is a giant tic-tac-toe grid, having the pots hung from S hooks filling each space. The lumber itself is primed and painted with vibrant yellow.

DIY Details : bhg

13. Vertical Garden Cabinet

Vertical Garden Cabinet

This beautiful cabinet is lined with lots of tilted shelves, each having a few holes for storing terra cotta pots. That glass door allows you to peek into the pretty greens inside.

DIY Details : diy-vintage-chic

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