Here’s the Easiest Way To Grow Tomato Seedlings and Savor Home-Planted Juiciness!

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Tomatoes are that one essential part of our groceries that are perhaps, used in our cooking regime on a daily basis - sometimes to prepare salads, or use as a part of a delicious dish. That's why they often find a spot in home gardening during summers. Here's the easiest way to grow tomato seedlings and savor their homegrown sweetness!

The Easiest Way To Grow Tomato Seedlings

Growing tomatoes in your yard usually involves buying seeds from the store to grow seedlings, or simply using a pre-potted plant to put the fruits together. But, here is a super budget-friendly and effortless way to grow tomatoes – you must be having a few overripe tomatoes resting in the fridge every now and then. Instead of dumping them, put them to an all new purpose by growing fresh tomato plants with them – the key is to transform them into little seedlings and watch the seeds grow into new tomatoes in just a matter of few days.

In the below video, The Wannabe Homesteader demonstrates the easiest method to harvest tomato seedlings, that too without going for any heavy gardening material or techniques. All you are going to need is a pot, some soil and one or more overripe tomatoes.

The first step is to cut the overripe tomato into four slices, followed by putting the pieces in a pot of soil. You need to cover the tomatoes with a thin coat of potting soil, and here begins the growth cycle. Water the pot regularly and no more than 7-14 days will it take for the seeds to sprout and yield about 50-60 tomato seedlings.

When you notice that the plant has begun to grow enough large, it’s time to pull the seedlings out and put them in another pot. That’s all the effort that’s needed to harvest homegrown tomatoes and cherish the fresh fruit.

The Easiest Way To Grow Tomato Seedlings

(Video and pictures via The Wannabe Homesteader)

With such a huge variety of fruits and veggies that can be grown at home round the year, tomatoes have somehow established themselves as the most-loved plant for most home gardeners. I guess the secret behind the same is those luscious piles of delicious fruit that are produced by a tomato plant in a super quick span of time, as well as the fact that they aren’t much demanding when it comes to taking care of their seeds. Whatever the case may be, if you are planning to have a gorgeous garden of your very own, it’s a wonderful idea to harvest more and more tomatoes with the above hack, not only growing more food but also cutting on the grocery costs at the same time!

Even if you are a complete beginner at gardening, producing a bunch of juicy goodness is going to be a child’s play – perfect for refreshing salads and yummy sauces. Head to the YouTube video and learn the super easy, working-like-magic seedling technique in detailed steps, getting closer to producing an endless quota of tomatoes right in your yard.

So, why not get going to make the most out of that overripe tomato you are left with?

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