Give Your Backyard A Complete Makeover With These DIY Garden Ideas

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Your backyard and garden deserve just the right amount of attention as your front yard, and you will be amazed to see just how much people care about the small details! A beautiful and properly maintained garden can certainly add color, vitality and liveliness to your backyard, making it a much more pleasurable place to be in! With that in mind, here you will find more than 40+ outstanding garden ideas that you should definitely try this summer, especially if you are bored of the same old, dull look of your garden!

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1. Inexpensive Landscaping Ideas For Your Yard!

Inexpensive Landscaping Ideas For Your Yard

Professional landscaping services can cost you a small fortune, therefore the question is: why invest in such services, when you can easily achieve the exact same result with a bit of effort and determination? Here you will find more than just a few cheap but super useful and interesting landscaping ideas that you can try whenever you feel like giving your garden a makeover – one that will certainly last for more than just one season! Check out these ideas and you will definitely fall in love with them!

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2. Do Not Let Old Stumps Ruin Your Garden – Make The Best Of Them Instead!

Do Not Let Old Stumps Ruin Your Garden – Make The Best Of Them Instead You would be tempted to think that old tree stumps are a hassle and they add no extra value to your home, but the truth is that you can easily make the best of them. Instead of having your stumps removed (which usually costs between $50 and as much as $500, depending on the size of the stump), you can decorate them and make them look absolutely adorable! Nobody will ever be able to tell that there used to be an old and ugly stump in that place before – check out these three decoration ideas that will definitely leave you stunned and willing to see more!

Project Source: interiorholic

3. Eco-Friendly Homemade Weed Killer

Eco-Friendly Homemade Weed Killer

If you are a passionate gardener who has a lovely rose garden, then you certainly know what a huge headache weeds can give you at times! Ugly and difficult to remove, weeds are not just unaesthetic, but they can also interfere with the health of your existing plants and flowers. Fortunately, there is always a solution for everything, and with several basic ingredients that you can find around the house you can easily make your own homemade weed killer! Safe to use, cheap, efficient and gentle with the flora and fauna, this is the ultimate weed killer – and your flowers and vegetables will definitely thank you for it later!

Project Source: onecreativeprocrastinatinggal

4. Lovely Decorative Concrete Ladybugs!

Lovely Decorative Concrete Ladybugs

The classic garden gnomes as we know them have become old-fashioned and obsolete already – the decorative concrete ladybugs are the latest trend these days, and the best thing about them is that you can make your own, at home! Who does not love ladybugs? Small, cute and fragile, ladybugs are the first ones to tell you that spring has arrived! Here is a lovely, detailed step-by-step tutorial that will show you how to make your own decorative concrete ladybugs from scratch, using some good old’ concrete and some pieces of colored marble or tile. If you take good care of them, your adorable concrete ladybugs can last for decades, brightening up your backyard and your garden!

Project Source and Tutorial: icreativeideas

5. DIY Planters To Dress Up Your Garden!

DIY Planters To Dress Up Your Garden

There is no better way to add some curb appeal to your backyard or garden than with some brightly colored flowers or plants, and that is a known fact! However, if you want to do it all by yourself from scratch, then the good news is that you can easily come up with several lovely DIY planters that will let you dress up your garden in an instant – all you have to do is to check out this creative tutorial and to follow all the instructions here!

Project Source: bobvila

6. Make Your Own Hammock!

Make Your Own Hammock

Is there anything more relaxing than swinging in your hammock, sipping on a Marguerita and reading your favorite book or listening to some chillout music? If you have enough room in your backyard to hang a hammock, then the good news is that you can easily make your own hammock, with some sturdy fabric and a few pieces of rope – and, of course, you will need two strong trees to sustain your body weight as well! Hammocks are perfect for spring and summer, so do not miss the opportunity to recharge your batteries by swinging in one, right in your backyard!

Project Source and Tutorial: outsidemom

7. Recycled And Upcycled Junk!

Recycled And Upcycled Junk

Over the past few years, people have shown an increased interest in recycling their old stuff – as opposed to throwing away their old junk, like they used to. Not only does this limit the greenhouse emissions and protect the planet, but it also allows you to create wonderful works of art, on a budget! That being said, here you will find some super creative ideas that will allow you to turn your old junk into true garden treasures, without too much effort – once you have finalized all these projects, simply scatter them across your garden and they will instantly brighten up the whole scenery!

Project Source: seattletimes

8. Build Your Own Back Yard Fire Pit From Scratch!

Build Your Own Back Yard Fire Pit From Scratch

Firepits are definitely a great addition to every front yard, back yard or garden – they are great for warming up your hands and feet during the cold days and evenings, and they are an even better choice for making some BBQ or marshmallows. On the other hand, these firepits can also serve as decorations that will add style and liveliness to your entire garden. If you are not willing to spend between $500 and as much as $1000 on a classic, readily available firepit, then you can always opt for the alternative – make your own firepit, from scratch! Check out this lovely and detailed tutorial to find out how can you do just that.

Project Source and Tutorial: thegardenglove

9. Lovely Patio Table With Embedded Beer And Wine Coolers!

Lovely Patio Table With Embedded Beer And Wine Coolers

You might think that the classic patio tables as we all know them are dull and boring – wait until you see this table, for it will change everything you thought you knew about them! What makes this patio table truly special and one of a kind is the fact that it features a beer and wine cooler that cools down your beverages during those dreaded, hot summer days. You will never have to worry about drinking hot beer again, thanks to this table – and the best thing about it is that you can make it all by yourself, with just enough ambition and determination!

Project Source: domesticated-engineer

10. How About An Outdoor Movie Theater?

How About An Outdoor Movie Theater

If you thought the built-in beer and wine coolers were awesome, wait until you check out this outdoor movie theater! Do you often have friends or family coming over for movie nights, and you feel that you have not welcomed them properly so far? If so, then you should know you will never go wrong with an outdoor, backyard movie theater. Cost-effective and very easy to install, this movie theater will add not just comfort, but also value to your entire place!

Project Source: thegardenglove

11. Lazy Day Hammocks!

Lazy Day Hammocks

Do you ever feel like lurking around the whole day sometimes, doing nothing but reading your favorite book, hidden in your own little bubble? If so, then this lazy day hammock is everything you need: easy to make and to install, this hammock is only one of the countless different versions that you can add to your backyard or garden, to make them a lot more comfortable and appealing, both to yourself and to your guests! Check out this tutorial and see for yourself!

Project Source and Tutorial: camillestyles

12. Best Garden Hack Ever – You Never Thought You Could Do This With Diapers!

Best Garden Hack Ever – You Never Thought You Could Do This With Diapers

We often regard diapers as disgusting and useful for one thing, and one thing alone – keeping our babies clean and dry! However, your opinion about diapers and their… “areas of application” will change dramatically after you see this tutorial, because you certainly never thought you could actually use diapers to make your plants grow faster and healthier than ever before! This is one of the most amazing yet underrated garden hacks one can use, so make sure to check it out – especially if you are passionate about gardening!

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13. Shell-Potted Succulent Plants

Shell-Potted Succulent Plants

If you have ever grown succulent plants, then you know that they are far from being as demanding and as pretentious as the perennials – all they need to thrive is good quality soil and water! Their versatility allows you to use a variety of different alternative and unconventional pots, as opposed to the classic wooden or clay pots as we know them – and this tutorial will show you how to make the best of your succulents by planting them in shells! That’s right, good and durable sea shells that you usually use for decorative purposes – fill them up with soil and fertilizer, add a few drops of fresh water and you got yourself a lovely pot for your succulents!

Project Source: radmegan

14. Rainbow Fireplace Crystals!

Rainbow Fireplace Crystals

What’s better than having a warm and cozy fireplace in your backyard? Having rainbow fireplace crystals that shine in all the colors of the rainbow! This is a simple hack that will allow you to enjoy a true show during the evening, for you will see flames burning in red, blue, yellow, purple and all the other lovely colors that you only used to see up in the sky until now! Bring a small piece of rainbow to your own backyard with these cheap and super creative rainbow fireplace crystals!

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15. Bicycle Planters!

Bicycle Planters

If you are a passionate DIYer and you are always looking for new and efficient ways to improve your planting techniques and to make sure that your veggies and flowers truly thrive and blossom, then look no further than this creative bicycle planter that will definitely change your view on classic planters as we know them. The bicycle planters are eco-friendly, creative and decorative, for they will serve more than just one purpose – practical and functional on one hand, the bicycle planters will also add class and style to your backyard, therefore it is safe to say that this is a win-win!

Project Source: ourfairfieldhomeandgarden

16. DIY Plastic Bottle Planter

DIY Plastic Bottle Planter

Although plastic bottles are far from being as eco-friendly as the bicycle planters mentioned above, they are affordable and you can virtually find them everywhere – besides, you can save a couple of bottles from reaching the landfill by trying this amazing DIY tutorial. Plastic bottles may look boring at first sight, but once you check this tutorial and learn how you can easily turn the bottles into a hedgehog planter, your whole view will change and you will want to recycle all of your plastic bottles from now on!

Project Source and Tutorial: susiequte

17. Make Your Own Toadstools For Your Garden!

Make Your Own Toadstools For Your Garden

These toadstools are so small that you might think they are made for hobbits, at first! Truth be told, that is precisely why the toadstools are so lovely and sought-after these days: they are small enough to serve as decorations, yet large enough for them to be practical and to actually allow you to sit on them. Here is a tutorial that will show you how to make your own mushroom-shaped stools for your backyard!

Project Source: twigandtoadstool

18. Check Out These Great Design Plans For A Raised Bed Garden!

Check Out These Great Design Plans For A Raised Bed Garden

Caring for a raised bed garden is indeed a bit more challenging and time-consuming than caring for a classic garden, but the truth is that all the effort will eventually pay off. There are many benefits to having a raised bed garden – you do not have to worry about pests and weeds, neither do you have to worry about snails and other insects that tend to wreak havoc on your precious plants! Here are some very useful designs and plans for a truly artistic raised bed garden, worthy of a real gardener!

Project Source: isavea2z

19. Make A Gnome Home!

Make A Gnome Home

If the concrete ladybug decoration mentioned above did not appeal to you, then you can always keep it classy and stick to the traditional garden gnomes. However, just like you need a house to live, so will the gnomes – here is a tutorial that will help you build an absolutely adorable house for your garden gnomes, one where your little “friends” will shield from the rain and bad weather! Check it out, grab your hammer and nails and let your inspiration simmer!

Project Source: snapguide

20. DIY Outdoor Seating

DIY Outdoor Seating

If you are the type of person who loves the great outdoors and who would not trade a day soaking in the sun for anything in the world, then rejoice – for this tutorial is specifically written for you! Here is how you can make the best of your outdoor seating space by making some crafty, homemade seats for your family and friends. The whole project should not take more than a couple of hours, and the results will certainly exceed your expectations!

Project Source: lenasekine

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