How to Make a Decorative Fish Pond From Old Tires

Nicole and Bianca CuteDIYprojects Blogger

A gorgeous pond that’s what! Now you can put all those old tires lying in your backyard to work and have your garden teeming with life in no time. And it doesn’t require an engineering degree either. All you need is a few materials, a couple of tools, and you’re good to go.

How to Make a Decorative Fish Pond From Old Tires


Lay your first tire on a flat surface, preferably on a cardboard box or old carpet. Use a hacksaw or sharp knife to cut off the sidewall facing you, creating a 3” rim. Do the same thing for both sidewalls of the second tire.


Use sand to fill the bottom of the first tire up to the bottom rim, and then use damp newspaper to waterproof its sides and bottom. Position the second tire, carry on with that meticulous waterproofing and finally slide in the polythene sheet. Feel free to top it up with some water now.


To fasten the polythene lining in place, clamp a flexible drainage pipe around the upper rim after sawing a slit along it. Make your pond even more eye-catching by forming a cage around it with wire mesh and add compost, from which you can grow all manner of plants.

And voila! Your very own fish pond. See the full tutorial here: instructables

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