How To Produce Over 6000 Lbs of Food on a 1/10th Acre Farm

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Have you ever considered growing your very own food but you thought that it was impossible? It is more than possible! As a matter of fact, it may actually be a way of life in the near future. If a family living in Los Angeles can do it, why not you. The Dervaes family live in Los Angeles in a tenth of an acre, just 15 minutes away from downtown Los Angeles. The size of land itself, isn’t what’s strange. What’s actually crazy, is that the Dervaes family manages to maintain an independent and sustainable urban farm, which even has lots of animals.

Annually, the Dervaes family produces about 900 chicken eggs, 1 000 duck eggs, 4,300 lbs of veggies, 25 pounds of honey and several pounds of seasonal fruits. There are more than 400 different species of plants. And that’s not all. They’ve everything they require to live off the land. Ranging from bees to beets, chickpeas to chickens.

How To Produce Over 6000 Lbs of Food on a 1/10th Acre Farm

What the Dervaes family doesn’t consume, they normally sell from the porch, which in turn earns them about $20 000 annually. Local organic foods are so popular that the family doesn’t have any problems whatsoever, finding customers. Even the chefs from the big restaurants, usually seek them out.

Given the output of this small farm, i tried to actually figure out exactly how big a tenth of an acre is. I used the website, and then i put some markers all around my home. I received a rough estimate that my home is about 0.062, but my math kind of seems wrong because my place actually looks way way smaller. All the same, it is interesting to know. You can click here and check to know what size your house/home is.

Check out the video below:

Urban Agroecoloy: 6,000 lbs of food on 1/10th acre

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