25 Marvelous Curb Appeal Ideas That Can Rejuvenate Your Home With Gorgeousness

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The front door or the porch are the very first elements of a home that come into play for welcoming one and all, and that’s why they must be appealing and of course, beautiful to look at. But over the years, things seem to lose their curb appeal and get all worn out and old. However, just a few steps of creative makeover can add new life to the same. Here are 25 Marvelous Curb Appeal Ideas That Can Rejuvenate Your Home With Gorgeousness.

13. Pallet Wood Front Porch

Pallet Wood Front Porch

No matter how worn out does your front porch look, a bunch of pallet woods can transform it from plain to enchanting. A dark walnut stain finish adds to the appeal of the beautifully arranged pallets.

DIY Details : redoredux-faywray

14. Spring into Summer Front Entry

Spring into Summer Front Entry

Freshen up the entry a bit for the spring season using some lovely large white hydrangeas resting in a huge pot installed in the corner of the porch. Accompany the flowers with a few pretty lanterns.

DIY Details : homedeco50

15. Modern House Number DIY

Modern House Number DIY

Ditch the standard formats and showcase your house numbers with a lot more personality with this incredible DIY. Faux grass forms a lovely backdrop for the numbers, highlighting them in absolute style.

DIY Details : abeautifulmess

16. $20 X Leg Bench

$20 X Leg Bench

As the title suggests, you don’t need to spend more than $20 to bring this X leg bench to life using a few basic supplies. All you need is a few wooden boards, a miter saw, a drill and appropriate safety gear.

DIY Details : sawdustgirl

17. What The Hellstrip

What The Hellstrip

Often forgotten, that area between the road and the sidewalk gets its much needed curb appeal with this stunning rock garden complete with artwork. You have got a variety of plants clubbed with big and small stones.

DIY Details : artofgardeningbuffalo

18. Recirculating Ceramic Pot Fountain

Recirculating Ceramic Pot Fountain

Worthy of making the neighbors envious, this recirculating ceramic pot gorgeousness makes sure the yard doesn’t stay dull anymore – thanks to the soothing appearance and sounds of a fountain.

DIY Details : tatertotsandjello

19. DIY Trellis Over the Garage Door

DIY Trellis Over the Garage Door

A DIY trellis up-games a regular garage door with perfection, specially when the door is painted bright blue with an Oyster Shell trim. And, the garage itself has been painted with Bonded Asphalt Gray in satin finish.

DIY Details : blueroofcabin

20. Completed Front Yard Garden

Completed Front Yard Garden

Right from removing the rocks from the base of the driveway to the front door and relaying brick edging to adding new gorgeous plants in the yard as well as gardening around the fence, this guide has you covered.

DIY Details : robin-happyathome

21. Painting Door Knobs

Painting Door Knobs

It doesn’t call for removing a single one of the hardware to upgrade them with a stunning paint. Plus, what’s great about the Krylon Rust Protector paint in oil rubbed bronze finish is that it dries within 8 minutes.

DIY Details : thespacebetweenblog

22. Build a Simple Entry Arbor

Build a Simple Entry Arbor

Highlighting it with a unique frame, arbors introduce so much more charm to the entryways. This bright white arbor is put together using a circular saw and miter box for precise cuts.

DIY Details : bhg

23. Front Porch Update

Front Porch Update

The lighting, the floor, the walls, the door and even that little door knob get a brand new look with this amazing guide on working out a spectacular front porch update. That vintage elephant next to the chair is the sure-shot star element!

DIY Details : bella-tucker

24. Mailbox Makeover

Mailbox Makeover

Best out of waste is what this mailbox makeover is all about – all credits to a standard white spray paint in a gloss finish getting its pop of color with adorable hollow hexagons painted in blue using some painter’s tape.

DIY Details : lollyjane

25. Staining a Concrete Walkway

Staining a Concrete Walkway

Two-toned concrete from Minnesota weather casts a magical spell on the walkaway when cut and rolled to cover the whole path, followed by coating it in a lovely Dutch Boy Concrete Stain.

DIY Details : hometalk

While adding a few basic planters can bring out utmost beauty to your front porch, a simple integration of new tiles and bright colors can get things going at other times. What you need is to put together one or more the above curb appeal ideas and voila!

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