Stay Warm And Cozy With These 35+ DIY Fire Pit Tutorials

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A fire pit is great for every garden or backyard - easy to install, versatile, portable and highly functional, fire pits are great for cooking or simply for warming yourself up during the chilly nights. However, a conventional fire pit can cost several thousand dollars, aside from the installation costs, therefore if you are the practical type who loves a good and interesting DIY project, you should consider making your own! Having a hard time finding blueprints and instructions on building your own fire pit? Then here you will find more than 35+ different DIY fire pit tutorials to try this weekend!

Stay Warm And Cozy With These 35+ DIY Fire Pit Tutorials

1. Weekend Project – The DIY Fire Pit!

Weekend Project – The DIY Fire Pit

Everybody loves a good DIY weekend project to try every now and then! However, making your own fire pit is not as easy as one may think at first sight, and if you have a very busy schedule, then you surely want to get over it as quickly as possible. This tutorial will help you make the best of your short spare time, and it will show you how to lay it down, brick by brick. All you need for your own backyard fire pit is several industrial bricks, some cement and a shovel to help you make some space for the new addition – the rest is history!

Project Source and Tutorial – boxycolonial

2. Basic DIY Fire Pit For Your Garden

Basic DIY Fire Pit For Your Garden

This is one of the easiest fire pit tutorials you will find on the Internet, and the unique fountain-like shape of this fire pit is versatile enough to be used for just about any type of garden or backyard. The fire pit is very spacious and its circular shape will keep all the wood inside, thus preventing the wind from scattering wood pieces all across your back yard. Besides, one of the most important benefits of this simple yet efficient fire pit is that you can easily create it without even using any cement to hold the bricks together, which will definitely save you both time and trouble!

Project Source and Tutorial – bridgman

3. Step By Step Tutorial To Build A Fire Pit

Step By Step Tutorial To Build A Fire Pit

If you have decided to build your own fire pit instead of buying one, then you will certainly need a good, detailed, in-depth and comprehensive guide to take you through every step of the process. Apart from telling you which building materials are the most suitable for your new DIY project, this highly detailed guide will also give you a plethora of useful tips and hints to help you extend the life of your newly built fire pit, and making it as aesthetically pleasant as possible – without overspending!

Project Source and Tutorial – thisoldhouse

4. Environmentally-Friendly Fire Pit!

This tutorial is specifically written for all the environmentally conscious homeowners who love the comfort and functionality of a traditional fire pit as we know it, yet who know that the human activity can have a devastating impact on the flora, fauna and the overall surrounding environment. Cement-based fire pits are anything but eco-friendly, as tearing them down is a very complicated process, and cement does not naturally decompose – the good news, however, is that you can opt for one of the many alternatives, if you want a high-quality and eco-friendly outdoor fireplace where you can relax and enjoy a freshly cooked meal with your friends. Check out this tutorial and let yourself be amazed!

Project Source and Tutorial – finecraftguild

5. Cheap But Professional!

Cheap But Professional

You might be tempted to think that making your own fire pit will cost you a small fortune – and that is totally understandable, given the hefty prices attached to fire pits at home & garden stores nowadays! However, one of the benefits of making your own fire pit is that you do not need to worry about the labor costs – since you will be making it all by yourself, the only thing to worry about is the materials. Here is a very well-written tutorial for those who want to build their own homemade fireplace, on a budget, with professional and high-quality materials.

Project Source and Tutorial – theartofdoingstuff

6. Make Your Own Concrete Fire Pit Bowl

Make Your Own Concrete Fire Pit Bowl

Fire pits come in tens of different shapes and models – some of them are buried deep into the ground, others are built on top of the ground, while others simply come in the form of a bowl. If you aim for the latter, then you should know that although concrete fire pit bowls are notorious for their ease of use, they cannot be used for cooking other than marshmallows. These fire pits have a rather aesthetic role than a functional one, but they are still a great choice for those who want to warm up their feet and legs whenever the winter gets a bit chilly! Having said that, the eHow tutorials are always very comprehensive, and this one is certainly no exception, so you should check it out!

Project Source and Tutorial – ehow

7. The Ultimate Fire Pit – The Low Rider!

The Ultimate Fire Pit – The Low Rider

This is definitely one of the most sought-after models of fire pits that you can come across – this fire pit features a circular shape, just like the one described above, but what makes it so special is that it is slightly buried into the ground. First and foremost, you must make sure that the ground is properly levelled – this must be done before you even start laying the first brick! Secondly, you must have some gravel to put inside the fire pit, as this will prevent the fire from burning the grass and destroying the lawn. Check out this tutorial for all the instructions that you need to follow, and all the safety precautions you must take before starting to build your own fire pit.

Project Source and Tutorial – theharpsterhome

8. Simple And Beautiful!

Simple And Beautiful

Some fire pits are more sophisticated than others, and they are certainly a great choice for modern homes with a very futuristic aspect – however, the simple, basic fire pits will never become obsolete, as they are fully functional and very easy to make. In a nutshell, you have two options when making your own fire pit: you can either opt for bricks, which are certainly easy to put one on top of the other, or you can opt for irregular stone pieces, for a more rustic and original appearance. If you want to go for the latter, then the chances are that you will need a round metal shape to hold everything in place – just as described in this tutorial, which is very easy to follow!

Project Source and Tutorial – bowerpowerblog

9. Build Your Own Concrete Fire Feature!

Build Your Own Concrete Fire Feature

As mentioned earlier, concrete is not the ideal material if you aim for an eco-friendly fire pit. Although it may not be ideal, it is certainly very affordable and very durable. As a matter of fact, one of the primordial benefits of concrete is that is designed to withstand even the harshest and most severe weather conditions – this is why it is perfect for outdoor constructions of any kind, and fire pits made of concrete are a great choice that will definitely last for tens of years. If you do not know where to start from, then this tutorial should give you an insight into how to make your own concrete-based fire feature, on a budget!

Project Source and Tutorial – diynetwork

10. Garden Fireplace With Bench

Garden Fireplace With Bench

What would be nicer than having your own fire place in your back yard? Having a bench where you can sit and relax, at the end of a demanding day! Fortunately, you can easily have both of them in the same package – and this tutorial will show you just how easy it is to make your own garden fireplace with a bench attached to it, where you can have a smoke, a drink or a chat with your friends. This is a very time-effective and easy project that is great for those who love the summer and who want to spend as much time soaking in the sun as possible!

Project Source and Tutorial – instructables

11. The Fastest Way To Build Your Own Fire Pit!

The Fastest Way To Build Your Own Fire Pit

Why spend money on a ready-made fire pit when you can make your own, in no more than four easy steps? That is right – four steps is all it takes to make yourself a tailored and customized fire pit. You can easily adjust the thickness of the fire pit’s walls, its overall size or diameter, based on your available backyard space, as well as on your own preferences. This would be impossible with a classic fire pit, as they come in a standard size! Check out this tutorial and follow these four easy steps – the result will definitely please you!

Project Source and Tutorial – abeautifulmess

12. Easy But Fancy DIY Fire Pit!

Easy But Fancy DIY Fire Pit

At first, you might think that those conventional concrete fire pits look very basic and unprofessional, but fortunately you can easily tweak and adjust them in such a manner that they will match the décor and style of any home! Here is a tutorial that, in addition to teaching you how to build your own concrete fire pit from zero, will also show you how you can easily add a round metal bowl to it, for the ultimate result. Modern fire pits cost a small fortune, and just because the basic concrete fire pits are more affordable, this does not mean you need to stick to them – on the contrary, you can combine “the best of both world” and this tutorial will show you how!

Project Credit and Tutorial – theinspiredroom

13. Beautiful Modern DIY Concrete Fire Pit

Beautiful Modern DIY Concrete Fire Pit

This is a very beautiful, modern and minimalist fire pit that will leave you breathless – and it is the perfect choice for those who do not fancy classic, wood-based fire pits and who are looking for a gas-based alternative. The tutorial will guide you through every step, from choosing (or building) your own concrete bowl, to selecting the most suitable river stones that will be placed inside the bowl. Once you have completed these two basic steps, you can light up your fire pit and enjoy its magic! This fire pit is not suitable for cooking, but at least it will keep you very warm at night – and it will also add to the value and aesthetics of your home and back yard, so it is certainly worth a shot!

Project Source and Tutorial – manmadediy

14. Table Top Fire Pit

Table Top Fire Pit

Who said that fire pits cannot serve more than just one purpose? If there is one thing more beautiful and practical than a conventional fire pit, that is a convertible one – a fire pit that can also double as a table top! During the day, you can turn the fire pit into a table top where you can serve your breakfast or coffee, and during the night you can use the fire pit to heat up or to roast some corn. This is a multi-purpose addition to your garden, one that will certainly help you save space. Versatile and very aesthetically pleasant at the same time, this convertible fire pit is an outstanding choice for those who want to stay on the practical side!

Project Source and Tutorial – thelilypadcottage

15. Make Your Own Fire Pit With Concrete Tree Rings!

Make Your Own Fire Pit With Concrete Tree Rings

If the classic brick design does not appeal to you, then do not despair, for there is always an alternative to that matter – and the tree rings are certainly one of the best choices available! Just as their name implies, these rings are designed to be perfectly connected to one another: you need to start by creating the smaller, inner ring and then gradually work your way to the larger outer ring, which will serve as the “shell” of the fire pit. You can easily fill up the space between the rings with some gravel, and you can add a small metal grill inside the pit, for maximum efficiency!

Project Source and Tutorial – instructables

16. Make Yourself A Stacked Stone Fire Pit!

Stone is one of the best fire pit materials you can opt for – not only is it very cost-effective and readily available at just about any home improvement store, but it is also extremely durable and it does not harm the environment in any way, as it is found in nature. The stacked stone fire pit looks very chic and futuristic, and it is super functional at the same time – what else could you wish for in a good and reliable fire pit?

Project Source and Tutorial – houzz

17. Make Yourself A Lovely Grill-Like Fire Pit!

Make Yourself A Lovely Grill-Like Fire Pit

If you want a fire pit that is actually functional and practical (one that you can truly use for cooking meat and enjoying a barbecue with your friends every now and then), then this amazing grill-like fire pit is everything you need. Basically, this is a stone/brick round fire pit on top of which you need to install a grill. The grill can then be used for preparing food whenever you want – the only downside of this type of fire pit is that cleaning it can be quite a chore sometimes, and the grill-gone-fire-pit is also quite high maintenance in the long run. Other than that, it is certainly an outstanding choice!

Project Source and Tutorial – instructables

18. Cheap And Entertaining Backyard Fire Pit

Cheap And Entertaining Backyard Fire Pit

The ideal fire pit should be fun and entertaining – while it is true that such an addition can make the price of your home sky-rocket, if you will ever decide to put your property on the market, the number one purpose of a classic fire pit as we know it is to entertain, to keep you warm and comfortable. If you want to enjoy all the benefits of a fire pit without spending a fortune on one, then you should definitely check out this tutorial, as it may totally change the way you see fire pits!

Project Source and Tutorial – thriftylittlemom

19. DIY Fire Pit Kit

DIY Fire Pit Kit

If you are bored of the conventional round shape of fire pits as we know them, then you can always opt for a square fire pit – it is a refreshing choice, not to mention that you can also add a grill to it, therefore it can serve a double purpose. You can use the basic version of the fire pit whenever you want to heat yourself up at night, and you can also add the grill to the fire pit whenever you feel like cooking or baking something outdoors. Summer is already here, and this awesome kit for making your own fire pit will certainly be a great addition to your outdoor kitchen, if you have one!

Project Source and Tutorial – redheadcandecorate

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