The Best 12 DIY Pool Ideas

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Nothing can add the much needed flair of freshness and comfort to your life in those scorching heats of summer than some chilling time in the cold and soothing waters of a swimming pool. Of course, one can’t head out for swimming everytime, and this makes it no less than a boon to have a pool just a few feet away from your doorstep. However, getting a swimming pool built in your backyard is often a deal of heaps and heaps of dollars, unless you put some creativity, construction skills and patience to incredible use and build a DIY Swimming Pool in your space. Here are 12 Truly Awesome yet Easy to Construct DIY Pool Ideas to Turn your Backyard into a Dose of Refreshment!

The Best 12 DIY Pool Ideas

1. Galvanized Stock Tank Turned DIY Pool

Galvanized Stock Tank Turned DIY Pool

Keeping the water super cool and fresh even during those hot summer afternoons, a galvanized stock tank can work miraculously well as a DIY Swimming Pool. This Galvanized Stock Tank Turned DIY Pool can let you have a relaxing time in the water, as well as the kids cherish those small swim sessions at their best, right there in your backyard. The best thing here is that up-cycling the livestock tank into a pool is a fairly easy deal, as showcased by Goods Home Design in the below visual guide. It’s all about a creative assembling of wooden panels or rough, rustic stones around the tank – something that totally depends on your whims and choices. Those huge tubs make it a truly inexpensive project to build a swimming pool for your space, unlike most professional pool constructions, that too in an insanely pretty fashion.

DIY Details : goodshomedesign

2. Pallet Outdoor Swimming Pool

Pallet Outdoor Swimming Pool

Here is something that has not only got the luxury of a chilling and comfortable swimming pool perfect for the outdoors, but also comes with a lovely wooden deck raised about two feet high from the ground – amazing enough to spend some quality time by the pool, sitting and enjoying some summer snacks! Plus, the pool one features a pretty rocking round shape made out of water proof plastic fabric with a vibrant blue interior. All you need to do to set everything up is create square wooden frames around the pool, which are further fitted with loads and loads of pallet slats in alternating vertical and horizontal patterns to create an external flooring. It also has three wooden stairs at one corner to make reaching the deck or the super awesome Pallet Outdoor Swimming Pool a lot more easier, even for the kiddos.

DIY Details : 101pallets

3. 22-Foot Dumpster to Backyard Swimming Pool

22-Foot Dumpster to Backyard Swimming Pool

Most of us perhaps, haven’t seen a better example of repurposing than this one-of-a-kind project that has a man transform a 22 Feet by 7 Feet Dumpster into a Backyard Swimming Pool, not spending more than 3500 dollars for achieving this unique Best out of Waste. The key elements of the transformation were digging a huge hole in the backyard to fit the dumpster in, making it rust resistant with the help of some primer and paints, followed by softening the structure’s rough edges to make it suitable for the family. The end results are simply fabulous, having a wooden frame support around the pool that also works as an amazing poolside seating, hiding the dumpster with utmost grace within. And not to forget, this one also features a poolside shower space as an added bonus!

DIY Details : americanoverlook

4. Plans to Build a Swimming Pool with Pallets

Plans to Build a Swimming Pool with Pallets

You would wonder how a few wooden pallets when put together in a square-shaped arrangement, form a gorgeous swimming pool with a rustic appeal, ideal for just about any backyard, no matter what’s the stretch of your space. The insides of the pool have been covered by a strong plastic sheet to make it leakage-proof as well as to bring about a soothing blue touch to the project. Entering the pool is not a matter of worry too, as you can always build a small ladder next to it, which is also made out of wooden pallets. All you need to do is to cut and stack them, followed by covering the stairs with a nice rug, artificial turf or a carpet. Check out the visual plans in the below guide by DIY Pallet Furniture to recreate your very own versions of the Pallet Swimming Pool

DIY Details : diypalletfurniture

5. Shipping Container Pool

Shipping Container Pool

Building a swimming pool at home all by yourself by putting some random stuff to innovative use might seem a simple affair, just like this awesome Shipping Container Pool that has been built in-ground, but we often tend to forget the maintenance problems that follow with time. Taking care that the pool doesn’t catch rust or preventing the water from getting loaded with unwanted sand particles are just some of the issues you need to pay attention to. Right from installing appropriate filters and heaters, to painting the pool at regular intervals, to fitting in efficient water pumps, and making sure that the plumbing doesn’t get broken or worn out, the below guide by The Epic takes you through a lot of other things that are significant for a great in-ground pool maintenance, making it a piece of cake for you to keep your DIY Pool bright and shining!

DIY Details : theepic.wordpress

6. A Step-By-Step Guide to Building a Natural Swimming Pool

A Step-By-Step Guide to Building a Natural Swimming Pool

Introduce a wonderful twist to the idea of creating a swimming pool for your backyard all by yourself, by letting things follow a close-to-nature route instead of all those tiles and concrete. This amazing Step-By-Step Guide to Building a Natural Swimming Pool goes for gravel stone and clay in place of concrete, while harmful chemicals have been replaced by natural aquatic plants. What a beautifully serene and eco-friendly pool it is that not only proves to be fun, natural and refreshing, but also extremely budget-friendly, getting it all done in no more than two thousand dollars. The below guide takes you through the few simple steps it takes to construct the pool from the very scratch in utmost detail, right from plotting and digging the yard, to planning for filtration and circulation, sealing the pool, integrating pretty plants, and lastly, maintaining your thing of wonder!

DIY Details : iseeidoimake

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