Top 25 Gift Ideas For Star Wars-Fanatic Dads!

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“Luke, I am your father!” – we are all more than familiar with that Star Wars line, which is perhaps the most famous one. It has been almost fourty years since the epic space franchise Star Wars was released, and it never ceases to amaze us – the story line, the characters and all the frenzy that followed after the movie was released will always be remembered! There are millions of Star Wars fans all over the world who are anxiously waiting for the next sequel to be released – Star Wars Episode VII, The Force Awakens – and if your father is one of them, then here you will find no less than 25 super duper awesome gifts for Father’s Day! Check them out and choose the one your geeky father will appreciate the most, because there is no better gift than a handmade or even a readily available Star Wars-themed one!

Top 25 Gift Ideas For Star Wars-Fanatic Dads!

1. The Death Star Ice Cube

The Death Star Ice Cube

Every Star Wars fan is familiar with the galactic superweapon The Death Star – this is basically a fictional spacecraft that was present in George Lucas’ franchise, and that served as inspiration for countless of gifts and decorative items, the Death Star Ice Cube described here being only one of them! If your dad loves a good old cold whiskey during a hot summer day, then this might as well turn out to be the best gift. This is basically a premium-quality ice ball mold maker that can create 2.4-inch ice balls that gently melt in the whiskey glass. This is a very practical and versatile gift that is suitable for a plethora of different occasions – it is great fo Father’s Day, Christmas, Easter and so forth.

The product comes with a lifetime warranty, and the best thing about it is that it also comes with a money-back guarantee, in case you are not fully satisfied (although it looks awesome and your dad will be thrilled!). Besides, just imagine how awesome your dad is going to look when drinking his whiskey from his favorite glass, with two giant Death Star ice cubes in them!

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2. Vader’s Little Princess

Vader’s Little Princess

Princess Leia was definitely one of the most remarkable and charming characters in the Star Wars series – but then again, so was Darth Vader! The Vader’s Little Princess book is actually the sequel to Darth Vader and Son, which turned out to be a bestseller. This is an awesome gift for just about any Star Wars fan – it does not matter if you plan on giving it to your father on Father’s day, or to your sister on her birthday, for the effect is guaranteed!

In a nutshell, Vader’s Little Princess is about the joys and the challenges Vader has to cope with when raising his daughter, Princess Leia, who turns out to be quite a rebellious teen. The book features a wealth of super funny and appealing illustrations that perfectly replicate the relationship between these two notable characters, and they also highlight the iconic family relations. Overall, it is safe to say that Vader’s Little Princess will certainly bring a smile on your father’s face – who thought Darth Vader has such awesome parenting skills?!

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3. Darth Vader And Son

Darth Vader and Son

Darth Vader and Son is actually the prequel to the book mentioned above, and this time the bestselling book highlights the adventures of Darth Vader and his son, Luke. Sweet, childish and funny at the same time. Darth Vader and Son is a very amusing approach to the classic relationship between the two Star Wars characters, as it was depicted in the series. The Dark Lord of the Sith is not as scary and bad as everyone might think – on the other hand, this book will depict him as nothing but a misunderstood father that is actually very good at heart, and the lovely illustrations present in this comic book will give the plot a brand new twist that will delight the reader.

The joys of parenting are the same, be it on Earth or in the distant corner of the Galaxy – although the Darth Vader and Son book is a great standalone gift, it is even better when combined with Vader’s Little Princess, as both books are designed to highlight the unique connection between a father and his children – in the funniest manner possible! You never thought you’d see Darth Vader in this position, did you?

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4. Awesome Darth Vader Apron!

Awesome Darth Vader Apron

If you want to add a bit of spice and joy to your dad’s kitchen experience, then this awesome Darth Vader apron is definitely a great choice. Not only is it made from comfortable and breathable cotton of the highest quality (which makes it very easy to wear during summer), but it is also fully machine-washable and it is even an officially licensed character apron!

This is the best gift for a Star Wars fanatic dad who knows that one can never have too many Star Wars-themed collectibles. Besides, it comes with an affordable price too, so what are you waiting for? Your dad will definitely cook super-powered barbeques while wearing this apron – it is said to give people magic powers, especially when combined with a laser sword and the classic Darth Vader mask!

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5. Best Dad In The Galaxy T-Shirt

Best Dad In The Galaxy T-Shirt

If your dad is a proud geek and a huge Star Wars fan, then this “Best Dad In The Galaxy” T-shirt is a great choice for Father’s Day. Made from high-quality cotton that can be easily washed either in the washing machine or by hand, this T-shirt will make a very fine addition to the wardrobe of every Star Wars lover who is not afraid to “wear his heart on his sleeve” – or his Star Wars passion, for that matter! Basic, casual and super easy to match with just about any outfit, this cool T-shirt will make every father stand out from the crowd – and will attract the approvals of other Star Wars fans, too! Luke Skywalker would definitely be envious!

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6. Awesome Darth Vader T-Shirt

Awesome Darth Vader T-Shirt

Do you think your dad really is the best father in the Universe, and you are looking for a gift that expresses just that? Then look no further than this cool #1 Dad t-shirt, featuring the one and only – Darth Vader! Although in the Star Wars series Darth Vader may not come off as the world’s best father, he certainly cares a lot about Luke and he makes sure to show that whenever he has the chance to. This is only one of the many reasons why Darth Vader will always be popular amongst Star Wars fans! Besides the fact that it depicts one of the most controversial (and appealing) characters in the Star Wars franchise, this T-shirt is also pretty cheap and offers a great quality for the money, therefore it is great for kids who have a tight budget but who want to make their fathers feel like they are truly special!

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7. Darth Vader Trophy For The Best Father In The Galaxy!

Darth Vader Trophy For The Best Father In The Galaxy

As you may have figured out by now, Darth Vader is quite a popular character amongst the passionate Star Wars fans, and for a good reason – if you want to conquer the Galaxy and to “join the dark side”, then this cool miniature Darth Vader trophy will help you achieve just that. Not to mention that it will also help you express your care, love and appreciation for your father, who is certainly one of the most important people in every girl’s life.

Overall, this “Best Father In The Whole Galaxy” trophy is great for fathers who love to collect miniature trophies and other decorations, especially since it is stylized and pretty awesome – moreover, it is so small that your dad can basically display it everywhere, be it in the master bedroom or even at work, on his office! In the end, there is nothing coolest than a Star Wars fan who is not afraid to show it!

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8. Darth Vader Toaster

Darth Vader Toaster

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and I for one love to have a delicious and nutritious breakfast! However, if you got tired of the same old French toast that looks dull and boring, then you should definitely give this amazing Darth Vader toaster a try. Not only does this cool toaster come in the shape of Darth Vader’s helmet, but it will create lovely toast bread with the Star Wars logo on them – what else can a Star Wars geek possibly wish for, for breakfast? Super compact and fun to use, this Darth Vader toaster is one of the best gifts you can buy your dad for Father’s Day, and he will definitely be delighted to use it for years to come.

All you have to do is to carefully place the bread slices in and to push the button – in less than two minutes, you will get your hot, fresh toast that are ready to be eaten with some peanut butter or jelly! I must admit that this is one of my all-time favorites, when it comes to Star Wars-related gift – you simply cannot go wrong with this one!

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9. The Ultimate Cooking Apron!

The Ultimate Cooking Apron

Cooking aprons are functional and practical, nobody can argue that – however, what if you could opt for a truly revolutionary apron that will radically change the way your father cooks? This can be achieved only with the Darth Vader-themed apron that will give your dad super-powers to make the best French fries, salads or steaks. You do not need to take our word for it, just check out this Star Wars apron and see for yourself.

The apron is very easy to wash and adjust/customize, so your dad can easily adjust it based on his own measurements, no matter if he wears L or XL – the apron can be easily tied behind the back and there you have it! Prepare the barbecue instruments and get ready to party, “the force is strong in this one”!

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10. The Complete Star-Wars Saga!

The Complete Star-Wars Saga

Ever since the first Star Wars episode was launched back in 1977, the saga has managed to attract tens of millions of fans all over the world. Since 1977, five more episodes have been released, and the latest episode (Episode VII) is expected to be released this year. However, one thing is for sure: there are Star Wars fans that can see the entire saga over and over again, without getting bored of it. This is how you can recognize a true fan! If your dad is one of them, then this gift is by far one of the best ones you can opt for – the complete episodes available in a Blu-Ray edition.

Ideally, you should wait until the latest episode comes out as well, but then again, there is nothing more pleasant or relaxing than re-watching the entire series, during a rainy weekend when you just feel like sitting at home, eating popcorn and watching your favorite series all day long! Fathers deserve what is best, and this is definitely one of the coolest gifts available on Amazon.

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11. Darth Vader Socks

Darth Vader Socks

Every passionate Star Wars fan has at least one Star Wars-themed clothing item, be it a jacket or a plain T-shirt, and if your father is one of them, then all that is missing for a really cool intergalactic outfit is a pair of nice Darth Vader socks for the World’s Greatest Dad! These socks come in an elegant black color that can be easily matched with almost any pair of shoes or trousers, and they are machine-washable. Besides, they are made from a lightweight and breathable material that allows your feet to breathe during the day, thus preventing unpleasant smells.

Every superhero dad spends several hours at work, and he could certainly use an energy boost – such as the one given by these awesome Darth Vader socks that remind him just how much his girl/boy cares about him! Besides, you can find just about any size, ranging all the way from 6 to 12, all you have to do is to add the right size to your shopping cart and proceed to check-out – you are done with the whole thing in less than two minutes! Star Wars power!

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12. Adult Stormtrooper Costume – Best Choice For Halloween!

Adult Stormtrooper Costume – Best Choice For Halloween

Who said that adults do not like to dress up every now and then? No matter if you are looking for an awesome Halloween costume or if you just want a cool outfit for the next Comic Con convention (a convention that every proud geeky father should attend at least once!), the adult Stormtrooper costume is definitely a great choice! The costume perfectly replicates the well-known Stormtroopers present in the Star Wars series, and not only does it come with a comfortable jumpsuit, but it also features a full injection-molded armor set! How cool is that?

Besides, the costume also comes with a collector’s edition helmet (which means that your dad can actually use the helmet as a decoration, when he is not wearing the suit!), along with special Stormtrooper gloves, lower-back pieces, a belt and a codpiece. In other words, this costume has everything a true Star Wars fan could possibly ask for!

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13. Darth Vader Slippers!

Star Wars Darth Vader Slippers

These Darth Vader slippers can be worn around the house or in the shower – regardless, they are a great choice for Father’s Day. These are basically officially Star Wars-licensed slippers that are made from polyester of the highest quality, they are available in two sizes (large and small) and they can be worn both by men and by women, given the fact that they feature a unisex design. Comfortable and super warm at the same time, these Darth Vader slippers come with a great, snug fit and the classic Darth Vader helmet close to the toenails – they are actually the perfect gift not only for Father’s Day, but also for both of your parents if they are Star Wars fans.

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14. Fluffy Chewbacca Slippers!

Fluffy Chewbacca Slippers

Chewbacca is perhaps one of the most underrated characters in the entire Star Wars series, when the truth is that Chewbacca is really awesome from all points of view! Recently, a line of sweaters made from “Chewbacca’s fur” was released on the market, and it became extremely successful amongst Star Wars fans, so if you are a devoted fan as well, you might want to get these warm and fluffy Chewbacca slippers as well.

Available in four different adult sizes (ranging all the way from small and medium to large and extra large), these slippers are furry, warm, fluffy and, most importantly, they even feature Chewbacca’s face on them! If your dad always has cold feet and he does not like that (but then again, who does?!), then these awesome Chewbacca slippers will definitely help him warm up. Besides the fact that these slippers are a great and practical gift for every Star Wars fan, it is also quite affordable as well!

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15. Chewbacca Bathrobe!

Chewbacca Bathrobe

Awesome, awesome, awesome! If there is one thing cooler than the Chewbacca slippers, that has to be this fluffy Chewbacca bathrobe – although these two pieces would actually go perfectly together. This cool bathrobe is made from high-quality cotton, it can be easily washed and dried and it will keep you warm when you get out of the shower. Besides this, the bathrobe is also available in a universal size that fits most of the adults, therefore you do not need to worry about it if you do not know your father’s size. He will definitely appreciate this heartfelt and well-thought gift, and it will serve as an outstanding addition to his devoted collection of Star Wars pieces!

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16. Autographed Star Wars Photo!

Autographed Star Wars Photo

Every passionate Star Wars fan must have at least one autographed photo in his collection of themed objects. The value of these collectibles has sky-rocketed over the past four decades, so who knows just how much this awesome autographed photo will cost, 50 years from now? Besides the actual value of the photo, there is a lot of “emotional value” that comes with it as well, and this is only one of the many aspects that make this Star Wars photo stand out from the crowd.

If your daddy is the type of fan who never misses a chance to collect a Star Wars-themed shirt, helmet, laser sword, costume or any other decorative element, then this autographed photo will definitely look great on your desk. Besides, the photo is actually a vintage photo featuring all the classic characters as we all know them, so you can never go wrong with it!

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17. Printed Star Wars Poster!

Printed Star Wars Poster

This is a really cool giant Star Wars printed poster that can easily serve as a wallpaper for your dad’s master bedroom – provided that your mother does not mind! Every Star Wars fanatic should have his own “little piece of heaven” where he can collect all the Star Wars pieces, but we all know that no collection would ever be complete without a giant poster that compliments the whole thing.

This is it, the ultimate poster that features some really cool visual effect and some of the most important characters in the saga, like the famous Master Yoda, Luke or Princess Leia. Not only can your father glue or tape this cool poster directly onto the walls of his room, but he can also frame it, if he wants to preserve it over the years.

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18. Portable Death Star Bluetooth Speaker

Portable Death Star Bluetooth Speaker

This Death Star Bluetooth Speaker is definitely a must-have for every Star Wars fanatic – aside from the fact that it features the iconic and unmistakeable Death Star, this wireless speaker is very lightweight, it is Star Wars-licensed and it can be easily coupled with any smartphone. Your dad can use it either at home or at the office – besides, he can also install it in his car and stream his favorite tunes whenever he feels like it! Although it may seem a bit small at first sight, the truth is that portable Death Star Bluetooth Speaker is rather powerful and it delivers an impressive, crystal clear and crisp sound.

If you really want to take him by surprise, then you should consider combining this Bluetooth speaker with the Death Star ice cube mentioned above – now that would really be an awesome gift for Father’s Day, don’t you think?

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19. Star Wars Key Chain

Star Wars Key Chain

Soon after the first episode of the Star Wars saga was released, countless items were made for fans who wanted to carry the Star Wars legacy with them, wherever they went – and this cool and simple key chain is only one of them. This is a basic chain that does not necessarily stand out, but that will help every true fan carry “the force” with him, all the time – besides, it can turn out to be a great gift for every father that has a keen eye for detail, and that knows how to appreciate the small but finer things in life!

The keychain comes with enamel colors that are baked on, in order to prevent them from peeling, cracking or fading away, and it also comes with a super useful clip that can double as a zipper pull. Overall, this cool key chain is a cost-effective, practical and lovely gift for every father that takes great pride in being a Star Wars-fanatic!

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20. Star Wars SunShade

Star Wars SunShade

This Star Wars accordion-style sunshade is the perfect gift for fathers who love to drive and who live in dry and hot climates – we all know how annoying it is to forget your car out in the sun, only to realize that it turned into a sauna, next time you get inside your vehicle! To prevent that from happening, all you need is an accordion sunshade that can be easily folded and unfolded whenever needed.

Given its unique folding style, this sunshade is very easy to store whenever you do not use it, it is rather space-effective and it also comes with useful elastic straps that make sure the sunshade stays folded during storage. This is an officially Star Wars-licensed product that every passionate fan must have!

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21. Star Wars Knife Block

Star Wars Knife Block

This is by far one of the coolest Star Wars-themed gifts and collectibles you can find on Amazon, and it is perfect for fathers who are in love with the franchise, and who are also very fond of cooking. Why not combine these two awesome passions, in one? This is how these amazing Star Wars knives were born – these products are officially licensed and they come with a cool X-wing block that not only stores all the knives in an efficient manner, but that also looks super cool and futuristic at the same time.

Besides, the knives are made from high quality stainless steel that are very easy to clean and that will certainly maintain their aspect and sharpness throughout the years. The set includes a utility knife, a paring knife, a cook’s knife, a bread knife as well as a carving knife – in other wars, it simply has everything a chef could ever wish for!

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22. Lightsaber Barbecue Tongs With Sounds!

Lightsaber Barbecue Tongs With Sounds

This is another awesome gift every Star Wars fan should have in his kitchen – these barbecue tongs are not the average tongs you are accustomed to, for they are officially licensed by the movie franchise! Aside from their unique and appealing design that every fan will appreciate, these barbecue tongs also come with super realistic sound effects, they have a heatproof plastic handle and they also come with a red storage case that resembles the color and the effect of the classic laser sword that was so popular in the Star Wars episode. Your dad can easily turn into a Jedi whenever he steps into the kitchen with these awesome barbecue tongs with sound effects!

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23. Darth Vader BBQ Fork

Darth Vader BBQ Fork

If the lightsaber-style barbecue fork mentioned above is too plastic-ish, then this metal Darth Vader BBQ fork is certainly a lot more durable and sturdy – and your dad will appreciate it! Having said that, this Darth Vader-style fork comes with a special handle that is carefully crafted in such a manner that it resembles Darth Vader’s famous lightsaber hilt, and it also comes with a secondary hanging handle for extra grip. Made from stainless steel, this Darth Vader BBQ fork is a great choice for every Star Wars fan who loves a good grill every now and then – and who wants to stay true to his favorite movie franchise!

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24. Darth Vader Self-Stirring Mug!

Darth Vader Self-Stirring Mug

If your father is a big coffee lover and he is looking for a brand new Star Wars-themed, then this might be one of the best gifts he will receive in his entire life. In a nutshell, this is a Star Wars mug that stirs and spins itself – so whenever you add instant coffee or cocoa powder inside the cup, you do not have to worry about manually mixing it all together. The cup will do it all by itself, thus saving your father a lot of time and hassles! Your dad will not have to worry about coffee or cocoa residue left on the bottom of the mug ever again!

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25. Coolest Dad Shirt!

Coolest Dad Shirt

If there is one thing cooler than Darth Vader in the entire Universe, that is certainly your father – and here is a t-shirt that will prove just that! This awesome t-shirt is made entirely from cotton and it features taped shoulers and neck, along with bottom hems and double-needle sleeve. Moreover, the shirt is specifically designed to eliminate the center crease and to ensure a perfect, warm fit – the shirt comes with a great price-quality ratio and it will definitely look good in your Star Wars-fanatic dad’s wardrobe!

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The Bottom Line

To conclude, Star Wars is one of the greatest – if not the best – franchise ever created. The movie has been fascinating its fans for almost half a century, and it will certainly not stop anytime soon! If your father is a Star Wars aficionado and he is always on the lookout for new collectibles and wearable items that can “feed his guilty little pleasure”, then these top 25 Father’s Day gift ideas for Star Wars-fanatic dads are great inspiration sources!

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