20 Halloween Party Decoration Ideas Making Your Guests Skip A Breath

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Feeling a little nervous about what to do for making this year’s Halloween get-together party great with some amazing decorations that go just perfect with the essence of the day?

There’s absolutely no doubt in the fact that a memorable Halloween celebration has got a wonderful home decor as a must-have element to making it a smashing hit. A little ghost hanging around the door, a spooky yet pretty centerpiece for the treats table, a bunch of jack-o-lanterns, or simply a group of creepy spiders that seem to be crawling on the walls – these are just a few awesome things that make everything much more integrated with the spirit of the festival.


20 Halloween Party Decoration Ideas Making Your Guests Skip A Breath

These 20 Halloween party decoration ideas have got you covered, helping you gain a quick insight into some of the best and easy-to-achieve decor inspirations that not only look so incredible when it comes to making your guests miss a breath, but also come for a surprisingly budget-friendly deal. And of course, even if you haven’t got loads of time to craft pieces of intricate beauty for the party, you can get them all done in just a few hours, or even minutes!

1. DIY : Lace It Up

DIY : Lace It Up

We promise this is one one heck of a totally pain-free Halloween party decoration ideas, and simply by taking a look at the picture above, you don’t even need to learn how it has been put together! The more than gorgeous candles adorned with delicate lace has got a dark and spooky touch to it, all because of that deep black hue of the lace and that contrasting glow that hits the space from the interior of that lacey blanket. It’s actually simple glass candles that are wrapped with black lace trim, making the whole house brighten up with intricately designed shadows coming from the pattern of the lace. Place the candles along the front porch, use them to decorate the mantel or simply double them up as table centerpieces for a nice get together with friends and family, they are not going to miss making a mark. Grab a black lace trim and cut it to match the size of the perimeters of your candles. A little thread goes for overlapping the edges of the candles and adhering the lace in place calls for a few small stitches.

Decor Source : bigangofficial

2. DIY Glow-In-The-Dark Pumpkins

Gather as many pumpkins as you would like – ranging from huge gourds to tiny little ones, from the traditional orange color to all kinds of candy and pastel hues, from a regular spherical veggie to ones coming with weird shapes, and head towards transforming them from simple to absolutely extraordinary! Yes, you can make those fall pumpkins actually glow in the dark and add an unforgettable charm to your Halloween night, catching all ooohhhss and aahhs from everyone who hits the party. The best part? Apart from the pumpkins themselves, you don’t need to collect more than one simple supply to get the splendour going. All it takes is a bunch of glow fabric paint tubes in different colors and of course, a little bit of your artistic skills coming into play. Whether it’s lovely flowers, adorable ghost faces, delicate designs, constellations of stars, lots of colorful dots, or simply a random kind of sketch – you can draw just about anything you want on the gourds using the paint tubes without even striving for perfection. And, the moment the lights go off, the pumpkins  begin to glow in the dark.

Decor Source : facebook.com/cutediyprojects/

3. Halloween Glow Stick Crafts

Halloween Glow Stick Crafts

How about having some empty cardboard containers disguise as friendly ghosts that have got glowing eyes? Or transforming simple balloons as glow-in-the-dark creatures? If that wasn’t amazing enough, this hack has also got a foam ball spider with glowing colorful feel crawling around your house, as well as some clear plastic cups sporting an unearthly glow yet again. What all you are going to need to forge the glow stick balloons includes lots of white latex balloons, a black permanent marker, and some glow sticks. Speaking of the glow in the dark cup bowling, you need to gather some white or clear plastic cups, glow sticks, clear tape, permanent marker, and a ball or a bean bag. A pen, scissor, cardboard containers and some glow sticks are required for making glow stick spooky eyes. The totally non-messy inspiration for an adorably spooky Halloween party decoration is so easy to pull off that even the kiddos can help you out with festive preparations. Check out the idea and the detailed steps to work up the craft as shared by She Knows with appropriate visual instructions.

Decor Source : sheknows

4. DIY Cardboard Halloween Decor

  DIY Cardboard Halloween Decor

Make even your staircase celebrate the deadly and spooky essence of Halloween with a bunch of DIY ghost or zombie hands sticking out from the bannister of the stairs, worthy enough of turning your house into quite a bone-chilling shelter to let the guests party this year. This easy-to-forge and quick-to-achieve tutorial shared by Jay’s Cup guides you through making your very own DIY cardboard Halloween decor arms using a few pieces of old cardboard boxes laying around the house, along with a few craft tools like a pair of scissors, some metallic and acrylic paint, and a marker or a pen. In fact, you have got many other options to adorn the space with the frightening arms – one of them is a zombie barricade that’s also worked up with strips of cardboard. cardboard. You need to draw a few lines on the board and cut the strips out, further taping them over a window. Those hands coming out from the gaps between the strips are done with white poster board and a splash of black paint. Some cardboard knives covered in fake blood hanging from the shelf on the wall takes it to next levels altogether.

Decor Source : jayscup

5. Creepy Potions Bottles

  Creepy Potions Bottles

Freaking everyone out at the Halloween celebration by letting them know you are quite skilled at witchcraft comes likes a piece of cake with this decoration idea that places a bundle of super creepy potions bottles right at the table! Of course, it’s a mere thing of decor and only going to grab you some rounds of applause for the creativity invested. What makes things sport a spookylicious vintage appeal here is the variety of bottles and jars used to store the potion, each of which comes with unique designs of their very own. Printed out on plain paper, the labels look oh so authentic when bent on curved jars after they get a few tweaks, including distressing the edges by holding the paper to a candle flame or sprinkling some baby powder on the sheet. The brown, curled up edges add so much more to the overall appearance of the centerpiece. One of the bottles houses Spiderweb slurry that’s clear water and some batting, while most of them are simply a combination of water and bright food coloring. To make the whole process a lot more easier for you, this tutorial by Tikkido also shares appropriate links to free printables of the labels that have been used to wrap the potion bottles with.

Decor Source : tikkido

6. DIY Printed Halloween Candles

DIY Printed Halloween Candles

Here’s a clear showcase of the fact that special effects don’t always require a whole lot of special tools to come to life! Specially when it comes to crafting some scary-looking Halloween candles to make the house slathered in a skully charm. These DIY printed candles are based on image transfer technique where you transfer a design to wax candles with the help of some tissue paper – sounds quite fun to work up a truly inexpensive decor idea. No more than seven simple supplies, specifically, some pillar candles, tissue paper, an ink jet printer, some paper, a glue stick, some scotch tape, and a hair dryer are all the finished candles call for. Taking a look at the simple steps that go into the making of these stunning candles, you are already going to rush to make your very own versions of them. Let’s head to the tutorial shared by Gina Michele and get your hands on the project that the whole family is going to fall in love with.

Decor Source : gina-michele

7. Halloween Jar Luminaries

  Halloween Jar Luminaries

Glass jars yet again get transformed into lavishly decorative displays with these Halloween Jar Luminaries that work wonders to make that path through your yard that reaches your front door glow with golden-orange light, or simply make the dining table look a lot more glorious with these luminaries resting in the middle. Oh yes, you can also customize the patterns flaunted by these luminaries according to your own whims and tastes. They’re pretty quick to make and the supplies are all really budget-friendly – you will need to collect a few glass jar with their label removed, some Mod Podge, a sponge brush, a sheet of tissue paper, some black construction paper, a pair of scissors, and some glitter if you want to add a little element of glam and shine to your luminaries. The jars are first, layered with pieces of tissue paper and sprinkled with glitter, further adhering silhouettes made with black construction paper onto the jars. You can go for flying bats, jack-o-lantern faces, cute ghosts or anything you can imagine when it comes to the cut out shapes.

Decor Source : gleefulthings

8. Halloween Chair Decoration

  Halloween Chair Decoration

Give a chic makeover to a regular chair and make it not just interesting to look at, but also absolutely Halloween-spirited! A large sewing needle, lots and lots of white standard coffee filters, a thin ribbon or string, some Kraft paper, a black satin ribbon for the bows, creative creepy embellishments like a spider or bats, and a printable Halloween sign shared in the below tutorial by DIY Network along with the super easy steps of construction work amazingly well when assembled together for getting the decoration done more like a child’s play. Folding each of the coffee filters in an innovative technique, followed by stringing and stitching the filters together to get a garland-like formation is the key to the project. The garland when ready to work up the length of the back of the chair is to be decorated with the Happy Halloween sign printed on a nice Kraft paper. You can attach the sign to the chair using some hot glue or a tape, adding the final touches of beauty with a satin ribbon bow tied to each end of garland and a creepy plastic spider resting on the coffee filters.

Decor Source : diynetwork

9. How to Make a Faux Dripping Candelabra

  How to Make a Faux Dripping Candelabra

Candle glow coming from those battery-operated pretties gets all new meanings when accompanied with a gorgeous dripping candelabra! If you are wondering how battery operated candles can have wax dripping down the sides, this Faux Dripping Candelabra is the perfect answer to all your doubts. Plus, the surprisingly realistic appeal it has got and the kind of beauty it comes with, makes it appropriate to rest on the mantel for a one-of-a-kind element of decoration for the season of Halloween. How to create a faux dripping candelabra using a few simple tools and supplies, including an X-acto knife, PVC pipe, a piece of styrofoam, candle stands, a few glue sticks, and some wax paper is showcased by DIY Network in the below tutorial with detailed pictures and instructions. Those lovely wax drops travelling down the candle is actually lots of hot glue applied to the top of the PVC candle and its sides mimicking the way a real melted candle appears. The reusable, totally safe candles can be clubbed together and placed on mismatched candleholders to establish that haunted house or graveyard scene.

Decor Source : diynetwork

10. Halloween Scary Jars

Halloween Scary Jars

Spruce up the mantel or the decorative wall shelves with a super eerie ghostly craft that allows you to welcome your visitors for the Halloween party with quite a scary twist. Halloween scary jars flaunt some creepy looking and weird altered portraits that makes them look exceptionally ghoulish. To get that done, the author used some vintage portraits from The Graphics Fairy and gave them the ghostly twist by painting the eyes with glow-in-the-dark paint using a tiny paint brush. The pictures when taped  to the insides of the jars and adorned with some spooky cloth as well as a few dead branches on the outside become all set to send some chills down the spines. Take a look at how you can make these jars at home, following a handful of detailed yet simple steps explained by Carolyn’s Homework in the below tutorial. The level of spook that these jars sport is surely not meant for home with little kiddos or even for the faint-hearted.

Decor Source : carolynshomework

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