20+ Incredibly Adorable Yet Simple DIY Pet Costume Ideas for Halloween

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A lot of people want to include their pets in the festivities of the Halloween season, but store-bought attires can be somewhat expensive. With just some basic stuff and a bit of imagination, you can create a damn good costume for your four-legged buddy and save megabucks, while simultaneously impressing everyone with your artistic skills. Scroll down to get inspired by some of the most awesome DIY Pet costume ideas for this Halloween.

13. The Very Best 3-Legged Lioness – Pet Dog Costume

The Very Best 3-Legged Lioness – Pet Dog Costume

If you have a special pet that possesses only 3 legs, there’s nothing that can stop them from participating in a jovial Halloween party flaunting an attractive costume crafted in a manner that will not affect your little friend’s balance or posture. This 3-legged lioness costume has been designed to suit their extraordinary abilities and work as a reflection of their bravery. Check out how Cynthia created this cute attire for her 3-legged dog, Isabelle to get truly inspired.

Project Credit and DIY Details : coolest-homemade-costumes

14. Homemade Dog Pirate Costume

Homemade Dog Pirate Costume

This one is a remarkable creative costume that gets your dog dressed up as Jack Sparrow and his Pirate using a marvellous mannequin head rest on his butt. To add to the charm of the costume, the project makes them carry a treasure chest full of precious jewels, gold and silver on the back ! To gain an insight into how a raw idea has been transformed into a magical Halloween ensemble, check out this interesting video and the accompanying instructions.

Project Credit and DIY Details : coolest-homemade-costumes

15. High Flying Snoopy Versus The Red Baron Pet Dog Costumes

High Flying Snoopy Versus The Red Baron Pet Dog Costumes

You must have heard about the epic fight between Snoopy and The Red Baron. If you like the high-flying battle concept and are fond of airplanes, then why not turn your pets into the legendary characters and build them some plane-themed costumes. If you follow the detailed steps as explained in this tutorial by Allison at Coolest-homemade-costumes, making the incredible costumes will seem a child’s play !

Project Credit and DIY Details : coolest-homemade-costumes

16. How to Make a No-Sew Monster Halloween Dog Costume

How to Make a No-Sew Monster Halloween Dog Costume

Making a no-sew monster head-wrap was never so easy ! This Halloween dog costume makes your little pooch sport three impeccably bonkers Ping-Pong eyes and a cute yet spooky head-wrap, making him look amusing and adorable. Plus, the ease and simplicity associated with making the whole costume is worth your surprise. Some green fleece, white craft felt sheet, 3 ping-pong balls and some household tools is all you need to reproduce your own version of this attire.

DProject Credit and DIY Details : diynetwork

17. Ladybug Halloween Dog Costume

Ladybug Halloween Dog Costume

If you are a beginner at sewing, but looking for building an endearing costume for you dog this Halloween, you needn’t panic anymore ! This Ladybug Halloween DIY costume isn’t going to fail your expectations as it needs the most basic sewing, some craft felt and fleece to transform your furry buddy into a cute ladybug worthy enough of grabbing everyone’s attention at the celebrations. It’s an exceptionally slick yet quick project designed for the no-time procrastinators.

Project Credit and DIY Details : diynetwork

18. The Mummy Halloween Costume

The Mummy Halloween Costume

Here is a DIY costume idea that proves that you don’t have to be a skilled crafter or tailor for creating something cute and fun for your dog to wear for Halloween. Outfit them as an Egyptian Mummy, that too within just a few minutes. Take a look at how Sasha created this Mummy costume for her lovely dog using some medical gauze and a pair of white dog pajamas. Wrapping some strips around them is all you have got to do to make them party-ready.

Project Credit and DIY Details : costume-works

19. Pet Halloween Costume: Little Ladybug

Pet Halloween Costume: Little Ladybug

Turn your pet into a beautiful and winsome ladybug that’s not going to dread you of an invasion. This tutorial introduces you to a no-sew technique for building a Ladybug Pet Halloween Costume within an hour, that too using some simple craft stuff and your artsy talent. The soft, light-weight materials used in the project are not at all going to obstruct the movements of your furry friend, neither will act as a botheration for their eyes, nose or mouth.

Project Credit and DIY Details : hgtv

20. DIY Ghost Pet Costume

DIY Ghost Pet Costume

Definitely one of the most iconic Halloween costumes around, ghost dogs never fails to amaze everyone out there. But, the most awesome thing about the classic ghost ensembles is that they are incredibly easy to create and are completed in just a few steps, all you need is a large piece of fabric. Check out this short and simple guide on how you can transform your pet into a cute free-flowing ghost this season and get them all set for the celebrations.

Project Credit and DIY Details : iheartdogs

21. Hot Dog Vendor Costume

Hot Dog Vendor Costume

If you wish to put together a Halloween costume for your kid as well as your little furry friend centred around a themed look, here is a DIY costume project that is going to hit the bull’s eye ! Outfit your little guy or girl as an hotdog vendor, while turning your dog into a delicious and irresistible hotdog. This do-it-yourself attire is surprisingly easy to create, specially when you are guided through the whole process with this remarkably detailed guide adorned with pictures.

Project Credit and DIY Details : bystephanielynn

Almost all pets learn to adore their amazing outfits and cherish the attention they grab, as long as the ensemble is comfortable and not restrictive. The aforesaid pet costume DIYs are just perfect to get your pets dressed in lovable attires that will get them lots of treats and hugs, while making sure that they find the dresses comfy and pleasant.

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