25 Halloween Wreath Ideas Letting You Welcome the Trick-or-Treaters Spook-tacularly Well

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Of course, there’s great food and creative attires that signify Halloween, but what’s even before it all steps in, what’s the first thing that makes an impression on the guests visiting you for a memorable Halloween party? It’s the kind of decoration you put together for your home, wherein the front door wreath establishes itself as the sureshot winner when it comes to greeting the guests first. And that’s why it calls for being smothered in the Halloween spirit, just like these 25 Halloween Wreath Ideas Letting You Welcome the Trick-or-Treaters Spook-tacularly Well!

25 Halloween Wreath Ideas Letting You Welcome the Trick-or-Treaters Spook-tacularly Well

1. Beware Halloween Wreath

  Beware Halloween Wreath

For a front door Halloween wreath option that doesn’t simply make things look frightening and gruesome, yet maintains the spook just perfect – this semi-scary Beware wreath totally takes the cake. The color scheme of pink and black looks super cute on the piece constructed with lots of delicate tulle and boa. The foam wreath is covered with pieces of black netting by tying small knots of the same around the foam, gluing the vibrant boa around the edge where the knots are. That lovely wooden plaque in white with ‘Beware’ painted in black and rhinestones decorating its border delivers the message of Halloween, while a crow attached to the plaque explains that the house is guarded by a fierce crow sitting at the front door. And lastly, a glorious ribbon bow adds to the overall charm of the wreath. Use another matching ribbon bow to hang it to the door.

DIY Source : flamingotoes

2. Tutu Halloween Wreath

  Tutu Halloween Wreath

The most-awaited part about Halloween is undoubtedly, the trick-or-treating. And that’s why your home deserves a special festive decor element that is dedicated only to the trick-or-treaters stepping onto your door. This tutu Halloween wreath does exactly that, with a breathtakingly beautiful witch-themed trick-or-treat sign placed at the center, while so many stunning colors of tutu surround it by wrapping the entire wreath with strips of the soft net fabric What you are going to need includes a 12 inch foam wreath, hot glue, a witch sign, a rotary cutter, a cutting mat, and 30-50 yards each of tulle rolls in purple, black, orange and lime. One of the tulle strips, preferably black is used to create the hook to hang the wreath to the door. Let your creativity free and grab a bunch of accessories, like glitter flowers, glitter Halloween colors ornament balls and glue them to the wreath for bringing in the splendour.

DIY Source : busycreatingmemories

3. Halloween Wreath DIY Ideas

  Halloween Wreath DIY Ideas

A front door wreath that looks exactly like a witch! Doesn’t the idea itself seem to be a must-not-miss deal? A wire wreath form having pipe cleaners attached to it goes for the base, which is further covered with lots and lots of black mesh ribbon. You wrap lovely double loops of the medium-width and small-width ribbon around the wreath, wherein the smaller one is used to give the much-needed fullness to the larger loops. To transform the wreath into the wicked witch, add cut-outs of black felt for the boots, working out the black and green striped legs with the same material, lastly, gluing black and purple felt buckles to the boots. Secure the legs with hot glue, and use some gauge wire for the witch’s hat. That amazing witch’s broom glued to the bottom right of the wreath makes it look even more adorable.

DIY Source : passionforsavings

4. Spooky Eyeball Wreath

  Spooky Eyeball Wreath

Hundreds of spooky bloodshot eyes staring at the guests is not simply going to scare them, but freak them out to the core! Create a Halloween wreath entirely out of googly eyeballs with just a few simple supplies and a handful of steps. You are going to need a grapevine wreath to get the basic shape of the piece, a can of flat black spray paint that covers the wreath with a Halloween-perfect background for the eyes, a glue gun, and of course, about 100 googly eyeballs that look as frightening as it can get. Getting it all done simply calls for glueing each of the eyeballs to the wreath and allowing it to dry for a while, and voila! It gets all hang-ready, pulling off a marvellous decoration for your festive home innovation projects. To gain a deeper insight into the project, head to the below quick guide by A Pretty Life in The Suburbs.

DIY Source : aprettylifeinthesuburbs

5. Halloween Ribbon Wreath

  Halloween Ribbon Wreath

Get ready to experience an extravagant union of subtle and delicate with the dark essence of Halloween – all packed in a beautiful work of decor. The hero here is lots of black grosgrain ribbon, being the only visible thing about the whole wreath. Even the little kiddos can be a part of the decorations as all this one calls for is a little knotting, folding, glueing and cutting. Apart from the ribbon, you need a 2 inch foam wreath form, a pair of scissors, and a measuring tape to get going with the project. Cover the whole wreath with strands of ribbon assembled as pretty messy knots, pushing them closer to make it look rich and luxurious. Even the hanging loop is the same ribbon, having one of its ends tied to the wreath, while the other forms a knot for hanging. A totally mess-free piece that doesn’t even require one to get their hands glued or colored!

DIY Source : thelongthread

6. Boo it’s A Monster Of a Wreath

  Boo it's A Monster Of a Wreath

Let’s disguise a beautiful wreath into an adorably spooky monster to make it apt and appropriate for Halloween, rightly calling it a Monster of a Wreath! Although, the base is a simple tutu wreath, a few touches of creativity bring the monster to life. A pair of huge googly eyes, those pointy teeth in the middle, and that bright bow at the bottom make this do-it-yourself monster wreath more loveable than frightening. What the project calls for is a styrofoam wreath, 2 styrofoam balls to work up the eyeballs, lots of tulle on a spool in a bright shade, some black paint, a paint brush, a sheet of white foam, some scrap fabric and ribbon for a bow-tie, a hot glue gun, and a few toothpicks. To learn the detailed steps of construction, head to the below tutorial by Baby Rabies and put together your very own versions of this front door monster.

DIY Source : babyrabies

7. Halloween Deco Mesh Wreath

  Halloween Deco Mesh Wreath

Insanely crafty and absolutely fall-worthy in terms of its appearance, this Halloween deco mesh wreath is loaded with colors and a bundle of embellishments that go with the spirit of the season. A Work wreath form made at home offers the foundation to this prettiness, and the supplies you need are some pipe cleaners, metallic Halloween colored deco mesh roll, apple green metallic deco mesh ribbon, and a glue gun to work up the chief construction. It’s about twisting and securing bunches of mesh ribbon to the pipe cleaners to cover the inner and outer sides of the wreath. All glam and glitz comes into play when you add a variety of decorations – glitter pumpkins with green and purple shimmery floral picks, a witches and broomstick sign, tiny skeletons, Jack-o-lanterns that glow in different colors, and a black crow. The end results give a tough deal of competition to most deco mesh wreaths between 80$-400$.

DIY Source : bigbearswife

8. Creepy Halloween Googly Eye Monogram Wreath

  Creepy Halloween Googly Eye Monogram Wreath

Introduce an eerie element to the ever-successful idea of monogram home decor pieces with this googly eye wreath that will greet your guests for the Halloween get-together with a super creepy stare. No more than six simple supplies including a wood Letter that’s painted in the color of your choice, a few packages of googly eyes, a hot glue gun and glue, some plastic spider rings, fake spider webbing, and a ribbon for hanging are all you need to whip up this super cost-friendly project, that too within an hour of creativity. Combine different-sized eyes to cover the entire face of the letter, further stretching the webbing over the monogram. Make it creepier with some spider rings hooked into the webbing, finally attaching a contrasting color of ribbon to the wreath to get it hang-ready.

DIY Source : craftcuts

9. Two-in-One Halloween Wreath

  Two-in-One Halloween Wreath

How simple fabric flowers from The Dollar Store are smothered in the Halloween spirit with just a splash of black spray paint, revealing the original hue at various spots is sheer wonder. Coupling the fabric flowers with a bunch of ivory flowers painted black on the inside and attaching them all to a lovely wreath makes a spooktacularly stunning something. The wreath itself is wrapped in a nice and thick black-colored yarn, while the flowers are layered along with greenery, having the bigger ones placed at the back and smaller ones in the front. The dash of gothic is brought by a mystical skull attached to the wreath. Check out the below guide that explains how to assemble the Two-in-One wreath with detailed pictorial representation of the steps.

DIY Source : the36thavenue

10. Halloween Skull Wreath

  Halloween Skull Wreath

Send some serious chills down the spines of everyone who visits you for Halloween right at the front door! All with this ultra-gruesome wreath that has got the dead greeting one and all – after all, it has got lots of skulls assembled together to form that ring of pure terror. The skulls are actually decorative styrofoam creations coming for a super cheap deal, and have been nicely laced in a 16.5 gauge rebar tie wire, bending and securing the two ends of the wire once all the skulls are inserted. And to celebrate the traditional color combination of Halloween, i.e. black and orange, you add an elegant ribbon on top of the wreath and get it to adorn the door. The dark theme and the bright silver glitter on top of the skulls go magically well with each other.

DIY Source: triedandtrueblog

11. Witch Halloween Burlap Wreath

  Witch Halloween Burlap Wreath

Give a rustic treatment to this year’s Halloween! Burlap is one such material that can add a rustic touch to just about anything, and so it does with this witch-themed wreath. The integration of purple burlap ribbon with the brown hued ribbons wrapped around the wire wreath frame with burlap-colored tinsel ties creates a stunning backdrop for the different elements that make the piece a reminiscent of a flying witch with a broom. Apart from the frame, you need a broomstick, a witch hat and witch legs, some floral wire, ribbon, a roll of 6” burlap ribbon or orange mesh ribbon, a zip tie, and a ruler. It’s awesome how the body of the witch is replaced by the wreath having the legs stuck at the bottom, while that huge ribbon-adorned hat lies on top.

DIY Source : howtomakeaburlapwreath

12. Bixby The Black Cat Halloween Wreath

  Bixby The Black Cat Halloween Wreath

An animal-inspired wreath never fails to hit all the right notes when it comes to the occasion of Halloween. Specially, if it’s a super cute cat in rich shades of black. A spool of black ribbon makes for the fashion forward appearance of this wreath, and those googly eyes worked up with styrofoam balls, markers and paint throw in an animated effect. For the project, you also need to gather a styrofoam wreath, marabou feather boas, wooden dowels, some jewelry wire, some scraps of black felt, pink felt, a pair of scissors, and wire cutters. Although, the feather boa with all its furry textures and lavish looks is enough to charm up the front door, the felt triangular ears and those super cute whiskers made with wires bring out the detailed features of the creature.

DIY Source : babyrabies

13. Spooky Eyes Wreath

  Spooky Eyes Wreath

Over-the-top is the word for a spooky wreath loaded with super soft black feathers, clever enough to catch anyone off guard. It creates an impression of a bunch of googly eyes peeking through a thick blanket of feather that’s actually lots of boa wrapped and glued around a round wreath. The wiggly eyes here come in a variety of sizes, including 1 inch balls, 1 and a half inch balls and some pre-made wiggly eyes, having some of them inserted deep into the boa while others lie on top to create a flair of randomness to the wreath. You’ll also need some 18-gauge wire, some white craft glue, craft pins, wire cutters, hot glue gun and glue sticks, bath towel, a pair of scissors, and a serrated kitchen knife. Hang with a loop of wire glued to the wreath.

DIY Source: favecrafts

14. Craft Your Own DIY Halloween Wreath

  Craft Your Own DIY Halloween Wreath

Having your house embracing a dose of sugar is surely not a bad idea when it’s trick-or-treat, that too with one of the most classic treats of the festival, i.e. candy corn. And the black furry wreath with a sparkling texture forming the base rightly compliments the candy corn, while bringing a much-needed hint of contrast at the same time. To get it all done in no more than 15 minutes, start by wrapping a styrofoam wreath with a glittery yarn and cutting a styrofoam cone in half longways. Yarn in shade of Bonbons wrap the cone with utmost grace, wherein yellow forms the bottom, orange goes in the middle and white makes the top. The final part is to attach the candy corn to the wreath with a glue once they get dry, glueing a short length of yarn to the back for a convenient hanging.

DIY Source : lionbrand

15. Pinecone Monster Halloween Wreath

Pinecone Monster Halloween Wreath

Pinecones aren’t just meant for Christmas – in fact they can spruce up your front door Halloween decorations like nothing else, yielding an ultra adorable wreath that looks just like a monster. Pick loads of this holiday classic decor item and transform them into a fun-loaded being with a festive bow tie, those huge triangular teeth and wonky eyes. Apart from the pinecones in variety of sizes, you need a 12 inch foam wreath form, some smooth round foam balls, a black marker, spray paint, a hot glue gun with glue sticks, a piece of orange fabric, a black and white striped ribbon, a white foam board, and a pair of scissors to get started. Glue the cones to the wreath and upgame them with bright green spray paint, further attaching the monster features and voila!

DIY Source : craftaholicsanonymous

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