28 Remarkably Creative DIY Halloween Makeup Inspirations

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Halloween is all about makeup, disguises and transforming yourself into some remarkable personalities with a little creative talent. Here are some of the most amazing DIY Halloween Makeup ideas and inspirations that are going to make you crave to pull off a spooky, charming and impressive look at the trick-or-treats this year.

28 Remarkably Creative DIY Halloween Makeup Inspirations

1. Tutorial: Bruised And Stapled

Tutorial: Bruised And Stapled

If you’re looking to wear a costume that requires facial scarring and bruising this Halloween, then this special effects makeup guide is just what you need. With this quick tutorial by Blog Lovin, learn how to give yourself a quick bruised look and bloody nose very easily and with little effort involved. This works for getting everyone thrilled and rock a Halloween party. Pale skin, the huge scar with staples and blood patches make this look realistically gross.

Makeup Details : bloglovin

2. DIY Halloween Makeup – Skeleton!

Halloween How-To: Skeleton

Instead of going with the usual route of fancy clothing and streetwalker makeup, why not try opting for something exceptionally spooky this year? Take a glance at this Halloween makeup tutorial to see how you can pull off an incredible skeleton skull makeup look. With a grungy skull painted on the face having dark bold eye holes and scary teeth, this is one makeup look is something that will have people noticing your costume.

Makeup Details : eyeslipsface

3. Halloween How-To: Zombie!

Halloween How-To: Zombie

Let’s face it – the Halloween parties are full of vampires and ghosts, but you don’t really see many good-looking zombies on there. Bring flesh eating back by dressing up as a super disgusting and realistic zombie. Let’s introduce some realistic blood, decaying skin, and possessed eyes that are worthy enough of bringing in some shivers. Check out this step-by-step tutorial for learning to create a sultry zombie makeup look that’s easy and quick.

Makeup Details : eyeslipsface

4. Halloween Wound Tutorial

Halloween Wound Tutorial

Fake wounds are one of the most popular makeup elements to include in Halloween costumes. How about creating realistic open facial wounds using some makeup stuff that are utterly simple to achieve. All you need to pull of this horrific and gruesome look is some liquid latex, tissue, eye shadow and some blood gel. Check out this detailed pictorial tutorial to gain a better insight into the step-by-step procedure for forging the look all by yourself.

Makeup Source : link

5. Unzipped Face Tutorial

Being sheer disgusting when it comes to the look and feel, the Unzipped Face has become quite a popular Halloween makeup in the most perfect ways. This season, recreate and flaunt this terrifying unzipped-face look at the party, that’s completed with fake blood and peeling skin. Let yourself discover how amazingly easy it is to create this look using some easily available supplies and makeup products with this video tutorial on YouTube.

Makeup Source : youtube

6. Missing Eye Halloween Makeup Idea

Missing Eye Makeup

A great way to look scary without the need to work on your whole face, a Missing Eye Halloween makeup is quite a creepy idea to opt for. No spooky makeup collection is complete without the missing eye. This is another one of those classic Halloween looks that are assumed to be super hard to make. But, it turns out it’s not as complicated as you might think. Create your own bloody and missing eye look with the help of these inspiring pictures.

Makeup Details : facebook

7. Flashback: Gory Ghoul Makeup Idea

Flashback: Gory Ghoul Makeup

If you want to be a ghoul this Halloween, you could go all out with crazy macabre makeup. This truly heinous being is not something one would want to mess with. Check out this amazing project that shows how you can achieve gory skin-peeling effects that make a great Halloween look using liquid latex, acrylic colors, greasepaint, and a secret supply. Just grab the look this Halloween and transform yourself into a corpse-eating ghoul at the party.

Makeup Details : makezine

8. Trippy ‘Face in a Face’ Halloween Makeup

Get a face that’s rather hard to look at without making one feel dizzy and introduce an extra face onto your very own. A perfect look to cherish double the treats, this creative Halloween make up is more like carrying a whole other personality around with you for the trick-or-treat. To make the whole process much easier for you, makeup artist Promise Tamang Phan has created a wonderful video for reproducing the “Face in a Face” Halloween makeup.

Makeup Source : youtube

9. Hooked Mermaid Ariel Makeup

Nothing can beat a Halloween look that’s a blend of glamour with spookiness. The mermaid look presented in this video is a unique makeup that will stand out among all. Add a scary and gruesome element to a gorgeous mermaid makeup by getting the water princess hooked. Complete with purple and blue glitter, geisha-like lips, false lashes grazing your face and a sharp hook cutting through the cheek – this is one look you must try this season.

Makeup Source : youtube

10. Easy Scar – Last Minute Halloween Makeup Tutorial

If you are short on time, you can still don a spooky look without working too hard or coloring much of your face. Sporting a scary scar on that cheek is one of those looks that are surprisingly easy to achieve yet truly entertaining to work out. Simply take a gander at this makeup tutorial to learn how to use those lovely makeup products of yours to create realistic scars on your face, perfect for those who are looking out for a last minute look.

Makeup Source : youtube

11. Fallen Dark Angel – Halloween tutorial

A gorgeous angel with feather-y wings falling from the sky is no more confined to fairy tale stories and fantasy movies – this Fallen Dark Angel makeup inspiration brings them to the actual world. The only twist here is that the angel has got black wings and evil looks when it comes to her appearance. White hair, dark eyes with black flowing tears and dark lips make her stand out with evil, making things so rightly apt for Halloween. Tashie Tinks showcases the detailed steps and supplies you need to pull off the look.

Makeup Details : youtube

12. Halloween Forest Fairy

Here’s a super sweet and adorable look for all those who love fairies and that lovely glow they flaunt. Lots of glitter and rhinestones used around the eyes work out for the much needed hint of magic and create an illusion of a pixie mask. While things are kept quite subtle without overshadowing the natural skin, integrating the makeup with a clever use of fake leaves to replace the eyebrows makes it much more to-the-theme bringing a perfect touch of the forest flora and fauna to the fairy’s look.

Makeup Details : youtube

13. Maleficent Make-Up Tutorial

Remember the gorgeous, dark character played by Angelina for Disney’s recent Maleficent? It would serve as a great Halloween costume as well as makeup, while being a little less predictable than most princess characters. Bright green eyes, red lips and subtle shades of black are taken to the next level with that perfect black costume with horns on the head. Head to the incredible YouTube tutorial below by the makeup queen Kandee Johnson to learn how you can disguise yourself as the evil yet loving character.

Makeup Details : youtube

14. Comic Book Girl / Pop Art Halloween Costume and Makeup Tutorial

Comic Book Girl / Pop Art Halloween Costume and Makeup Tutorial

What if those lovely comic book girls could step out of the pages and stand tall right in front of everyone, talking and dancing and celebrating the festive season? The spirit of Halloween is perhaps, strong enough to make that all happen. This Comic Book Girl makeup tutorial will make you look like you are a part of a pop art designed by an illustrator. And yes, it needs just a little dose of makeup to get it all done, while keeping things bright, vibrant and colorful!

Makeup Details :besthalloweenblog

15. How to Paint a Sugar Skull On Your Face!

How to Paint a Sugar Skull On Your Face!

Mesmerizing is the word that would strike the mind and the lips of all your trick-or-treaters the moment they get a sight of your face that has been turned into a whimsical Sugar Skull on one half with spiderwebs, skull teeth and flowers, having your original features standing out on the other. All you need is a black eyeliner pencil, colors of Chromaline Pods, an eye shadow palette, lots of glitter pigments, three colors of eyeliners, brushes, sponge brushes, and your regular makeup.

Makeup Details : brit

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