50 Astounding But Easy DIY Outdoor Halloween Decoration Ideas

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Are you looking for some inspirations to turn your yard into an exquisitely enchanting and spooky landscape this Halloween Outdoor Halloween decor are great fun and almost an essential element of setting the mood for those trick-or-treat parties. To help you work out some hair-raising decorations all by yourself, here is a collection of 50 Astounding And Easy DIY Outdoor Halloween Decoration Inspirations.

30+ Astounding But Easy DIY Outdoor Halloween Decoration Ideas

Last updated: 22-08-2016

1. Outdoor Witch Decor

Outdoor Witch Decor

Grab all the attention to your outdoor decor with this life-size witch statue, wickedly stirring a concoction in a large pot. Here is a quick tutorial that guides you through crafting out your very own witch decor this Halloween in a matter of just a few steps. What makes it even more convenient is the silhouette witch pattern that accompanies the tutorial. All you have to do is get it enlarged and printed to the desired size to turn it into a huge plywood witch cut-out, worthy enough of giving some goosebumps to everyone who comes across your yard.

DIY Details : bhg

2. Climbing Halloween Skeletons

Climbing Halloween Skeletons

Do you wish to be the next talk of the town this Halloween season? You can make some inexpensive blow plastic skeletons climb your house, perfect to freak the neighbors out, just by some clever placements and a bit of sewing. This bone-chilling decoration idea is going to transform your home sweet home into a realistic haunting den with skeletons that don’t actually climb but can be the most frightening roof decors out there. The Climbing Halloween Skeletons are one of the best yet the easiest projects that has been made so quick and easy to forge by this Instructable.

DIY Details : instructables

3. Creepy Halloween Decor: Spider Sacs

Creepy Halloween Decor: Spider Sacs

To let yourself and your little trick-or-treaters enjoy the spook of the festival, add a bit of that ooey-gooey element to your Halloween decor this year by constructing your very own spider egg sacs that hang at your entrance in the most creepy manner. All you need to collect is your old white tights, some large and small plastic spiders, baseballs and a hot glue gun to bring this amazing project to life. Take a look at this quick guide by Hello Paper Moon to learn how you can work out these creepy crawly spiders with utmost ease and effortlessness.

DIY Details : hellopapermoon

4. Dead And Breakfast Inn Sign For Halloween

Dead And Breakfast Inn Sign For Halloween

Planning to throw a Halloween party? Make for a breathtaking outdoor display with this Dead and Breakfast Inn Board that greets those skeletons, the concierge ghoulish as well as lets them rest their tired bones inside the graveyard of hospitality. Head to the step-by-step instructions by BHG to make a Dead and Breakfast Inn Sign for your front door and welcome the guests with the Halloween terror at its best. What’s amazing about this guide is the included sign templates that are going to make the whole process even more easier for you.

DIY Details : bhg

5. Ghosts Made From Gourds

Ghosts Made From Gourds

Who would imagine that some gourds can be transformed into cute little ghosts with a little creativity and five minutes at the max. Make some spooky yet adorable ghostly guys the new members of your house this season – a last-minute procrastinating inspiration that doesn’t even require you to be a pro at DIY. Some white spray paint, gourds of different sizes, cheesecloth and a black marker is all you need. This wonderful tutorial takes no more than three steps to pull off and produce some truly amazing results for your Halloween decorations.

DIY Details : houseofhawthornes

6. Make Your Own Witch Brooms and Halloween Signs

Make Your Own Witch Brooms and Halloween Signs

Make your porch celebrate the witch-y and spooky essence of Halloween with DIY brooms and signboards that can turn your house into a truly bone-chilling shelter to party this year. This easy-to-understand and quick-to-follow tutorial guides you through making your very own witch brooms using lots of short and long sticks, plus helps you prepare Halloween signs, including a Broom Parking as well as a Dead and Breakfast Inn. To make everything simple for you, relevant templates and silhouettes have also been provided with the guide.

DIY Details : overthebigmoon

7. Illuminated Ghost Garland

Illuminated Ghost Garland

Spice up your entrance, porch or front door pathway with some magical yet ghostly brightness. This adorable Illuminated Ghost Garland will let you light up some ghosts to welcome your visitors with a twist. Taking no more than 5 supplies to forge the idea, these garlands are incredibly easy to craft. The most amazing thing about this decor inspiration is that it looks scary in the day and even more scary in the night with just a flip of a switch. Take a look at how you can make these ghost garlands following some simple steps as explained by Design Dining and Diapers.

DIY Details : designdininganddiapers

8. Decorate Windows With DIY Silhouettes

Decorate Windows With DIY Silhouettes

Using window silhouettes to make realistic and frightening shadows is one of the simplest ways to add some haunted charm to your house. All you need to do is to cut out some awesome shapes from cardboard, place them on windows and switch on the lights. Whether its zombies, witches, ghosts, skeletons, bats, creepy pumpkins, spiders, or a knife-holding psycho, this gallery from Shelterness bundles all such remarkable window DIY Silhouettes to get you totally inspired this Halloween and craft out some of the most spooktacular shapes all by yourself.

DIY Details : shelterness

9. Walking Dead Halloween Decorations: Hershel’s Barn Pallet Project

Walking Dead Halloween Decorations: Hershel’s Barn Pallet Project

When Halloween is around the corner, who can forget the Walking Dead series and the amazing concepts it opens to forge for the festive parties. Celebrate the series with a DIY project that can take your Halloween decorations to quite an impressive level. Make sure you keep all the zombies away for a while with the help of this Hershel’s Barn that you can made within minutes. Atta Girl Says teaches you how to make your own version of this Hershel’s Barn Pallet, perfect to hang or place wherever you want to add that spooky element in your house.

DIY Details : attagirlsays

10. DIY Cemetery

DIY Cemetery

This DIY decor is something that can help you bring a realistic graveyard right outside your house – hitting all the right notes when it comes to celebrating the frightening horror of Halloween. Transform your garden or yard into a bone-chilling cemetery with your creativity, some easily available stuff and a little bit of patience. From self-made tombstones crafted out of pieces of foam, a rubber skeleton resting on a bicycle that adorns a basket of seasonal flowers, to a wheelbarrow carrying lots of bones, this Halloween inspiration covers it all.

DIY Details : countryfair-joanne

11. Ghost Costumes

Ghost Costumes

Take everyone’s breath away with grim reapers standing tall in your backyard, ready to steal all souls on the night of Halloween. Hard to believe that it’s a super easy DIY outdoor decor idea, these reapers are nothing but cleverly dyed cloth, shaped like the character with just a little bit of creativity. While drop clothes form the outfit of the scary being, a black material under the drop cloth creates the impression of the faceless reapers floating in the dark.

DIY Details : grimhollowhaunt

12. Enter at Your Own Risk Board

Enter at Your Own Risk Board

What if whoever enters your space for a Halloween get-together gets warned by a creepy skeleton covered in an old, worn out cloth about not to touch anything around? This DIY skeleton covered in a torn cloth holds a huge sign board flaunting weird cracks in front of him, and the sign board says “Touch Nothing and Nothing will Touch You” – notifying everyone of the risk they put themselves into by touching something. Perhaps, they would get touched by a ghostly spirit in return!

DIY Details : fulcrumsites

13. Halloween Mailbox Monster Craft

Halloween Mailbox Monster Craft

Introduce a spine-chilling makeover to that regular mail box sitting at your doorstep and make it worthy enough of terrifying even those lifeless mails to the core. What you will need for the craft is some shoelaces, a measuring tape, pipe insulation,newspaper, duct tape, shirt, a monster glove, wooden dowel, hammer, fishing line, scissors, and safety pins. How that hand from the grave grabs a hold of the box is truly frightening!

DIY Details : allyou

14. Brewing


Jack O’Lanterns is something that adds those perfect final touches to everything you have done when it comes to letting your home decor celebrate the friendly fright of Halloween. But, this Brewing setup is an absolutely fabulous item to accompany those lanterns – lit bright and golden, they are going to have a huge magical witch’s pot hanging behind them in your yard above a flaming bonfire. All smokey and foggy, it makes it look like there’s an evil potion being cooked up right there.

DIY Details : grimhollowhaunt

15. Witch’s Hat Wreath

Witch’s Hat Wreath

Here’s a gorgeous wreath that’s more of a witch hat wearing a beaded belt than just a plain round bunch of flora hanging on your front door, casting an enchanting spell on all your Halloween visitors. And yes, it doesn’t flaunt an evil or scary persona, rather looks perfectly appropriate for even the kids to help you out with the process of construction. All you need to pull off the wreath is a piece of lightweight wood, a jigsaw, sandpaper, preserved moss, hot glue, ribbons and decorative beads.

DIY Details : bhg

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