60+ Easy and Spooky DIY Halloween Treats

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Halloween has become synonymous with sweet, themed treats – and you don’t have to wait for trick-or-treating to indulge. Why not make some incredibly tempting Halloween treats for your little kids, friends and family this season ? Here are 60 Easy Yet Truly Delectable DIY Halloween Treats that will make you wait no more to get into the kitchen and start preparing the relishing delights for making your Halloween an experience that is worth remembering !

31. Attack of Spider Cookies

Attack of Spider Cookies

The Halloween night is all about festive yet goose-bump feelings that can be cherished even more by transforming delectable treats into creepy-looking stuff. No matter how dangerous these spiders may appear to be at the first glance, you will find them too adorable in no time, especially once you get to know that they are crafted with chewy peanut butter dough and chocolate truffles. While being ultra-easy to prepare, these Spider Cookies can’t miss to hit all your taste buds delightfully.

Recipe Details : omgchocolatedesserts

32. Edible Pumpkin Candy Chocolate Cups for Halloween

Edible Pumpkin Candy Chocolate Cups for Halloween

Savoring lots of candies, whether home-made or store-bought is nothing new when it’s Halloween, but how about serving them in a truly yummy edible creation that you made all by yourself ? Made using balloons and melting chocolate wafers, these adorable concoctions as shared and instructed by Oh nuts are worth hopping over to. Flaunting lots of colors, these orange pumpkin candy cups would look simply winsome when displayed on a treat table !

Recipe Details : ohnuts

33. Used Band-Aid Snacks For Halloween

Used Band-Aid Snacks For Halloween

Another super simple Halloween dessert, these used band-aid cookies are not as time taking as one would expect. Made of cinnamon graham crackers, frosting and some strawberry jam, these bloody band-aids are just perfect for the last-minute preparations and can really add to the creepy factor associated with Halloween. Take a look at how weird yet delicious this snack can look, something that will inspire you to make your very own versions of the treat.

Recipe Details : katherinemaries

34. Ghostly Peeps Fun

Ghostly Peeps Fun

It’s that time of year of again where ghostly-looking food is welcomed by everyone inhabiting your house. Then why hesitate from baking and decorating rich brownies as special Halloween goodies. Quite a unique and fun-filled dessert, these ghostly peeps crafted out of marshmallows and decorated with chocolate chips is an unexplained delight. Making them at home is a pretty easy procedure, as guided in this recipe. We must say a platter full of these treats makes for quite the display on a food table.

Recipe Details : homeiswheretheboatis

35. Edible Fake Blood

Edible Fake Blood

Here’s a terrific yet creepy Halloween recipe the kids will not only help you prepare, but will end up splattering on the treats as well as their costumes and faces. This fake Halloween blood is totally edible, while being good in taste at the same time. And really, it’s so easy that it doesn’t even seen to be a recipe as there is nothing to the construction. Nothing can complement the frightening thrill of the occasion like lots of realistic blood that can be made using some corn syrup, chocolate syrup and food coloring.

Recipe Details : foodwhine

36. Halloween Candy Bark

Halloween Candy Bark

A Halloween Candy Bark is the perfect solution to combine all the sugary goodness into one wholesome delight. You don’t need more than five minutes as well as no more than two ingredients to prepare this toothsome treat. Just collect all your favorite candies or the leftover candies around the house, and lots of chocolate chips to get the heaven right to your tables or package up as cute little presents for your loved ones. Here’s a detailed recipe to make delectable Halloween candy barks in your kitchen.

Recipe Details : justataste

37. Mini Caramel Apples Recipe

Mini Caramel Apples Recipe

Caramel apples are not just charming, but also lots of fun to make. Usually, kids can’t finish up the whole treats, so let’s turn them into delightful bites. Preparing these Mini Caramel Apples is just as easy as full sized caramel apples, you just need some cake pop sticks, a melon baller, caramel and of course, Apples. Check out how you can transform the regular apples into this appetizing treat that will be just perfect for all your Halloween dessert needs this fall.

Recipe Details : mylitter

38. Green Monster Rice Krispie Treats

Green Monster Rice Krispie Treats

It may seem impossible to make vegan festival treats. But, being a totally gluten-free vegan recipe, these Monster Krispie Treats from Fork and Beans are quite special as they let everyone cherish the scrumptious treats, even those who can’t savor sugar-filled goodies on Halloween. Outfitted as a green, creepy monster, the rice krispies simply add to the magic of Halloween. We bet everyone you serve this treat will end up asking for more ! Get this tested, easy-to-follow recipe for making rice cereal treats at home here.

Recipe Details : forkandbeans

39. Killer Pumpkin Granola : Gluten-Free & Vegan

Killer Pumpkin Granola : Gluten-Free & Vegan

If you are looking for something that’s gluten free and vegan, yet delectable, a bit crunchy and subtly sweet, then perhaps, you have got the perfect option for your fall holidays with this recipe. This granola is loaded with some of your favorite nuts, seeds, pumpkin spice, and pumpkin puree that makes the whole experience truly soft and chewy. Find out how to make the super easy, secretly healthy, vegan and gluten free delicious combination of tastes : Pumpkin Granola.

Recipe Details : soletshangout

40. Gluten-Free Spice Cakes With Pumpkin Swirl Cream Cheese Frosting

Gluten-Free Spice Cakes With Pumpkin Swirl Cream Cheese Frosting

Mouth-watering spice cakes, that too all gluten-free seems too good to be true ! Although they’re simply awesome on their own, these cupcakes have been made even more marvelous and delicious with a swirl of cream cheese frosting. The addition of the spice kicks the cake mix into high gear. They’re simple, sweet and perfect for the season. What more you could ask for? Take a look how easy it is to make the yummy Gluten-Free Spice Cakes With Pumpkin Swirl Cream Cheese Frosting.

Recipe Details : agirldefloured

41. Pumpkin Pops

Pumpkin Pops

Who doesn’t love delectable lollipops ? But, wouldn’t it be simply great to add the magic of Halloween to regular pops and transform them into creepy pumpkins using your craft skills ? This tutorial teaches you how you can add layers of colorful paper around your lovely lollipops and depict the Halloween special pumpkin imagery on them. A sharpie pen, papers and pennies are all you need to get your treats Halloween-ready. Lay them out on a platter or put in a bowl, the goodies are all yours !

Recipe Details : thegunnysack

42. Gooey Monster Eye Cookies

Gooey Monster Eye Cookies

An amazing Halloween version of the Ooey-Gooey Butter cookies, this one is an overly spooky yet yummy Halloween treat with monster eyes popping out of colorful, gooey cookies. They’re basically colored butter cookies made with cake mix and decorated with candy eyeballs, a perfect combination of creepy with relish. Plus, taking less than an hour to be done, they are surprisingly simple and quick to prepare. So put these on your Halloween menu and make the kids love the grossness blended with sheer tasteful pleasure.

Recipe Details : lilluna

43. Pumpkin Patch Whoopie Pies

Pumpkin Patch Whoopie Pies

What’s a better way to deal with everything than baking – specially pumpkin whoopie pies with cream cheese frosting? These delicious cake-like cookies sandwiched together with irresistible frosting is going to be loved by the young and old. Blending in the spirit of Halloween, these whoopie pies look like little pumpkins with a little stem and edible leaf. With this recipe, these couldn’t be easier to prepare and make for such a spectacular presentation for parties !

Recipe Details : yourcupofcake

44. Crispy Spider Webs : Mini Funnel Cakes

Crispy Spider Webs : Mini Funnel Cakes

Funnel cakes are immensely easy to make and can be creatively dressed up for the holidays ! A truly warm, fluffy and sugary goodness to serve this Halloween, these mini funnel cakes that resemble spooky spider webs are one of a kind treat for the season. Decorated with black icing and powdered sugar, they come with a guaranteed experience of satisfying treats. Check out how you can make these Crispy Spider Webs : Mini Funnel Cakes at home in a matter of few minutes !

Recipe Details : thissillygirlslife

45. Bakerella’s Spooky No-Bake Treat: Boo Bark !

Bakerella’s Spooky No-Bake Treat: Boo Bark

An amusing, no-bake treat for Halloween that is going to remind everyone of the free-flowing ghosts. You just need chocolate and vanilla candy coating to apart from some yummy candies to bring this recipe to life. One of the spookiest candy bars, this Halloween treat can be customized and decorated with your favorite Halloween sprinkles, candies, nuts or dry fruits. Here’s how to prepare the Boo Barks all by yourself and shine among everyone when you hit the party !

Recipe Details : greatideas.people

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