40 Gorgeous and Spooky Halloween Nail Art Inspirations That Will Blow Your Mind

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Surely, the costumes, hair and makeup are great fun, but what would Halloween be without some adorable nail art? Get a little creative with your manicures and let your fingertips do the talking this Halloween! Whether it'€™s bloody themed, horror flick villains, ghouls, pumpkins, ghosts or some adorable nail arts, Halloween gives you some of the most creative options. Here are 30 truly inspiring and mind-blowing ideas for getting yourself some Halloween themed nails.

30 Gorgeous and Spooky Halloween Nail Art Inspirations That Will Blow Your Mind

Last updated: 17-08-2016

1. Halloween Nail Art Design : Jack Skellington

Halloween Nail Art Design : Jack Skellington

For all those who are a fan of the classic The Nightmare Before Christmas by Tim Burton, this nail design inspired from the film creates one of our favorite Halloween character, Jack Skellington right on your fingertips, so much fun and easy to let the kid in you out. You will need nail base coat, nail top coat, nail polish: black and white and a nail striper. This one is a nail art design that’s fast and doesn’t use too many colors, thereby being perfect for those last minute preparations. Follow this step-by-step video tutorial presented by All Day Chic to create this amazing, spooky festive design in a matter of no more than six steps.

Design Details : alldaychic

2. Spiderweb Nails

Spiderweb Nails

You don’t always need to keep your Halloween limited to costume and makeup. Spooky yet gorgeous Spiderweb Nails with a matte finish is surely one cute thing to get yourself this Halloween. Perfect to get into the spirit of the season in no time, this art lets you flaunt charming neutral colors on your tips, at the same time keeping you totally free to get creative and tailor the webs according to your very own style and personality. If you wish to recreate these unique, but simple spider webs on your nails, just grab some black nail polish, a white striper and top coat to begin with the process as guided through this detailed, step-by-step tutorial by Syl And Sam.

Design Details : sylandsam

3. Spooky Splatter Nails Tutorial

Spooky Splatter Nails Tutorial

Adorn your fingertips with some random splatters that define the meaning of spooky at its best ! The best thing about these splatter nails is that they are pretty easy to achieve and can be done right with just a little practice. It’s quite surprising to see how a wax paper, a straw cut in half, some tape and your choice of nail paints can result in an amazing nail design within minutes, when used with some quick creativity. Though, it might get a bit messy, the effort is totally worth the final results that you get to sport on your nails for Halloween. Check out how to design these Spooky Splatter Nails at this wonderful tutorial by Sarah Waite, shared at Chalkboard Nails.

Design Details : chalkboardnails

4. DIY Scary and Bloody Halloween Nails

DIY Scary and Bloody Halloween Nails

Intense and easy to create, this bloody-looking Halloween nail art is just perfect to pair with any scary costume and complete the whole look with sheer charm . All you need to get going with this cool nail design is a makeup sponge, a paper plate, and of course, red and black nail polish. To learn how you can make your nails look all messed up and bloody, take a look at this step-by-step guide from Pretty Gossip that explains everything in a quite easy-to-comprehend manner. Taking no more than 10 minutes to forge, these nails are definitely going to scare whoever you come across at the trick-or-treat celebrations.

Design Details : prettygossip

5. For My Mummy Dearest : DIY Nail Art

For My Mummy Dearest : DIY Nail Art

Do you need an outrageous and weird nail art inspiration that reminds everyone of the special festivities of Halloween in just a glimpse ? Recreate the terror and evilness of mummies with these innovative DIY nails that have been creatively mummified. This one is really a great design that can be executed by just about anyone, irrespective of their nail art skills simply by using a white polish, a base coat and strips of tissue. Check out the below tutorial by Peace Love Polish to gain an insight into how you can turn your fingertips into miniature mummies with utmost ease and simplicity.

Design Details : peacelovepolish

6. A Happy Pumpkin and Ghost Nail Art

A Happy Pumpkin and Ghost Nail Art

Pumpkins and ghosts are perhaps, the epitomes of the essence of Halloween. A brightly colored blend of the two can evoke different emotions complementing the festival. This beautiful and cute Halloween nail art takes that motif and turns it into nail design with lovely color combinations of orange, black and white to bring a happy little pumpkin and an adorable ghost to life on your nails. Inspired by a Halloween decoration element, these nails are surely worth giving a try if you are looking for creating a friendly and cute design on your tips, instead of the regular spooky and scary patterns. Take a look at the below link to see how marvelous the idea can end up looking.

Design Details : slightlynailpolished

7. DIY Halloween Nails : Jason Mask Tutorial

DIY Halloween Nails : Jason Mask Tutorial

Jason Mask is one creepy object that no one fails to recognize. So, why not gain some extra attention by painting the remarkable mask onto your nails this Halloween? Pretty easy to design using a dotting tool, plus a white and black nail paint, these Jason Mask nails are a project that can be completed even by the kids on their own. Check out this quick pictorial guide by Nail-Art-101 to learn how you can do the Jason Mask nail art all by yourself and add a dark, scary side to your overall look for the festive celebrations. This nail art is ideal not only for you, but also your little ones and teenagers.

Design Details : lovethispic

8. Ghostly Halloween Nails

Ghostly Halloween Nails

Wearing the classic concept of black and white ghosts on your nails can never fail to make a mark at any Halloween party, which makes it a perfect idea to flaunt some cute and spooky ghosts resting at the tips of your fingers with grace. Creating these Ghostly Halloween Nails might look a little challenging to you but it is still relatively easy to do. All you need to forge this subtle yet festive design is a toothpick, a white polish, a black polish and a matte top coat. Learn how to do this ghostly nail design that is going to win you complements wherever you go with this detailed step-by-step tutorial.

Design Details : makeup

9. Zombie Nails Tutorial

Zombie Nails Tutorial

No bone-chilling story remains complete without the mention of zombies. Zombies have recently become such a favorite personalities of all that they remain popular even after death. If you’re looking for that creepy undead look, you can make your very own nasty nails easily at home. Transform yourself into the baddest zombie at the party with this super cool nail art that needs a little bit of creativity, along with some easily available supplies, including some fake nails, paints and clippers. Let’s celebrate zombies this Halloween with this awful-looking DIY nail design shared by Star Focal in this amazing easy-to-follow tutorial that explains the whole process with utmost simplicity.

Design Details : starfocal

10. The Walking Dead Inspired – Zombie Halloween Nails

Get a ghoulish art on your tips showcasing the horror and creepiness of the concept of zombies inspired from the legendary series “The Walking Dead” at its best. One of the most drop dead amazing manicures on the web, this one is surely worth feasting your eyes on. The best thing about this tutorial is that you do not have to be neat. The technique is very messy and imperfect. Tina Tran was kind enough to share the steps with the world, and now you, too, can create the super scary look at home ! This video will show you how to make some horrific and ghastly fingernails through quite easy-to-follow steps, complemented with quick tips.

Design Details : youtube

Design Details : lacqueredlawyer

11. 3D Ghost Face Nails

3D Ghost Face Nails

The mere mention of ghosts can make those showers of terror flow through our bloodstreams. What if it’s Halloween and everyone you meet discovers that you have trapped ghost faces and their spooky fingerprints right there on your nails, coating them all with a white blanket of paint? All thanks to the amazing effects of 3D UV gel nail paints, this manicure yields in ghost faces embossed on your fingertips, finally coating them with another layer of white polish. Though, the first look makes it seem a bit hard-to-achieve, it’s absolutely effortless to pull off the design.

Design Details : totalbeauty

12. Evil Witch Candy Cane Nails

Evil Witch Candy Cane Nails

Long and pointed nails in itself assists the process of bringing out a touch of evil, but these witch-y shaped tips flaunting a solid shade of black on some nails, while having the others coated in deep orange, and lastly, having the Halloween candy pattern brought out on the rest are truly at the next level. That ombre and a clever use of embellishments can make your trick-or-treat guests travel down the memory lane and enter the world of those childhood fairy tales talking about evil witches with long, scary nails.

Design Details : https://goo.gl/EQvV5W

13. Vampire Teeth Nails

Vampire Teeth Nails

Can Halloween ever miss the idea of vampires with all their bloody, gory and frightening streaks when it comes to getting ready to hit the celebrations? Using no more than two shades of nail paint, this inspiration transforms your fingertips into bloody vampire dentures, having those fangs covered in blood. Even if you don’t know the most primary fundamentals of working out creative manicures, you can recreate this design like a piece of cake in just a matter of few minutes yet making a petrifying mark with the way the look.

Design Details : https://goo.gl/laZoiJ

14. Black Witch Manicure

Black Witch Manicure

Not just the fingertips but also that little space below the nails has been put to a bone-chilling use with this super interesting Halloween manicure. A kind of a black-magic symbol painted on the skin goes perfectly well with the tips that have been gorgeously adorned with a wonderful combination of black and some negative space, blended together with a touch of golden glitter. This one is going to be a perfect pairing with a witch costume. And that pointed shape adds the touches of terror so much better to the look!

Design Details : https://goo.gl/cKFcnD

15. Hocus Pocus Halloween Witches Freehand

Hocus Pocus Halloween Witches Freehand

Who said that celebrating the concept of witches for your Halloween look always has to be about dark, evil or creepy? Welcome this super adorable mani that does it all with a hint of brightness, art and kid-friendly appearance. In fact, this one has got almost all the colors of the rainbow brought to those little canvases of your fingertips, letting each tip flaunt a different witch with her special broom, flying freely in the midst of the open sky. Doing the design requires a little drawing skills, but this video tutorial by StarryNail makes it all much easier.

Design Details : https://starrynail.com/2015/09/30/683/

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