50+ Incredibly Awesome Yet Easy DIY Halloween Costumes For Kids

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Halloween is the perfect holiday for children to adorn a gorgeous costume and play make-believe in an imaginary land of their own. Need a clever, inexpensive and quick costume to put together for this year’s party? Get creative, get inspired and get crafting with these 31 Incredibly Awesome Yet Easy DIY Halloween costumes For Kids.

30+ Incredibly Awesome Yet Easy DIY Halloween Costumes For Kids

Last updated: 23-08-2016

1. Easy Halloween DIY Sushi Costume

Easy Halloween DIY Sushi Costume

It’s always amazing to disguise yourself as delectable goodies for a Halloween party. If you and your child love sushi, what is a better way to show your love for sushi than to dress them up as the awesome treat, that too using all the materials that you can find around the house? Grab an old pillow case, a pair of old leggings, a white t-shirt and an old pillow to get going with the making of this costume that takes less than an hour to yield some amazing results.

DIY Details : thecheesethief

2. Halloween Costume Ideas : Simple Shark (with Dorsal Fin)

Halloween Costume Ideas : Simple Shark (with Dorsal Fin)

Let your kid adorn an amazing Halloween costume that has got some really sharp teeth, beady eyes and a pointy fin : An adorable Shark With a Dorsal Fin. It can’t get easier than this as you can transform a grey hooded sweatshirt and a pair of sweatpants into a really cute shark attire using some basic tools and a little sewing skills. Check out the detailed step-by-step tutorial from Make It And Love It to learn how you can craft this costume.

DIY Details : makeit-loveit

3. Dragon Wings Tutorial

Dragon Wings Tutorial

Wearing dragon wings will certainly get the one who wears it noticed on Halloween, whether the wings are worn by themselves or as a part of a full dragon costume. These wings made from metal hangers and fleece can be tailored to any pattern of your choice. Here are the directions for making your own awesome dragon wings that are quite quick to make, while being truly simple and budget-friendly, all at the same time!

DIY Details : feelincrafty

4. DIY Scuba Diver Halloween Costume

DIY Scuba Diver Halloween Costume

This costume is going to be a sure shot hit at a Halloween party and your little one is going to fall in love with it. Some hair curlers, spray-painted bottles and other household products can give you a super cool deep-sea diver kid. Preparing this DIY scuba diver Halloween costume takes 1.5 – 2 hours at the most. The project is pretty easy when guided throughout by these simple instructions to make the DIY Scuba Diver Halloween Costume.

DIY Details : delineateyourdwelling

5. Felt Monarch Butterfly Wings

Felt Monarch Butterfly Wings

Take the plunge with an ensemble you can assemble so easily using some felt and glue to transform your child into a lovely, bright-colored butterfly for this Halloween party. The wings really are quite simple to make with very minimal sewing. Take a look at this tutorial by Buggy and Buddy to get inspired for crafting this pair of radiant Felt Monarch Butterfly Wings for your little daughter and bring the delicate and graceful persona of her out to the world.

DIY Details : buggyandbuddy

6. How To Make A Jet Pack – Easy DIY Dress Up For Kids

How To Make A Jet Pack - Easy DIY Dress Up For Kids

Let your little kids fly around the town flaunting a hi-tech Halloween costume with this quite a creative idea of a red-flamed rocket-fueled jet pack, something that will fill them with excitement and joy. Make your kid feel like they have reached for their dream with this jet pack costume with just a few minutes of preparation. This tutorial shows thorough instructions to build a DIY jet pack all by yourself with empty soda bottles and let them zoom to the moon and back this Halloween!

DIY Details : oneperfectdayblog

7. Freezer Paper Skeleton Costume

Freezer Paper Skeleton Costume

How about making a skeleton costume using some freezer paper and paint ? Here is a Halloween costume that is just perfect if you’re are running out of time to make an outfit for your kid. This spooky costume prepared with freezer paper stenciling is utterly easy to put together and can save huge bucks otherwise spent on store-bought attires. With this Instructable cleverly explained by tumblingblocks, learn to design it in the simplest way ever!

DIY Details : instructables

8. DIY Jar Head Halloween Costume

DIY Jar Head Halloween Costume

A one-of-a-kind costume : head stuck in a jar, being held by the headless body that’s still housing an alive soul! This is a fantastic use of a jar and will make your kid the talk of the party, while allowing them a comfortable movement at the same time, unlike most fancy costumes. And this project is so easy, which makes it fun to do with those little fellas. Head over to this tutorial from Thirty Handmade Days on how to make your own DIY Jar Head Halloween Costume.

DIY Details : thirtyhandmadedays

9. No Sew Pineapple Halloween Costume

No Sew Pineapple Halloween Costume

More than perfect for toddlers as well as the baby boys and girls, this one is a super cute, handmade No Sew Pineapple Costume that doesn’t require you to be skilled at sewing. Simply worth winning a thousand hearts, this fruity attire is going to transform those young buddies into an adorable pineapple using some felt and t-shirt. Take some inspiration from this lovely guide on assembling your fruitilicious version of the costume that will not only make your kid the center of attraction at the event.

DIY Details : deliacreates

10. Fairy Halloween Costume

Fairy Halloween Costume

Make your little girl a gorgeous fairy princess costume by combining four of our no-sew dress ups: fairy wings, a skirt, a wand and a princess tiara. Spend some crafting time with your little girl making all the pieces for her fairy Halloween costume. Country Living shows you how to make a fairy costume with a marvelous do-it-yourself method and some inexpensive materials to make your little fairy never want to take her costume off.

DIY Details : countryliving

11. Kids’ Halloween Costume: Watercolor Paint Box

Kids' Halloween Costume: Watercolor Paint Box

There are no kids who don’t love colors, and that’s why pulling off an adorable Halloween costume that makes them disguise into a huge watercolor paint tray is an incredible idea. To add more detail to the attire, this one has got an ultra-large paintbrush constructed out of a pool needle meant for holding in hand, while a big black beret give that budding artist look to your kiddo.

DIY Details : diynetwork

12. Bull in a China Shop

Bull in a China Shop

All those big and small mischiefs that the little ones end up engaging in remind us of that age-old expression Bull in a China Shop. Sewing a little fur and felt together brings the idea to life by giving your child a literal bull in a china shop makeover – flaunting cute little china dishes and cups on the body. The star element is a winsome tail and that fiery headband sporting two huge horns.

DIY Details : diynetwork

13. DIY Kids Pacman Halloween Costume

DIY Kids Pacman Halloween Costume

Speaking about the era of video games is incomplete without Pacman. Introduce an 8-bit essence to your kid’s costume for Halloween and let them take on the avatar of an insanely cute Pacman or those little ghosts from the game. Some cardboard, duct tape, glue sticks, spray paint in various colors, hot glue gun, exacto knife, ruler, straight edge, hula hoop, and projector are all you need.

DIY Details : theeffortlesschic

14. DIY No-Sew Rainbow Unicorn Costume

DIY No-Sew Rainbow Unicorn Costume

If intricate sewing is not your cup of tea, yet are looking to build an applause-worthy costume for your kiddos at home for Halloween, this Rainbow Unicorn Costume is all you need. Let your little babies be turned into a lovable unicorn having a rainbow tail crafted with lots of colorful tulle, a glittery golden horn made with a paper towel roll, and lastly, gorgeous wings.

DIY Details : jane-can

15. DIY No-Sew Hammerhead Shark Costume

DIY No-Sew Hammerhead Shark Costume

More than half of the job for this costume is done by a grey t-shirt and a pair of grey leggings, and all you need to construct is an amazing hat and fins that makes your kiddo resemble the strange and funny creature, a Hammerhead Shark. Without going for any sewing, the fin is made by sticking felt cut-outs, while the hat has a beanie, foam and some more felt.

DIY Details : jane-can

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