30+ Mind-Blowing Halloween Drinks Celebrating The Essence of Trick-or-Treat At Its Best!

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With so many Halloween parties to pop in to and lots of things to prepare, it might get a bit confusing when it comes to making Halloween drinks that are worthy enough of delighting your guests with their delectable flavor, at the same time freaking them out with lots of spookiness. Whether its those googly eyes dipped in a glass, gummy worms crawling out of a shot, or simply a classic concoction that can send some chills down the spines, here are 30+ Halloween drinks that celebrate the essence of trick-or-treat at its best!

30+ Mind-Blowing Halloween Drinks Celebrating The Essence of Trick-or-Treat At Its Best!

Last updated: 23-08-2016

1. Radish Eyeballs

Radish Eyeballs

Have some spooky eyeballs fashioned out of radishes, added in the most creepy ways to a traditional cocktail to make a truly spooky drink for your next grown-up Halloween party. All you need to do is to make a whole pile of eyeballs ahead of time and freeze them until you’re ready to add them into your concoctions. These eyeballs can make putting together your Halloween drinks a cinch forever!

Recipe Details : marthastewart

2. Dark And Stormy Death Punch

Dark and Stormy Death Punch

What is a great Halloween party without a killer cocktail?! Dark and Stormy Death Punch is a Halloween re-visitation of the Dark and Stormy drink, a classic rum and ginger beer drink. Floating in the punch bowl are round ice cubes made with lychee syrup and great garnish goodies – lychees stuffed with brandied cherries, which have an unbelievable resemblance to eyeballs. This one is the perfect drink for a gathering of friends that you haven’t seen in a while.

Recipe Details : foodandwine

3. Perfect For Halloween Candy Corn Cocktail

Perfect For Halloween Candy Corn Cocktail

Here is all the fun of trick-or-treating with the sweet flavors of candy corn coming to life in a neat little cocktail. Beyond simulating the taste of the Halloween favorite, this is a fun use for a rather interesting vodka, Smirnoff Whipped Cream Vodka, Sour Mix, Pineapple Juice and Grenadine. You will want to take the extra time to make it as it is the key to bringing together this sweet Halloween-worthy drink adorned with some whipped cream on top.

Recipe Details : tammileetips

4. Classic Candy Corn Martini

Classic Candy Corn Martini

Sweeten up your Halloween this year with a little candy corn infused vodka, which is simple, but offers a delicious outcome. If you love candy corn, then you will adore an adult cocktail created from the classic Halloween candy. No need to eat all your trick-or-treaters’ candy this year with this recipe that calls for candy corns soaked in vodka. The below tutorial shares how you can make this amazingly indulgent dessert drink, perfect for a Halloween party!

Recipe Details : brit

5. Halloween Vampire Punch Recipe with Lime Sherbet

Halloween Vampire Punch Recipe with Lime Sherbet

Here is a gorgeous drink flaunting blood red drips to celebrate the magic of Halloween at its best. This creepy concoction can definitely attract some of those scary vampires with the realistic blood made out of food coloring. Have this great blend of of lime sherbet, pink grapefruit juice and club soda to wash down the treats. If you are looking out for something preferably sweet, check out this Halloween Vampire Punch Recipe with Lime Sherbet by Cookin Canuck.

Recipe Details : cookincanuck

6. Black Heart Cider

Black Heart Cider

Get inspired by the Halloween season to prepare a drink that reflects some dark, black hearts with it’s look and flavor. This dark and twisted cocktail looks the part of an evil potion, but tastes like a berry harvest. Pairs perfectly with a dark and spooky night. Whether you serve this one at your Halloween Dinner party or simply create it as a quick family cocktail, the Black Heart Cider is amazing enough to intrigue everyone’s interests.

Recipe Details : paperandcake

7. Creative Halloween Cocktails

Creative Halloween Cocktails

Why stick to a single something when it’s about party, treats and celebrations? It’s always a great idea to serve a number of interesting and tempting drinks, each with a spooktacular essence of their own to meet the flavor choices of all. Whether its a Pumpkin Cocktail, a Candy Corn Martini, a Black and Orange Espresso Martini, a Vampire Blood Cocktail, or a Brain Hemorrhage Cocktail, you have got all the variety at your fingertips with this great guide by Punch Bowl.

Recipe Details : punchbowl

8. Drunken Spider Halloween Cocktail

Drunken Spider Halloween Cocktail

A tribute to the association of the Black Widow with the Halloween season, here is a spooky Halloween drink that sports a spider hissing and flailing until it wilts into the bottom of your glass. Apart from those creepy crawly spiders of licorice strings, what makes this drink even more amazing is the cream de cassis, Vodka, some fresh flavors of lemon juice and pomegranate juice. Head to the tutorial by Talk Of Tomatoes to know how to make this Halloween cocktail effortlessly.

Recipe Details : talkoftomatoes

9. Blood Orange Cocktails

Blood Orange Cocktails

Flaunting the amazing juices of the gorgeous, red-orange fruit combined with a similar colored liqueur, this drink looks as exotic as it tastes. Taking no more than 2 ingredients to come to life, Blood Orange Cocktail is just so easy to prepare for those who are the last minute procrastinators. How to prepare the cocktail in your kitchen has been explained quite well by Martha Stewart in the quick tutorial below. Let’s juice some bloody citrus into your Halloween party this year!

Recipe Details : marthastewart

10. Bleeding Heart Martini

Bleeding Heart Martini

A Bleeding Heart Martini hits all the right notes when it comes to keeping the fire of fear burning. This Halloween, serve your guests with an addictive martini having a pickled beet that “bleeds” from a wound caused by a cocktail spear. A gorgeous twist to the traditional martini, this one leaves no reasons not to have a memorable time at those trick-or-treats. Spooky, fantastic and perfect for the festive spirits, this one is a great blend of dry vermouth, gin and ice cubes.

Recipe Details : marthastewart

11. Poison Apple Halloween Drink for Kids with Homemade Apple Cider

Poison Apple Halloween Drink for Kids with Homemade Apple Cider

Can there be a shade better than the bloody red to signify Halloween? Poison Apple Halloween Drink with its balanced flavour and zero addition of hard drinks is more than perfect for the kids. An amazing blend of two different drinks, this preparation is a quick reminder of that legendary poisonous apple from Snow White. Made with homemade apple cider as the base, it calls for some apples, an orange, brown sugar, ground cinnamon, nutmeg, ground cloves, water, cranberry juice and lots of ice. And yes, you can get the apple cider all done in advance before the party.

Recipe Details : ourfamilyworld

12. Spooky Fog Drinks

Spooky Fog Drinks

Making those regular yet brightly colored drinks into a glassful of magic is a matter of a few seconds and some bits of dry ice. The moment you add a little dry ice into those colorful drinks, you will have a spooky foggy smoke-like something oozing out of the glasses, creating an illusion of an enchanted drink. Taking things to all new levels of creepiness, while adding a little more element of taste into the concoction is all about placing a few ooey gooey gummy worms along the edges of the glasses.

Recipe Details : kidsactivitiesblog

13. The Witch’s Heart – Halloween Drink

The Witch's Heart - Halloween Drink

Looking no less than an evil potion crafted by a witch, this drink has been rightly named as The Witch’s Heart. After all, it has got everything that can make it cast some witch-y spells, including lots of smoke, bright accents looking like a strange integration of light, and of course, a gorgeous purple tone to it. A wonderful coming together of chilled apple flavored vodka, a little grenadine and some Purple Viniq, it looks super steamy when served in a pretty martini glass with a little powdered dry ice bringing out the spooky effect.

Recipe Details : theflavorbender

14. Kid Friendly Halloween Vampire Drink

Kid Friendly Halloween Vampire Drink

Horrific enough to send some chills down your spine, this Halloween Vampire Drink can make everyone who gets a sight of it skip a heartbeat without a doubt. The reason behind the same is that splash of blood flowing down to the bottom of a transparent lemon lime flavored soda, all emerging from the fangs of a vampire that float on the top. Actually, that blood is nothing but a delicious Cherry Kool-Aid liquid, making the final drink an oh so fit choice for the little ones.

Recipe Details : kidfriendlythingstodo

15. Fanta Jack O’Lantern Floats

Fanta Jack O'Lantern Floats

Who would imagine that a super delicious, juicy and creamy union of lots of bubbly orange-flavored drink Fanta with a huge scoop of velvet-y smooth vanilla ice cream would create an impression of those Halloween-spirited Jack O’Lanterns. All you need to do is decorate the clear plastic cups from the outside and draw some lovely facial features for the character. And of course, the contents with that fluffy and foamy texture yielded by pouring some more Fanta on top of the ice cream scoop is the star element of the drink.

Recipe Details : belleofthekitchen

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