60+ Breathtaking And Effortless DIY Halloween Decorations

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With Halloween just around the corner, now’€™s the time to get into the Halloween spirit with some gorgeous and spooky decorations. But, don’t go about splurging money on store-bought stuff this year, instead spruce the festive season by making them all by yourself. Surprise everyone with your dark and evil side using these 60 Breathtaking And Effortless DIY Halloween Decorations.

16. DIY Skull Floral Arrangement

DIY Skull Floral Arrangement

Whether it’s a planter transformed into an artistic skull, or a skull turned into a pretty house of flowers – all the trick-or-treaters are going to keep swinging between the two thoughts ! This gorgeous DIY Skull Floral Arrangement can work as the most amazing decorative piece for your center tables, and those colorful, vibrant flowers loaded inside make the ambiance oh so fresh, fragrant and all the way more beautiful. You need an artificial skull, a scissor, a cutter, some foam and lots of flowers.

DIY Details : popsugar

17. Halloween Tomato Cage Tree

Halloween Tomato Cage Tree

Christmas trees adding lots of lights and colors to your space are perhaps, the most essential elements to the festival – but what about Halloween Trees? Having a tomato cage as it’s base, the tree is crafted from lights and mesh ribbons, adorning your front door or gardens with a stunning appeal that reflects the theme of the occasion with its decor. It has got spiders and little pumpkins as the ornaments, while crushing a wicked witch underneath the tree planter. Looking so beautifully illuminated in the night, this tree is another name for awesomeness.

DIY Details : twotwentyone

18. DIY Huge Halloween Spider

DIY Huge Halloween Spider

The level of creepiness and spook that the mere mention of spiders brings to our minds is simply unbeatable, and that’s what makes them miraculously apt for being a part of your outdoor Halloween decor. Cover your front door or those huge trees in the yard with a super huge eight-legged spider sitting around the same, horrific enough to send some quick shivers to the trick-or-treaters. Putting the DIY Spider together calls for a milk jug, lots of black duct tape and black pipe insulation, and of course, just a deal of few minutes.

DIY Details : listotic

19. Frankenstein Front Door

Frankenstein Front Door

If you haven’t got any time to pull off a complicated front door decor, or are simply looking out for an idea that doesn’t require you to be an expert at crafting, this adorable Frankenstein front door still won’t fail to delight that Halloween spirit this year. And just a few supplies, including lots of black felt, paper, bowls, scissors and some chalk are all the decor needs. Plus, this one doesn’t appear creepy, ugly or ghostly at all – instead flaunts such a cute look that the kids are going to adore the door even when the Halloween season fades off.

DIY Details : eastcoastcreativeblog

20. Eyeballs in a Tree!

Eyeballs in a Tree

Won’t it sweep the floor off your feet if you wake up in the middle of the night, move out for a quick stroll in your yard and discover two unidentified googly eyes looking at you from within that thick foliage of a large tree. Two beach balls sporting eyes painted with a black sharpie are the answer to all your puzzled questions, working for a marvellous Halloween decoration. Let everyone get a moment of missed heartbeats when they get a glimpse of those googly tree eyes!

DIY Details : princessandthefrogblog

21. Monster Face Home

Monster Face Home

A monster spirit has possessed the front of your house, lending it with huge canines and freaky bright green eyes – whoever enters the home is going to be gulped within the belly of the monster ! The key to the whole decor is a basic cutting of a foam board and painting the features onto the board with some acrylic paint, followed by hanging the teeth and the eyes to your house using long screws. Witnessing the passerby taking a quick halt to check out the monster is surely going to be delightful.

DIY Details : niftythriftythriving

22. Halloween Mason Jar Mummy

Halloween Mason Jar Mummy

Mason jars work as wonderful luminaries to light up the home for Halloween, but here’s a great twist that you can introduce to those beauties by turning them into a Halloween Mason Jar Mummy flaunting two googly eyes, wrapped in lots and lots of bandage. The supplies you need to recreate the mummy jars include a large mason jar or an upcycle spaghetti sauce jar, two large eyes, some gauze, and a little double stick tape, along with no more than four simple steps and just a deal of five minutes to get all the magic done.

DIY Details : weekendcraft

23. Head in a Jar Prank

Head in a Jar Prank

Make someone’s head rest outside your door, submerged in a huge jar! And the fact that it looks oh so real can scare the hell out of your friends. Make your very own versions of the spine-chilling Head in a Jar at home, putting a large jar, some food coloring, paper lamination, a printer and a photo editing software to a creative use. The secret to the effect is two different photographs blended together, which are then laminated and put in the jar !

DIY Details : instructables

24. Making Your House Come Alive

Making Your House Come Alive

As the title of the decor inspiration suggests, you are going to add some life to your house, least expecting that it can get all capable of eating up everyone around ! Or at least, that’s how it looks. Bloody eyes and equally bloody set of huge teeth make your home stand out with an insane spook, getting everything all done in just a deal of 10-15 dollars. All you need is some a wooden sheet, a saw, sharpie marker, some acrylic paint, some spray paint, card board, tracing objects, permanent markers, lots of packing tape and command strips.

DIY Details : craftibilities

25. K-Cup Recycled Garland – Ghosts By Day, Pumpkins By Night

K-Cup Recycled Garland - Ghosts By Day, Pumpkins By Night

When it comes to designing a picturesque decor for Halloween, there can’t be a better way to recycle and repurpose old K-cups than turning them into a super awesome and brightly glowing garland that looks like a bunch of ghosts hanging in the air during the day, while looking like lots of adorable pumpkins by night. Vinyl faces silhouettes work as stencils for cute faces and end up making the garland so pretty that it can make anyone fall for its charm.

DIY Details : thekimsixfix

26. Illuminated Ghost Garland

Illuminated Ghost Garland

Light up some ghosts to welcome your visitors with this adorable Illuminated Ghost Garland resting on your porch. Taking no more than 5 supplies to come to life, these garlands are unbelievably simple to craft. The most amazing and cool thing about this decoration is that it looks scary in the day and even more scary in the night with just a flip of a switch !

DIY Details : designdininganddiapers

27. Making Paper Bats For Lamp Shades

Making Paper Bats For Lamp Shades

Add black bat silhouettes to the insides of your room lamps that won’t be visible to anyone until you switch the lamps on to heighten the Halloween fun. Get the bat lines lampshades glowing when you are all set to celebrate the trick-or-treat night and make everyone shudder at their sight. Making this trick takes no more than 10 minutes, perfect for the last-minute procrastinators!

DIY Details : younghouselove

28. Cheap Halloween Decoration : Trash Bag Spiderwebs

Cheap Halloween Decoration : Trash Bag Spiderwebs

Best out of waste, this Halloween decor is made from stuff that you already have around the house : a trash bag, scissors and tape. This amazing idea invented by Jessica from How About Orange is a truly brilliant and inexpensive way to create some bold spider webs to adorn on the walls. Learn how you can make your Trash Bag Spiderwebs with just a little cutting and folding with the tutorial.

DIY Details : howaboutorange

29. Paper Mice Halloween Decorations

Paper Mice Halloween Decorations

Your little ones are going to get a spooky kick out of these creepy paper mice decorations from Martha Stewart that are available for you as a free template, along with the detailed instructions to working them out at home. You can stick these crawly mice wherever you want around you home to add that frightening factor to your decor, whether its the chairs, the staircase, the floor or even the dinner table!

DIY Details : marthastewart

30. Do It Yourself : Halloween Tin Can Luminaries

Do It Yourself : Halloween Tin Can Luminaries

Celebrate this Halloween with these adorable homemade punched-tin lanterns that you can re-purpose using old cans. These tin can luminaries are beautiful lit up at night, with a candle sitting inside. Create gorgeous scattered light patterns around with holes punched in these luminaries that are much budget-friendly and easy to make all by yourself as compared to the expensive store-bought ones.

DIY Details : jollymom

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