5 Easy Halloween Food Ideas That Are a Must-Whip For The Trick-or-Treat!

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What's the most awesome part of the whole Halloween festive season, the friendly get-togethers and not-to-miss, those wonderful trick-or-treats? For some it's the edgy, out-of-the-box attires they plan to flaunt for the party, for others it's the spook-tacular decorations adorning everything in the festive spirit, but one thing that's loved by the kids and adults alike is the delicious Halloween treats.

5 Easy Halloween Food Ideas

If you simply adore the Halloween night for the incredible desserts, snacks and candies it brings along, you would be delighted to know that you now have 5 new twisty and adorably spooky treats to be included in your Halloween foods menu.

Wouldn’t a group of bright yellow bananas look Oh so spine-tingling when they themselves are screaming in the spirit of the day? The magic for the Boo-nanas lies in drawing those adorable eyes and a screaming mouth on the fruit using nothing but a simple Sharpie pen. What an amazing treat that blends health with flavour!

Another amazing inspiration is tiny haunted egg faces that are worthy enough of making your loved ones skip a heartbeat the moment they enter the kitchen to prepare a good breakfast with those ghostly eggs. You can even welcome a gluten-free and dairy-free snack to the treats table with Mandarin Pumpkins, that are all about cute yet eerie pumpkin faces drawn with a Sharpie yet again !

Take just about any cupcake and coat it with chocolate icing, candy eyes and pretzel twists to form Mini Cupcake Spiders, while assembling Tim Tams in a way that they resemble a gravestone and adorning them with some white chocolate gives you yummy Tim Tam Tombstones.

And yes, whipping all of them is so easy-to-achieve and quick that no matter what’s the occasion, you wouldn’t hesitate to recreate them whenever the kiddos crave for something utterly toothsome, while making sure they get to eat something light, healthy and super fun!

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